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									                                                                            Updated 8/28/09

                                      Family Law
Library Resources
Family Law, Rutter Group                           A Judge’s Guide to Divorce: Uncommon
California Family Law: Practice &                  Advice from the Bench, Nolo Press
Procedure, Matthew Bender                          California Community Property with Tax
Assisting the Limited-Income Client in Family      Analysis, Matthew Bender
Law Cases, Harriet Buhai Center for Family         California Marital Settlement Agreements,
Law                                                CEB
Prenuptial Agreements: How to Write a Fair         Dividing Pensions and Other Employee
and Lasting Contract, Nolo Press                   Benefits in California Divorces, CEB
How to Do Your Own Divorce in California,          Child Custody: Building Parenting
Nolo Press                                         Agreements that Work, Nolo Press
How to Solve Divorce Problems in California,       Child Custody Litigation & Practice, CEB
Nolo Press                                         California Forms of Pleading & Practice,
Divorce Without Court: A Guide to Mediation        Matthew Bender
& Collaborative Divorce, Nolo Press                West’s California Code Forms- Family Code,
Practice Under the California Family Code:         Thomson West
Dissolution, Legal Separation & Nullity, CEB
Family Law Financial Discovery, CEB

General Family Law Resources
California Family Code:
Alameda County Local Rules- Family and Juvenile:

Marriage Licenses
Applying for a Marriage License in Alameda County:
Marriage Ceremonies in Alameda County:

Introduction to Divorce, Legal Separation, and Annulment
Introduction to Divorce, Legal Separation, and Annulment:
Alameda County Divorce, Legal Separation, and Annulment:
Starting the Process:

Summary Dissolutions
Summary Dissolution Information Booklet and Checklist:

Link Contains Form(s)=kk k Searchable Database=kk k Alameda County Local Rules= kk k
                                                                           Updated 8/28/09
Qualifying for a Summary Dissolution:
Summary Dissolution Paperwork:
Summary Dissolution Forms:

Divorce Actions
Divorce Process Flow Chart:
Step 1- Filing the Petition:
Step 1 (Domestic Partners):
Step 2- Serving Your Spouse:
Step 3- Disclosure:
Step 4- Defaults and Settlement Agreements:
Step 5- Judgment:
Contested Divorces:
Forms and Instructions for a Regular Divorce, Legal Separation, or Annulment:
Stopping a Divorce Action:

Child Custody & Visitation
Introduction to Child Custody and Visitation:
Basics of Custody and Visitation:
Forms and Instructions for Custody & Visitation:
Parenting Plan:
Obtain a Custody and Visitation Order:
Supervised Visitation:
Custody and Visitation- Domestic Violence:
Travel and Relocation with Children:

Child and Spousal Support
Child, Spousal & Partner Support Overview:
Introduction to Child, Spousal & Partner Support:
Child, Spousal & Partner Support Q&A:
Forms & Instructions for Child, Spousal & Partner Support Cases:

Link Contains Form(s)=kk k Searchable Database=kk k Alameda County Local Rules= kk k
                                                                         Updated 8/28/09
Child Support Handbook:
Local Child Support Agency:
Calculating Child Support:
Child Support Calculator:
Obtain a Support Order:
Establishing a Child Support Order:
Changing Child and Spousal Support Orders:
Oppose a Request to Change Child or Spousal Support:

Enforcing Support Orders & Family Law Judgments
Enforcing Child/Spousal Support Orders:
Child Support Wage Assignments:
Enforcing Child Support Orders Abroad:
Family Law Money Judgments:
Collecting Family Law Money Judgments:

Alameda County Paternity, Child & Spousal Support Resources
Alameda County Department of Child Support Services:
Child Support Application Packet:
Child Support Payment Information:
Family Law Facilitator FAQs:
Alameda County Family Law Help Centers (Child Support):

Establishing Paternity
Establishing Paternity Pamphlet:
Voluntary Declaration of Paternity:
Sample Declaration of Paternity Form and Instructions:
Cancelling a Voluntary Declaration of Paternity:
Answer an Action to Set Aside Voluntary Declaration of Paternity:
Declaration of Paternity Rescission Form & Instructions:
Introduction to Parentage:
Parentage Actions:
Forms & Instructions for Parentage Cases:

Link Contains Form(s)=kk k Searchable Database=kk k Alameda County Local Rules= kk k
                                                                      Updated 8/28/09
Amending Birth Certificate
Adding Father to the Birth Certificate:
Forms to Add Father to Birth Certificate:
Change Father’s Name on Birth Certificate:

Link Contains Form(s)=kk k Searchable Database=kk k Alameda County Local Rules= kk k

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