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Entry Form
Please copy and paste the Questionnaire below and save it as a Word document. After
completing the following questionnaire, please e-mail it to by
October 9, 2000. You will be required to submit a printed version of this form signed by
the Agency Head / CEO of your Agency.

Case Brief Questionnaire
Please answer in English the following questions about your Creative Business
Idea. The Jury’s evaluation of the information you provide will determine whether
your entry is named a Finalist. Please do not exceed the word counts indicated.

1. Describe the product or service for which the Creative Business Idea was
   developed. (50 words)

The product is Cozaar, an Angiotensin II antagonist for the treatment of
hypertension. Cozaar was one of the first A2 antagonists to be launched in
the UK and as such retains a large share of the market.

2. Describe the marketing/business challenge. Was it for a new product or to
   relaunch an existing product? Was it a case of winning market share? Image
   improvement? (100 words)

As more and more A2 antagonists were launched, MSD had to protect the
Cozaar market and ensure that patients were not switched from Cozaar to
other therapies. Clinical data showed that Cozaar was unique in that it was
the best tolerated A2 antagonist compared to other therapies and has few
side effects. (Other therapies may be well tolerated but they have no data to
prove it. This enabled us to register a claim “Stay on therapy” to further
help encourage patient compliance. This creative idea was then developed
as an executional device to make this a reality.
In a move to identify patients who were not necessarily content with their
current prescription, it was decided to produce something that would help
practices evaluate current treatment. This was at a similar time to National
Audits starting to be implemented in the UK.

3. What were the objectives? (100 words)

To ensure that Cozaar is related to anti-hypertensive therapy in general
practice and top of mind for prescribing. To produce something to help
general practices to evaluate their patients’ existing therapy.
To provide representatives with something to talk about and an excuse to
visit the practice.
4. Who was the target audience? How was this audience selected? (50 words)

The programme was aimed at practice nurses who were keen to set up
hypertensive clinics. Certain elements of the pack were aimed at the
The audience were selected as nurses begin to play an even more
prominent role within the GP practice in the UK in setting up well person
clinics and monitoring their patients’ therapies.

5. What was the Creative Business Idea? (125 words)

Due to the USP of the product being tolerability, a programme about
compliance seemed the most appropriate route to progress. A pack was
developed called a patient Identification pack. The pack consists of:
1. A patient identification workbook (A4)
2. A side effects card (A5)
3. A patient questionnaire (A4)
4. Patient appointment letter templates (A4)
5. Patient follow-up letter templates (A4)
6. Patient follow-up letter template (A4)
7. Insert card for patient notes
8. Branded blood pressure cuff for the clinician
9. A “Stay on therapy” clinical paper
10. Patient poster
The pack was intended for practice nurses to implement within the practice
in practice hypertensive clinics. It is an easy to use programme, which
contains step by step instructions and patient friendly information. This
was presented in an easy to use and understandable format.
At the same time, a patient identification workbook was produced for GPs,
to provide GPs with reasons as to why they should take up the programme.
It contains facts about patients compliance on current therapies; facts
about patients’ compliance on Cozaar; information about the recent
changes that have taken place within the UK national health service; and
information about the UK government’s drive to ensure that all practices
become actively involved in audit.

5a. Specify how this idea arose from and/or drove business strategy.
(75 words)

The idea arose from the fact that the UK government is enforcing that all
practices should become actively involved in audit due to the introduction
of Health Improvement programs. Targets and goals have been set up
which this pack helps each practice to meet.
The pack provides each practice with a “tool” to help practices identify
poorly controlled patients who are not staying on therapy, helping them to
stay on therapy by switching them to an appropriate alternative.
6. List all communications channels used in this campaign, even those not
   included in your entry materials.

       □ television         □ website             □ direct mail
       □ radio              □ banner              □ DR TV
       □ print              □ DVD                 □ point of purchase
       □ poster             □ CD Rom              □ sales promotion
       □ design             □ packaging           □ loyalty programs
       □ event marketing    □ billboards          □ street furniture
       □ transit            □ other

6a. Specify how this idea led to innovative execution across traditional and new
media. (50 words)

The idea generated further investment in advertorials, advertisements and
through sales representative activity.

6b. Specify how this idea led to execution beyond traditional and new media.
(100 words)

By the very nature of the pack being used with patients and because it
actually helped set up specific clinics, the idea led to execution beyond
traditional and new media.

7. What were the results of the implementation of the Creative Business Idea?
   Were the original objectives met? Were they exceeded? If so, how?
   (50 words)

Sales of Cozaar certainly increased after the programme was implemented.
Indeed, practices that already prescribed Cozaar increased their depth of
prescribing. As a measure of how successful the pack uptake was, one
practice alone switched over 200 registered patients to Cozaar from other
treatment on the basis of the PIP pack.

8. Please list the first and last names and titles of each person/team member
   who contributed to the Creative Business Idea. If more than one agency was
   involved, please also specify each person’s agency. Only the people whose
   names are listed here will be eligible to receive a prize award if their entry is
   selected. This page must be signed by the Agency Head or CEO to be
   eligible for entry.

Managing Director, Steve Wheatley
Account Director, Julian Greene
Account Manager, David Ingram
____________________________   _________________________
Signature of CEO               Date

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