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									C5C        Animal and vegetable fats and oils &c                                                 C5C
             This heading is concerned with
             . processes for producing, reclaiming, purifying and treating animal and vegetable fats and oils;
             . edible compositions containing animal or vegetable fats or fatty oils having a fatty nature, including water-in-
                  oil emulsions such as butter and margarine;
             . other compositions generally comprising animal or vegetable fats and/or oils and not provided for by other
             . processes specifically for the manufacture or treatment of the above compositions;
             . apparatus for carrying out the above processes and not provided for by other headings
             Explanation of heading subject matter and relationships with other headings
             Processes and Apparatus. Processes for the production, reclamation, purification and treatment of animal and
             vegetable fats and oils per se and of certain compositions containing them are the concern of this heading C5C.
             Apparatus is only recorded in this heading (under an appropriate process term), if not provided for elsewhere
             in the Key. In particular, the following subjects are classified in the headings indicated—
             . preserving, stabilising and sterilising single fats and oils and compositions containing fats and oils—A2D,
                   Preserving food, animal and vegetable subtances &c
             . treating grain and seeds generally, including removal of toxins, but other than treating specifically to produce
                   fats and oils or association of grain or seed treatment with fat and oil production—A2Q, Treating grain,
                   seeds &c
             . processes and apparatus for separating fats and oils solely by distillation—B1B, Distillation; evaporation;
             . separating mixtures containing fats and oils by filtration or settling other than associations of at least one of
                   such operations with production &c of fats and oils—B1D, Filtering and settling
             . apparatus in which catalytic reactions take place—B1F, Chemical contact apparatus &c
             . processes for crystallising substances for liquids, and apparatus for carrying out such processes, other than
                   separating fats and oils into constituent fractions by fractional crystallisation—B1G, Crystallising from a
                   liquid &c
             . making organic dispersions—B1V, Organic dispersions
             . digesters and miscellaneous apparatus for treating with pressurised steam—B1X, Miscellaneous chemical
                   apparatus &c
             . separating mixtures by application of centrifugal force—B2P, Centrifuges &c
             . moulding fats or granulating fats by fusion—B5A, Moulding plastic substances
             . obtaining fats and oils by chemical synthesis—C2C, Organic compounds; C5E, Destructive pyrolysis, gas,
                   hydrocarbons &c
             . decomposing fats and oils into acids and alcohols and modifying fats and oils to give products which are of
                   stated chemical constitution—See headings for products, eg C2C, Organic compounds; C2P, Organic
                   compounds containing phoshorus
             . modifying fats and oils to produce synthetic polymers with components other than the fats and oils
                   themselves—C3P, Addition polymers; C3R, Condensation polymers &c; C3T, Organosilicon polymers
             . obtaining oils by destructive distillation—C5E, Destructive pyrolysis, gas, hydrocarbons &c
             . removing fats and fatty oils from textile materials by solvents—D1P, Treating textiles &c
             . testing fats and oils—G1B, Chemical analysis, testing &c
             Compositions. There is a major overlap with heading A2B, Food preparations, as many foods contain or are
             themselves fats, such as butter. Additionally, fats such as margarine can be foods or food ingredients or can be
             used in the cooking eg frying of food. In particular, C5C is concerned with edible components and compositions
             which are (a) single phase fats and oils, (b) multi-phase emulsions having an oil as the continuous phase
             including water-in-oil emulsions such as butter and margarine, and (c) fat and oil compositions containing
             additives and not provided for in A2B or elsewhere in the Key. A2B is concerned with (a) edible compositions
             of a non-fatty nature including oil-in-water emulsions such as cake mixtures, (b) edible compositions, whether
             fatty or non-fatty, characterised by the presence of flavourants, colourants or emulsifiers and (c) fat-coated
             edible compositions. A2B is also concerned with residues obtained in the production of fats and fatty oils if used
             in food compositions
             Compositions containing pharmaceutically active substances are subject matter for heading A5B,
             Pharmaceutical preparations &c
             Also excluded are:
             . compositions and single fats and oils containing ingredients to preserve, stabilise or sterilise them—A2D,
                  Preserving food, animal and vegetable substances &c
             . compositions containing fats or oils with other materials—headings for the nature or purpose of the
                  composition eg B1V, Organic dispersions; C3N, Plastic compositions &c; C4A, Paints, inks &c; C5F,
                  Lubricants &c; C5G, Fuels; D1P, Treating textiles &c
             . novel compounds of definite constitution and compositions containing such compounds—heading such as C2C,
                  Organic compounds
             The exclusion references listed in this heading are not exhaustive. Reference should be made to the appropriate
             general heading/s for processes, materials, elements or devices which may be more widely applicable than can
             appropriately be classified in this heading

L/I                                                      C5C—1
C5C        Animal and vegetable fats and oils &c—cont                                            C5C
             Relationship with the Universal Indexing Schedules (heading U1S)
             U1S is used, subject to its indexing rules, to record use/application information and also to record significant
             properties of the materials with which the heading is concerned
             Operative date for Key entries
             The operative date of all terms in this heading is that of Edition I
             Classifying Schedule
CAA          producing fats and oils from raw materials or reclaiming fats and oils from waste materials
             . see also Indexing Schedules 1 and 2
CBB          preparing fats and oils using micro-organisms
             . disclosure relating to specific micro-organisms is recorded also by assigning terms from heading C6Y,
                   Indexing Schedule for micro-organism information. Details of the indexing practice are given in that
             . see also Indexing Schedule 1
CDD          purifying fats and oils, including decolourising, disinfecting and deodourising
             . by fractional crystallisation—See term CFF below
             . see also Indexing Schedules 1 and 3
CFF          separating fats and oils into constituent fractions by fractional extraction or fractional crystallisation
             . see also term CMH below
             . see also Indexing Schedule 1
             modifying fats and oils—
             . see also Indexing Schedule 1
             . interesterifying—
CMA          . . using enzymes
CMB          . . other
CMC          . hydrogenating
CMD          . sulphuretting
CME          . oxidising
CMF          . other
CMG          . significant combinations of subjects CMA-CMF
CMH          . significant combinations of one or more of subjects CMA-CMG with fractional separation of CFF type
             compositions of fats and oils and processes for making or treating such compositions not provided for above
             . see also Indexing Schedule 4
             . single phase compositions—
CPA          . . cocoa butter substitutes
CPB          . . drying, essential and resin oils
CPC          . . other including shortenings
             . multi-phase compositions—
CPD          . . emulsions other than butter wherein the continuous phase is oil
CPE          . . butter
CPF          . significant combinations of subjects CPA-CPE

L/K                                                     C5C—2
C5C        Animal and vegetable fats and oils &c—cont                                            C5C
             Indexing Schedule 1
             Terms for this schedule are assigned only with classifying terms CAA, CBB, CDD, CFF or CM—
             types of fats and oils—
             . fats and fatty oils—
C101         . . marine
C102         . . wool
C103         . . other animal
C104         . . vegetable
             . non-fatty oils—
C105         . . essential including turpentine
C106         . . resin and tall oils
C107         . . other
             Indexing Schedule 2
             Terms from this schedule are assigned only with classifying term CAA
             producing or reclaiming—
C201         . by use of mechanical expression
C202         . using enzymes
C203         . using organic solvents or supercritical fluids
C204         . by melting out including use of hot water or steam
C205         . together with separation and recovery of proteins and/or waxes
C206         . from wastes eg rags, waste waters or soap stocks
C207         . utilising irradiation with particulate or electro magnetic radiation
             Indexing Schedule 3
             Terms from this schedule are assigned only with classifying term CDD
             purifying by treatment with or by—
C301         . acidic reagents
             . . acidic clays—See term C304 below
C302         . alkaline reagents
C303         . chemical bleaching agents
C304         . solid absorbers including acidic clays
C305         . organic solvents
C306         . steam
C308         . other substances
C307         . ultra filtration
C309         . irradiation with particulate or electromagnetic radiation
             Indexing Schedule 4
             Terms from this schedule are assigned only with classifying terms CPA-CPF
             composition ingredients and types—
             . ingredients specified—
C401         . . acids, organic and inorganic
C402         . . carbohydrates and derivatives thereof
C403         . . esters not otherwise provided for
C404         . . inorganic salts and oxides
C405         . . mono- and di-glycerides
C406         . . phosphatides
C407         . . proteins and sources thereof eg milk and whey
             . . tri-glycerides—
C408         . . . marine
C409         . . . other animal
C410         . . . vegetable
C411         . . . inter-esterified
C412         . . other ingredients
             . type of composition—
C413         . . butter
C414         . . margarine
C415         . . shortenings
C416         . . spreads with low fat content
C417         . . other

L/I                                                      C5C—3

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