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German Immigration - DOC by aon19660


German Immigration document sample

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									                              German Immigration

                               to the United States


                                 A WebQuest for

                        Middle School German Students

                                  Designed By

                                  Heather Beier



During the years between 1820 and 1924, thirty-five million people came to
America from countries around the world. Germans were one of the largest
groups of those immigrants. In the United States approximately 25% of the
population (more than 50 million people) claim some form of German ancestry.
According to the most recent census in Milwaukee , WI about half of the residents
of Milwaukee County can trace their ethnic roots back to Germany . If you
walked through downtown Milwaukee one hundred years ago you would have
heard German being spoken, seen German newspapers for sale and even smelled
German sausages being cooked.

Some questions you will be exploring:

What were the reasons for immigration between 1820-1924?

What was the journey like to the U.S. ?

What happened once the immigrants got to the shores of the U.S. ?

What remains of immigrant German culture today?
The Task

Your mission: It is 1847. You have just decided to leave Germany to immigrate to the
United States .

Create a series of six postcards using MS PowerPoint that would describe (1) the
departure (What conditions would make you leave your home?), (2)
journey/travel, (3) arrival, setting up of a new life in the U.S both in (4) economic
and (5) social terms. (6) Include one card that summarizes what remains of the
German culture today. Extra credit opportunity: Investigate a specific area
within Germany whose people have influenced a region within Wisconsin .

The Process

Two students will comprise a team for this adventure. As soon as you have a
partner, be sure that you both study the evaluation rubric thoroughly. Both of
you will be historians for this activity, one concentrating on why immigrants left
their homeland and their journey and arrival here and the other looking at the
social and economic aspects of their new lives as Americans. Once you have
chosen roles investigate the following web sites to obtain the information you will
use to create your PowerPoint slides.

Use the following websites to aid your search for information that will provide
information for the slides described in the task section above.

How Wisconsin Came By Its Large German Element (note that you must turn the
"pages" or images on the bottom of the screen

Census 1990
German Immigration Timeline

Contributions of German immigrants

Summary of Germany immigration

For further information about German immigration in Wisconsin check out?


Powerful Powerpoint            Building Up                    Weak Links
Correct number of slides       Missing one slide              Missing more than one slide
All pictures and writing go    One slide's picture does not   More than one picture does
together well                  go with presentation           not go with presentation
Backgrounds enhance            There are backgrounds on       No backgrounds
presentation                   all slides in presentation
Fonts are very easy to         1-2 slides have fonts that     More than two slides are
read                           are hard to read due to font   hard to read or not written
                               or color choice                at all
Color and fonts are good
Sounds enhance                 1-2 slides have sounds that    More than two slides have
presentation                   do not enhance the             sounds that are not relevant
                               presentation                   or there is not sound
All information is included    One piece of information is    More than one piece of
and is accurate                missing                        information is missing
Presentation is well planned   Has most slides well           No plan present
out on the handout             planned out

0 capitalization errors      1-2 capitalization errors      More than 2 cap.errors
0 punctuation errors         1-2 punctuation errors         More than 2 punct. errors
0 spelling errors            1-2 spelling errors            More than 2 spelling errors
0 grammar errors             1-2 grammar errors             More than 2 gram. Errors
Student followed all         Student followed most          Students did not follow
directions                   directions                     directions
Turned in on time and well   Turned in on time, but done    Not turned in on time
done                         in a hurry

You:___________________ Peer: __________________ Teacher:________________

Effort___________            Effort__________              Effort__________

Grade___________             Grade__________               Grade__________

Comments:                                                  Final grade:_____


As a great, great granddaughter of several German immigrants I hope that you
have gained a broader understanding of the travels, trials, and tribulations of
German immigrants. Except for descendants of Native Americans we have all
come from somewhere else and we need to keep the efforts of those who came
before us near our hearts and minds as we continue to create history every day of
our lives.

Credits From:We are One WebQuest by Burke, Phillips, Burger

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