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       If you have not already activated your evaluation CD please
                contact one of our sales representatives at :

    U.S. - 1(800)724-6419 Canada - 1(800)463-9341
    If you have already activated your evaluation CD click the tool bar
    at the top of your screen entitled Slide Show and select View Show

             Please use your navigation arrows to move through the tour
This is the main menu
screen for the
program. By clicking
on any of the icons
you will be taken into
that particular section
of the program.
The General Price List
module will be used to
set up all of your
funeral charges and
will automatically
generate your funeral
We will now enter the
Inventory Management
module. This module
will be used to record,
track and manage all
your various inventory
items such as caskets,
urns and vaults.
This is the main screen of the inventory module. The top half of the screen displays all of the different
varieties of merchandise that your funeral home offers. The lower half of the screen displays all of the
historical sales information for each of your merchandise items.
1) If you call your attention to the top of the screen you will notice a series of 13 buttons with graphics on
them. These buttons enable you to quickly access different types of information.

2) Let us start off with the first three buttons starting on your left hand side. These buttons allow you to
add, edit and delete any number of items. Let‟s look at the edit button.
Here you can easily edit an existing item, change the price or material, update supplier
information and even add a picture, all at the click of a button.
The remaining buttons allow you to display the way that your inventory is displayed on your screen for
quick data access or organizational purposes. For example, by clicking on the “ABC” button you can
display all your inventory alphabetically or by clicking on the “$” button you can display your inventory
by price from lowest to highest. In addition, if you click on the green urn button or the black vault button,
the program will display all of the urns or vaults that your funeral home offers.
Mortware 2000 can generate various inventory reports for you. Let‟s have a look at the price list
report. This can be printed with color pictures and taken with you offsite to give to a family in
order to assist them in the choosing of a casket, urn or vault. Go to the top of the screen and
click on the tool bar entitled Reports then select Price List.
After clicking Price List you will see a pop-up window. You simply choose what inventory item you
want to view. This is done by clicking onto the arrow underneath Category Selection. In this case we
have chosen Caskets. You then check off Print Pictured Price List and then Inventory Code Number.
Following this you can click View to see a copy of the list before printing.
1) After maximizing your window you will see a copy of your pictured price list. If you are
happy with the outcome simply click on the printer button located in the Print Preview
floating tool bar and a copy of your inventory list instantly prints off.

2) One very important thing to remember throughout the entire program is that when you exit
any preview screen you must click the door button entitled Close Preview located on the
floating toolbar directly to the right of the 100% field. Do not click on the “X” as you would
if you were using a Microsoft program. If you accidentally click on the “X” you will have to
hit escape on your keyboard to exit the display window.
1) CONGRATULATIONS. You have successfully completed the first section of the Mortware 2000 Virtual Tour. To exit this module
and return to the main menu screen click on the tool bar entitled File and then click on Exit. You can also exit the module by clicking
on the “X” button in the top right-hand corner as you would when using any other program. This will return you to the main menu.

2) One of the great benefits to the Mortware program is that both the General Price List and the Inventory Management modules are
integrated with the Funeral Database. What does this mean? Well to put it simply, what it means is that once you enter your price list
and inventory information the program automatically brings all that data over to the Funeral Database for you to use without retyping
any of the information again. Simply put, once you type something once with the Mortware program, you will never have to type it
again. The Funeral Database module will now be explained in more detail.
1) The Funeral Database
module is the backbone
of the entire program and
where you will spend
most of your time. This
module will be used to
record and manage all
your funeral records,
generate death
certificates, obituary
notices, VA forms,
contracts and much
more. Let‟s get started.
1) When you first enter the       2) Upon entering the            3) At the top of the screen
database, a listing of all your   program you will notice that    you will again notice a series
funerals are displayed on the     you are automatically taken     of 24 buttons. Let‟s take a
screen. If you click on any       to the the last record you      look at some of the most
funeral record you can view       were working on, in this case   important ones.
a quick snap shot of the          it is Howard Johnson.
                                                                  CLICK ARROW
record at the top of the          CLICK MOUSE
1) We will start by looking at the navigational buttons displayed      2) The 12th button from the left (a person‟s
as black triangles. Using these four buttons you can move to the       head) is the first of 10 main screens used to
start and end of your records or one by one. It is important to note   enter information about the deceased. You
that you can also use your mouse and scroll bar at the far right of    start with this personal information screen,
the screen or you can use your page up/page down and directional       progress through the nine screens to the right
arrow keys located on your keyboard to move throughout the             and finish by entering information in the
funeral records.                                                       Charges screen (dollar sign button).
The very last two buttons we will talk
about are the Accounts Receivable and
Multi-View buttons. Click on the
second last button entitled Accounts
1) This screen displays all your funeral records in the   2) We will now return to our main screen by clicking
top half of the screen. All of the details of this        on the very last button. The blue globe button is
person‟s account appear on the bottom half of the         referred to as multi-view and simply takes you back
screen. The display shows when an invoice was sent        to the listing of all your funeral records. You can
or paid, the account balance (top right hand corner of    return to the main screen regardless of where you are
screen) and the General Ledger Reference number for       within the database by clicking on this button.
auditing and book keeping purposes.
You are probably
wondering why there
are a series of green
flags running down the
side of your screen.
These are status flags
used to indicate the
status of a particular
account. Green
indicates the funeral is
paid in full, Red
indicates a balance still
owing and Yellow
indicates that money is
owed to the customer.
Let‟s take a look at all
of the outstanding
At the top of the screen
click the tool bar
entitled Display then
click Unpaid Funerals.
1) Only the accounts
with balances owing are
displayed (Red flags).

2) If you want to view
all your funerals again
simply click Display
and then Funerals for a
complete listing of
green, red and yellow.

3) Now lets take a look
at one of our data entry
screens. Click on the
icon of a person to
access the Personal
Information screen.
All of the buttons
on the toolbar
represent different
screens to enter
information. If you
are still unsure of
what button brings
you to what screen,
hover your mouse
over the button for
a tip.
1) You will notice a series of yellow fields
displayed on your screen. These are seen
throughout the program and are one of the
most import features of the Mortware
program. They are called Quick Entry fields
and they assist with the entry of data thus
taking away the burden of typing and re-       2) To see how this works place
typing data each and every time you need to    you cursor over top of the yellow
enter information.                             field beside Title located directly
                                               under Deceased and RIGHT click
                                               on your mouse.
1) What you see now is a Quick
Entry List displaying several
frequently used titles. All you
need to do is LEFT click on the
title you want and the program
does the rest inputting the text    2) Click on the menu bar at the top
into the field for you. Of course   of your screen entitled Setup and then
you can customize all your          click Quick Entry.
Quick Entry lists to your
personal needs. Let‟s look at
how you would set up your own
Using your keyboard press “T” and the
program will take you to Titles. As you can
see the list of current titles is displayed on the
right hand side. To add a new title click the
“add” button and then type in the new Quick
Entry item, click done and click exit. When
you return to the screen right click on Titles
and you will see your new entry appear. It‟s
that simple.
Using Mortware, you can also customize
each data entry screen to only display fields
that you use. For example, under Case
Information you see “Alt. Acct No.” in the
top left corner of the screen. To remove this
field from the screen you select the setup
button at the top of the screen, click on field
visibility and choose the personal
information screen to edit. A list of fields
appears and you select the “Alt. Acct. No.”
field for removal by inserting a checkmark
in the box provided.
1) All you have to do is check off which
fields you want to remove and then click
“Done” and watch them vanish from the
screen. To add the field back all you do
is repeat the same steps but this time
uncheck the field you want added back to
the screen.

2) Let‟s click on our blue globe icon and
return to the main screen of the module.
Upon receiving a
call for a new
funeral you will
want to use your
first call sheet to
take down some
initial information
and get the ball
rolling. At the top
of your screen
click on the menu
bar entitled
“Tools” and then
click “First Call
Using the pop-up
window you can
record all the
information for the
informant and
deceased. Now
click the “General
Information” tab
located at the top
right hand corner
of the window.
Here the next funeral number is
automatically entered in for you
and you simply check off which
funeral type the funeral falls
under and all the charges that you
set up previously in the General
Price List are automatically
brought over for this new service.
Once you have filled in the
information click “Save & Edit”
and you will be prompted to print
off an Interview Worksheet that
can be used to take down notes
when meeting with the family
face to face. Let‟s take a look.
Check off “Print
Skeleton Worksheet”
for Charlie Wade and
then click “Preview.”
You will notice that all
the information that
you inputted on your
First Call Sheet
automatically appears
on the Worksheet and
is ready to be printed.
This same principle
applies to all the forms
and reports such as
death certificates.
We would now like to quickly take
you through and show you the 10
main screens that you will use to
input data and produce all your
necessary documentation. Use the
navigational arrows at the bottom
of the screen to scroll through the
Now that you have competed
the 10 main screens you are
ready to print off your
required documentation and
move on to other important
things. Let‟s take a quick
look at some of the many
forms and reports Mortware
has to offer. One thing to
note is that if we do not have
a specific form you require
we can either create it for
you or you can use the
special user defined forms
feature and modify or create
custom forms yourself in
Microsoft Word.
As you can see from the tool
bar drop down menu, the
Funeral Database creates
numerous types of
completed forms. Mortware
will reference the database
through the use of merge
codes. Every field in the
program is given a merge
code and the forms are setup
using the corresponding
codes. Let‟s look at the
“Contract”, “Obituary
Notice”, “Death Certificate”
and “Flag Application” in
that order.
1) Once again you can see from the menu bar drop down
menu, the Funeral Database offers numerous different types
of reports ranging from Management and Sales reports to
Mailing Labels and Custom reports.

2) CONGRATULATIONS. You have successfully
completed the second section of the Mortware 2000 Virtual
Tour. To exit this module and return to the main menu
screen, either click on the menu bar entitled “File” and then
click on “Exit”, or by clicking on the “X” button in the top
right-hand corner as you would when using any program.
We will now enter the
final module of the
Virtual Tour. The
Designer Folders &
Cards module is one of
the most user friendly
and easy to learn
programs available.
You have the option to
use an existing
template, modify an
existing template or
create a card or folder
from scratch. Today
we will be modifying
an existing template.
As soon as you enter this module
you will notice a blank screen.
Click on the blue folder located in
the top left hand corner to display
the open card window. Then
double click on the file titled
Folder_with_Music. We will be
modifying an existing template
for the purposes of this
As you can see on the right
hand side of the folder the
information in blue does
not display any real data for
the deceased. Mortware
will use merge codes to
bring information from the
Funeral Database, by
clicking on the third from
last button entitled “R”,
(Show Real Data). Let‟s
take a look.
This is as far as you need to
go and the folder is ready to
be printed off in a matter of
seconds. In order to show you
how to modify a template, we
have purposely left some of
the fields empty. Suppose you
do not want Officiating or
Music to be displayed on the
folder and instead want to
replace this area of the card
with a picture. Simply right
click with your mouse over
top of both fields and then
select delete. Let‟s see.
You will now notice that there
is a blank section in between
„Service‟ and „Arrangements
By‟. Let‟s add a picture. Right
click anywhere in the white
area of the folder.
When you RIGHT click
in the white area, the
main menu appears in
the form of a drop down
menu. Using the menu
you can paste new
objects, add new
headings, new pictures,
graphics and change the
format of your folder.
We will be adding a
new picture so select
New Bitmap Image.
From the pop-up window titled Picture Properties you can specify the
formatting of your picture. For example, you can change the width and height
or center the picture on the folder. In order to select a picture from our
computer‟s files we will click on the little Grey box beside the field titled
Picture File. You then find your picture within the directory and double click
on the file to add it to your folder. This works the same way when adding new
paragraphs or quotes. We have chosen a picture for you. Let‟s see what the
finished folder looks like.
You may want to readjust
some of the positioning of
the text or pictures before
printing. This is an easy
task. All you have to do is
click on the text or picture
with your mouse and drag it
to where you want it on the
We encourage you to browse through the remainder of our website and look at
some of the special packages that we have to offer your funeral home.
Don’t forget to fill out the Request for a Quote Form and a Mortware
representative will contact you with information on how to order and what
discounts are available to you.
         If you have any questions please contact us through email or at:
                   U.S. - 800.724.6419. Canada 800.463.9341
          Thank you for your time. We look forward to hearing from you!

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