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					This is a provisional list of papers and will be updated from time to time; papers will be formally
                      accepted for the program after receipt of final papers.

  Australian and New Zealand Politics; and Comparative and Area Politics - Lloyd Cox (29 + 1
Name                  Paper Title                                           University
                      Environmentalism, Spirituality and Activism:
                      Collective Identity in the Wilderness Society's
Apoifis, Nicholas     Action Group                                          Macquarie University
Barry, Nicholas       Power, Rights and the Commonwealth Model              Charles Sturt University

Charnock, David       What do Australian voters mean by 'Left-Right'? Curtin University of Technology
Cottle, Drew and
Bolger, Dawn          Race in Australian Immigration Policy
Galligan, Brian and   Resettling Visible Migrants and Refugees in
Horvath, Dora         Regional & Rural Victoria                         University of Melbourne
                      Under review. Judicial constraints in British and
Garnier, Adèle        Australian asylum policies Law: Australia in Macquarie University
                      Political Parties and Election
Gauja, Anika          Comparative Perspective                           University of Sydney

Gelber, Katharine    The right to protest in Australian political culture   University of New South Wales
                     Robocalls in the 2007 Australian federal
Hallaj, Elias        election                                               Australian National University
Hanson, Isabel and The question of a bill of rights: Democratic
Pringle, Helen       deliberation and equality                              University of New South Wales
Hill, Lisa           Is there a right not to vote?                          University of Adelaide
                     Locating the party activist: the case of the
Jackson, Stewart     Australian Greens
                     Labor and information technology: From neo-
Johnson, Carol       liberalism to nation-building                          University of Adelaide
                     Political Control of Australian Postal Vote -
Kelly, Norm          World's Worst Practice                                 Australian National University
                     Barriers to public engagement in the process of
Kildea, Paul         constitutional reform                                  University of New South Wales
Kildea, Paul; Lynch
Andrew; and          Application of a federal Human Rights Act to
George Williams      States and Territories                                 University of New South Wales
Marsh, Ian; Larkin, Social Learning via participation in                    University of Tasmania,
Phil; Miller,        parliamentary committee enquiries in New               University of Canberra, University
Raymond; and De Zealand: a preliminary analysis of participant              of Auckland, University of
Ronde, Edwin         responses                                              Auckland
Martin, Aaron and The grey vote: voting patterns among older                Australian National University,
Clark, Juliet        Australians                                            Deakin University
                     Mass Party Leaders in Theory and Practice: A
                     Case Study of the Australian Labor Party,
Miller, Daniele      Queensland Branch
                     Similar but Different: A Comparison of the
Miragliotta, Narelle Constitutions of Australia's Green Parties             Monash University
                     Kevin Rudd's Monthly Essay and the Essaying
Moore, Tod           of an Australian Tradition                             University of Newcastle
                                                                            Auckland University of
Molineaux, Julienne Title missing                                           Technology
                    Varieties of Capitalism Downunder: Australia
                    and New Zealand before and after the market
Nicholls, Kate      shift                                              National University of Singapore
                    Australian Electoral behaviour during the Great
Robinson, Geoffrey Depression: a logistic analysis                     Deakin University
                    Where is the Quality? Political Science
Sharman, Jason      Scholarship in Australia                           Griffith University
                    The evolution of the Federal Executive of the
Stevens, Bronwyn Australian Labor Party                                University of Sunshine Coast
                    New Parties in the long decade of ALP
                    government: was there the critical mass for
Strauss, Jonathan success?                                             James Cook University
                    Always in training? The reserve bench keeping
Williams, Harry     itself prepared                                    University of Newcastle
                    Shifting Majorities: Examining Class, Birthplace
Wilson, Shaun and and Gender in the victories of Howard and
Hermes, Kerstin     Rudd                                               Macquarie University
Chia, Evelyn; Ando,
Takemasa; Star,
Cassandra; Howes, PANEL: Global and local dimensions of
Michael             environmental responsibility
(Chairperson)                                                          Australian National University

                        Gender and Sexuality - Kate Glesson (14 + 1 panel)
Name                 Paper Title                                       University
                     Should the promotion of breast feeding be
Balint, Peter        government policy?                                University of New South Wales
                     Feminism of the 'noughties' - attitudes,
                     influences and change in feminism in the 21st
Compton, Peta        century.                                          University of Canberra
Crawford, Mary and                                                     Queensland University of
Keast, Robyn       21st Century Politics: New Faces/ New Spaces        Technology
Encel, Sol         Women on Top                                        University of New South Wales

                     Empowerment, Domination, and Technologies
                     of the Self: An Argument for a Foucauldian
                     Approach to Understanding the Empowerment
Fenton, Ellyse       of Women in Development Spaces                   University of Queensland
                     Making feminist politics': The Australian Human
                     Rights Commission's 'tools' for social change in
Hattam, Sarah        a global crisis                                  University of South Australia

                   Hobbes, Birth and the Modern State: Accessing
Lam, Carla         the Canon for Feminist Pedagogy and Beyond University of Otago
                   Rethinking Political Freedom with Hannah
Marso, Lori J      Arendt and Simone de Beauvoir                 University of Canberra
                   Parliamentary Glass Ceilings: cracked but not
McCulloch, John ES shattered                                     University of Queensland
Muhammad, Siti & Recognising Sharia? Religious law, state
Pringle, Helen     neutrality, and vulnerability                 University of New South Wales
                     The Role of Gender in Youth Peacebuilding
Pruitt, Lesly        Projects Using Music                              University of Queensland

Shaw, Frances        The politics of blogs: Australian feminism online University of New South Wales
                   Intergenerational Dioalogue in the Age of Post-
Summers, Anne      Feminism: A conversation between Anne
and Maguire, Emily Summers and Emily Maquire                       University of Canberra
Claudia                Title missing                                    University of New South Wales
                Women and Politics in Australian Political Science: A 30 year perspective
Chappell, Louise
and Brennan,       Australian Feminist Political Science 30 years
Deborah            on: key influences and ongoing challenges           University of Sydney
                   Feminist Politics in New Zealand: A Critical
Curtin, Jennifer   Review                                              University of Auckland
                   What the women's movement brought to politics
Maddison, Sarah    - and what we have lost
Sawer, Marian      Gender and Multilevel Governance
                   International and comparativist approaches to
Simms, Marian      politics: A feminist perspective

                  Government and Public Policy - Geoffrey Hawker (35 + 3 panels)
Name                   Paper Title                                      University
                       Getting Things Done: Mobilising Influence in a
Alexander, Damon       Small Rural Shire                                University of Melbourne
Alexander, Damon;
Considine, Mark;                                                        University of Melbourne, (same),
Lewis, Jenny; and      Political Connectedness and Public               (same), Queensland University of
Barraket, Jo           Engagement at the Local Level                    Technology
Bastoni, Jordan        Title missing                                    Adelaide University
Botterill, Linda and   The Biggest Loser: Counting the Caveats in the   Australian National University,
Hindmoor, Andrew       Marketing of Public Policy                       University of Queensland
                       The Representation Duties of Senators and
Brenton, Scott         Members: More similar than different?            Australian Parliamentary Fellow

                    School of Social Work and Applied Human
Coffey, Brian       Sciences                                            Deakin University
                    John Howard and the Neo-liberal Agenda: The
Considine, Mark;    regulation and reform of Australia's privatised
Lewis, Jenny; and employment services sector between 1996 and
O'Sullivan, Siobhan 2008.                                               University of Melbourne
Cottle, Drew;       The Calm Before the Storm: Historic Bloc            University of Western Sydney /
Collins, Joe        Formation from Hawke to Howard                      Kimberly-Clark Australia
                       The role of the central agencies in Western
                       Australia: Proposals to enhance leadership and
Drum, Martin           efficiency in the public sector                University of Notre Dame
                       The Rudd Government and the Return of
Fenna, Alan            Keynesianism                                   Curtin University of Technology
                       What a difference an upper house makes:
Gleeson, Kate          Abortion law reform in the ACT and Victoria    Macquarie University

                       A Climate of Change: Ecological modernisation
Howes, Michael         and the politics of carbon trading in Australia Griffith University
Hur, Jimin             Political inclusion at a cross                  Korea University
Jayasuriya,            Education, Accountability and Market design:
Kanishka               the Bradley Report in context                   Murdoch University
                    National security regime expansion, from war to
                    crime - Focusing on International Organized
Jeong, Yungi        Crime in Korea and Japan                           Korea University
                    A Modern Money View of the Global Financial
Juniper, James      Crisis                                             University of Newcastle
                    Multiculturalism at the crossroad: emergence of
Lee, Sung-Min       Nikkeijin problem                                  Korea University
Macintosh, Lorraine The effect of the financial crisis and global
and Star,           recession on environmental policy and
Cassandra           implementation                                     Flinders University
                    Swinging Voters in the Electoral Landscape –
Manning, Haydon     from the late 1960s to now                         Flinders University
Marsh, David;                                                          Australian National University /
Fawcett, Paul       Network Governance and the 2020 Summit             Sydney University
Marsh, David;       Policy Transfer: The Case of the Gateway           Australian National University /
Fawcett, Paul       Management Review Systems                          Sydney University
Matte, Gerard       The Elephant in the Room                           Australian Catholic University
                    What are we all now? Varieties of Capitalism,
                    the Financial Crisis and the Limits of             London School of Economics and
McClean, Tom        Transparency                                       Political Science
                    Sex workers and the sex work perspectives in
                    human trafficking debates in Australia and the
O'Brien, Erin       United States                                      University of Queensland
                    The Politics of Oil Exploration and Human
                    Rights abuses in the Niger Delta of Nigeria: Any
Ojakorotu,Victor    Role for the Civil Society?                        Monash University South Africa
                    An analysis of parliamentary questions in the
Ojha, Suman and     Uttar Pradesh (India) State Legislative
Mishra, Sanjay      Assembly                                           University of Queensland
                    Down and Out with the Non Labor Parties in
                    2009: An assessment of internal tensions and
                    reform in the liberal/conservative parties in
Paul, Aron          Australia                                          La Trobe University
Ross, Sandy and     What counts and what is valued? Research
Lewis, Jenny M.     policy across disciplines and countries            University of Melbourne
                    The relationship between Maternal and Child
                    Health Nurses and mothers suffering from
Rush, Penelope      postnatal depression                               University of Melbourne
                    Networks, public policy and the challenge of
Sadleir, Chris      information                                        University of Canberra
                    What determines individual trade-policy
Shin, Mi Jeong      preferences in South Korea?
                    Environmental policy making under Howard:
Star, Cassandra     extinguishing the enemy within?                    Flinders University
Strakosch,          Neoliberal Freedom and Authoritarian
Elizabeth           Intervention in Contemporary Public Policy         University of Queensland
Sung-woo, Lee       The Role of the State in Economic Crisis         Korea University
                    Gunns Tamar Valley Pulp Mill: Politics, Policy and Prospects
                    The Political Economy of the Tamar Valley Pulp
Gale, Fred P.       Mill: Actors, Ideas, Institutions                University of Tasmania
                    Protecting the marine environment in the
Vince, Joanna       Tasmanian Pulp Mill policy process               University of Tasmania
                      Tasmania's Development in Historical
                      Perspective: 'Cargo-Cultism' and the 'Silver
McCall, Tony          Bird'                                              University of Tasmania
Aitken, Wendy         Guns Pulp Mill and the Issue of Air Pollution      University of Tasmania
                      Human Rights in Australia: The state of the
Attard, Monica        debate                                             ABC journalist
Galligan, Brian                                                          University of Melbourne
Hill, Lisa                                                               University of Adelaide
Chappell, Louise                                                         University of Sydney
Gelber, Katherine                                                        University of New South Wales
                                                                         Refugee Co-ordinator, Amnesty
Thom, Graham                                                             International
Alan Fenna         Federalism                                            Curtin University of Technology
Carroll, Peter and Comparing the Second and Third Waves of               University of Tasmania,
Head, Brian        Regulatory Reform in Australia                        University of Queensland
                   Tied Grants, Policy Making and Policy
Ramamurthy, Vijaya Implementation in Australian Federalism               Curtin University of Technology
                   Whither the Federation? Federalism under
Anderson, Geoff    Rudd                                                  Flinders University
                   National Identity and the Centralization of the
Page, Ben          Australian Federation
                   Resisting Feral Federalism: why the States
                   should fight back, or why people in Canberra-
Prasser, Scott     land don’t know much

                                 Indigenous Politics - Sam Altman (6)
Name                  Paper Title                                        University

                      Contingent Autoethnography and Contemporary
Brigg, Morgan         Australian Settler-Indigenous Affairs              University of Queensland
                      Indigenous rights, political movements and
Gunstone, Andrew      Commonwealth Governments in Australia              Monash University
                      In our Rich and Beautiful Country': Interpreting
Macoun, Alissa        the Northern Territory Intervention                University of Queensland
                      White Parliament, Black Politics: Indigenous
Maddison, Sarah       Parliamentarians in Australia                      University of New South Wales
                      Indigenous land reform and the market:
                      changing social constructions in Indigenous
Perche, Diana         land policy during the Howard era                  Macquarie University
                      Constitutional Frameworks and Indigenous
Skilling, Peter and   Claims: Recent Legal and Political Action in       Auckland University of
Charlton, Guy         Australia and New Zealand                          Technology

             International Relations - Stephanie Lawson and Lavina Lee (23 + 1 panel)
Name                  Paper Title                                        University
                      Back to the USSR? Russia and Eurasia amid
Brown, Stephen        the Global Financial Crisis                        University of Wollongong
Buchanan, Paul        Security Politics in Peripheral Democracies:
Gerard                Chile, New Zealand and Portugal                    National University of Singapore
                      Neoliberalism, regulation and the global
Cahill, Damien        economic crisis                                    University of Sydney
Capling, Ann and       The Changing Architecture of Global
Nossal, Kim            Governance: The G20 and the Role of Middle
Richard                Powers                                             University of Melbourne
Carroll, Peter and     Policy transfer and accession to international
Fothergill, Tania      organisations                                      University of Tasmania

                   Venezuela's Bolivarian Revolution: A
Chodor, Tom        Counterhegemonic Response to Neoliberalism?            Australian National University
Coldicott, Dean    Global Governance in the Collective Interest           Deakin University
                   The 2008 U.S. Presidential Election: Towards
Cox, Lloyd         Political Realignment?                                 Macquarie University
Daugbjerg, Carsten Environmental Policy Performance Revisited:
and Mannemar       Do Organic Food Policies Matter for
Sonderskov, Kim    Sustainable Consumption?                               University of Aarhus (Denmark)
Daugbjerg, Carsten Dynamic Two-level Games: EU Farm Trade                 University of Aarhus (Denmark),
and Swinbank Alan Policy over Two Decades                                 University of Reading (UK)

                       Why is it difficult to make regional integration in
Eun-Mi, Choi           East Asia?: The memory politics of East-Asia        Korea University
Fitzpatrick, John      World Empire Lite and World Revolution Lite         Flinders University
                       The evolution of sovereign responsabilities to
Glanville, Luke        God, the people, and international society          University of Queensland

Ichikawa Smart,        Boundaries of Rights in Contemporary World:
Minako                 Legal Limits and Philosophical Debates
                       Recent debates in IR historiography and
James, Stepehen        interwar human rights                              La Trobe University
                       Venezuelan Foreign Policy: The Impact of
                       Bolivarianism and the Creation of Radical
Jones, Anthea          Policy Change                                      University of Canberra
                       India and Central Asia: The Lack of influence of
Kavalski, Emilian      the "Look North" policy                            University of Western Sydney
                       Rights Theory and the Earth Charter: An Ethical
Latter, Nathalie       Framework for Climate Change                       University of Western Australia
Lundberg, David        Global Recession and Asian Integration             University of South Australia

                   Don’t know much about geography: American
O’Connor,Brendon   Ignorance and Global anti-Americanism                  University of Sydney
Patience, Allan    Middle Power or Lonely Country?                        Sophia University
                   Rainbow Politics of a Dark Hue: Thailand's
Simpson, Adam      Version of the Color Revolutions                       University of South Australia
Wood, Steve        Europe's Energy Challenges                             Macquarie University
                                 The Secret History of Democracy
                   Early Popular Government in Phoenicia and the
Stockwell, Stephen Greek City States
Rane, Halim        Islam and democracy
                   Aboriginal Australians - Experiences with
                   Democratic Principles and Participatory
Behrendt, Larissa  Democracy
                   The Streets of Iraq: Protests, the Public Sphere
Isakhan, Benjamin and Democracy                                           Griffith University

                  IPE and Development - Pieter Fourie and Andrew Mack (27 + 1 panel)
Name                   Paper Title                                        University
                   Outplaying the WTO or furthering a 'neoliberal'
                   agenda? Private standards and the promotion
                   of non-trade concerns in global agri-food
Botterill, Linda   markets                                             Australian National University
                   Why does China avoid crisis with the U.S.? The
                   influence of domestic factors on international
Chung, Ryusun      relations.                                          Korea University
                   Dying to Eat: A Political Economy of the Global
Cottle, Drew       Food Crisis                                         University of Western Sydney
                   Re-articulating the Relationship between
Davis, Tom         Development Assistance and Foreign Affairs          University of Melbourne
                   Transforming China's Agriculture: A
                   Comparative Case Study of New Paths to
                   Agrarian Capitalism and Social and Political        Singapore Management
Donaldson, John A. Consequences                                        University

                    Understanding the governance gap:
                    Prescription and implementation of motorcycle
Ericson, Matthew    helmet policy in Cambodia and Laos                 Monash University
                    Global Health Diplomacy: Realism dressed up
Fourie, Pieter      as Idealism?                                       Macquarie University
Galligan, Brian and The New Political Economy of Mineral
Taneja, Pradeep     Resoources: Australia and China                    University of Melbourne
                    Governance of the global garment industry
                    amid easing quotas, anti-sweatshops advocacy
Garwood, Shae       and the global financial crisis                    University of Western Australia
                    Power, Representation and Sex in the
Griffin, Penny      Contemporary Global Political Economy              University of New South Wales
                    A New Role for "Social Business" in
                    Development?: A study of Grameen in
Hackett, Michelle   Bangladesh                                         University of Adelaide
Hundt, David        Reappraising the Developmental State               Deakin University
                    Global economic crisis and realignment of the
Jiyoung, Ko         regional order in East Asia                        Korea University
                    Joint Leadership of Japan and China toward
Kim, Sung Eun       Asian Financial Regionalism                        Korea University
                    The Global Politics of Energy: The Long
Leaver, Richard     Shadow of Oil                                      Flinders University
                    Will an international economic crisis promote
Lee, Jong Chel      the economic cooperation of East Asia?             Korea University
                    Reformulation of Synthetic Approach to Foreign
                    Policy Change: Japan's New Move toward
Lee, Yong Wook      Building Regional Financial Order                  Korea University

                    Political inequality in a partially joined-up world:
Macdonald, Kate     Egalitarian dilemmas of multi-level governance University of Melbourne
                    IMF GFC policy role: an agent of US
Mack, Andrew        imperialism?                                         Macquarie University
                    New foundations, the new philanthropy and
                    sectoral 'blending' in international development
Moran, Michael      cooperation                                          University of Melbourne

                    The politics of HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe: Factors
O'Brien, Stephen    behind the reported decline in HIV prevalence
                     Social Accomodation and Constitutional
                     Frameworks: how well do political regimes
Packer, Adam         perform?                                           Australian National University
Phelan, Liam;
Taplin, Ros; and
Henderson-Sellers, Political economy of social-ecological systems       Macquarie University, Bond
Ann                in crisis                                            University, Macquarie University
                   Private authority in global governance: the
                   political and social endeavour of multinational
Rabet, Delphine    corporations in developing countries                 Macquarie University

Tantikulanata,         Government-business relations and ASEAN
Chulanee               economic integration in the post financial crisis University of Queensland
                       The Global Financial Crisis: System Failure,
                       Great Power Rivalry, and Prospects for
Villar, Oliver         Structural Change
                       If only we could still burn the creditors: the
Winter, Bronwyn        masculinist politics of economic crisis           University of Sydney
     Britshness in Ireland, Europe and the Commonwealth - UK PSA Specialist Group on Britishness
McAuley, James W.
and Tonge,             Multiple Identities: Understanding Peripheral
Jonathan               Britishness
                       Britishness in Northern Ireland after the Good    University of Huddersfield,
Wellings, Ben          Friday Agreement                                  University of Liverpool
                       Losing the Peace: Euroscepticism and the
                       foundations of contemporary English
Mycock, Andrew         Nationalism                                       Australian National University
                       Britishness and the Legacy of Empire              University of Huddersfield

                                   Media Politics -Rodney Tiffen (17)
Name                 Paper Title                                        University
Chen, Peter John
and Smith, Peter     Digital Media and Recent Election Campaigns
Jay                  in Australia, Canada and New Zealand               University of Sydney
                     Global Justice and digital liberties: Social
Croeser, Sky         movements and alternative political models         University of Western Australia
                     A challenging communications environment:
Croucher, Gwilym     Public information and Pan Pharmaceuticals         University of Melbourne
Dowding, Keith and
Lewis, Chris       The Media and Ministerial Accountability             Australian National University
                   Blogging, public opinion, and criticism: Case
Ghanavizi, Nazanin study of Iran                                        University of Sydney
                   Creating Public Opinion: The polls and the
Goot, Murray       press, Australia 1937-1987                           Macquarie University
                   The case of cyber defamation law in South
Hur, Suk Jae       Korea                                                Korea University
                   Political Communication and "media system":
Jones, Paul        the Australian canary                                University of New South Wales
                   Pens and Swords: 'media effects', censorship
Kemp, Geoff        and Political discourse                              University of Auckland
                   The Politics of Resistance: Strategic
                   Communication within a Global Advocacy
Mann, Alana        Network                                              University of Sydney
Marjoribanks,          Journalism and democratic practice:
Timothy and            Defamation law and public debate in four
Kenyon Andrew          countries                                          University of Melbourne
McKnight,David         Mass Media and Intellectual Agenda Setting         University of New South Wales
Miragliotta, Narelle
and Errington,    The De-evolution of Australia's Media                   Monash University, Australian
Wayne             Regulator?                                              National University
                  Japanese Mass Media and the Global Crisis:
Nakamura, Toshiya Chances and Challenges                                  University of Nagasaki
                  Question Time - a pivotal tool of Political
Payne, Trish      Communication                                           University of Canberra

Tiffen, Rodney         Changes in Australian newspapers 1956 - 2006 University of Sydney
Twombly, Irene         The Democratization of Diplomacy:
Limberis               International Relations and the news media   University of South Australia

                              Peace and Conflict Studies - Keith Suter (6)
Name                   Paper Title                                        University
Balint, Jennifer       The Reconciliation Imperative                      University of Melbourne
                       Psychoanalitic Political Theory and The Limits
                       of Consociational Democracy in Northern
Cash, John D.          Ireland                                            University of Melbourne
                       Iraq and Afghanistan: Losing Unwinnable Wars
Janzekovic, John       and Creating Humanitarian Disasters                University of the Sunshine Coast
                       Exploring the Role of Music in Building Positive
Pruitt, Lesly          Peace with Youth                                   University of Queensland
                       Ending the Perpetuation of Terror: The
Wray, Krista           importance of language in the war on terror        Carleton University
                       Securization and Citizenship in Canada, the
                       State of Fear: A look into the Case of Omar
Wray, Krista           Khadr                                              Carleton University

           Politics of the Middle East and Islam - Noah Bassil and Gennaro Gervasio (45)
Name                   Paper Title                                        University
                       No Happy ending - The Palestinian issue in the
Almog, Orna            Egyptian - Israeli peace accord 1977-9         Kingston University
                       Assessing Iranian Foreign Policy in the
Ancestri, Luca         Ahmadīnejād Era                                La Trobe University
                       Naming the Problem: A comparison of
                       representations of Muslims in the Australian
Anderson, Leticia      media prior to Federal Elections               University of Sydney

Assi, Rola             Turkey as a Power Balancer in the Middle East Lebanese American University
Bassil, Noah                                                         Macquarie University
                       Questioning the Gender Oriented Social
                       Policies in Turkey From The Perspective of
Bayraktar, Işil        Recent Developments                           Middle East Technical University

                       Why Do They Hate Them? Analyzing Arab
Berger, Lars           Public Opinion on United States Foreign Policy University of Salford

Billingsley, Anthony Title pending                                        University of New South Wales
                     Mubarak's new policies to reform Egyptian
Chiara, Diana        educational system                                   MMSH- IREMAM
                 The Debate about the Israel Lobby and U.S.
Chiddick, John   Foreign Policy                                         La Trobe University
                 An Egyptian-American Terrorist: A New
Deyab, Mohammad Orientalist Stereotyping of Muslims in John
M. Shaaban Ahmad Updike's Terrorist (2006)                              Taibah University
                 The Political Dimension of Critical- Progressive
Duderija, Adis   Islamic hermeneutics
                 Totalitarian Regimes and UN Sanctions: the
Falasiri, Arash  Missing Link in the Case of Iran                       University of Sydney
                 Sites of Memory: Iraqi Diasporic Ruins and
Farid, Farid     Practices of Remembrance                               University of Western Australia
                 The Sources of Success in Hizbullah’s
Farida, Mariam   Recruitment Strategy

Gervasio, Gennaro Civil and Uncivil Society in fin de règne Egypt       Macquarie University
                  The Politics of the 'New State Capitalism': The
                  Origins and Aims of Gulf Sovereign Wealth
Gray, Matthew     Funds                                                 Australian National University
                  The Cultural and Historical Destruction of Iraq:
                  Implications for Social Cohesion and
Isakhan, Benjamin Democracy                                             Griffith University
                  Politics of 'Islam', the State and the Contesting
                  Cultural Identity in Bangladesh: Contemporary
                  Islamic Activism and the Religious-educated
Kabir, Humayun    Muslims                                               Hiroshima University

Kanra, Bora;         Islamic and Secular Discourses in Turkey:
Ayirtman, Selen      Prospects for Engagement in a Divided Society      Australian National University
                     Deliberative democracy: did it exist in the Oslo
Kelly, Kathryn       peace process?
Kelly, Norm          The Future of Political Parties in Afghanistan     Australian National University
                     The Gendered Logic(s) of Orientalism:
                     Analysing Representations of the 'other' in the
Khalid, Maryam       'War on Terror'
Khan,                Political Islam: Continuity and Change in 21st
Muhammad Atif        Century                                            Institut d"Etudes Politiques
                     Anti-Americanism: An Institution in Iranian
Kinch, Penelope      Political Identity?                                Australian National University
Kirmanj, Sherko      Title missing                                      University of South Australia
Lux, Kurt E.         Palestinian/Israeli Conflict                       University of South Australia
                     Postcards from the Edge: The Regional
Phillips, Sarah      Implications of Yemeni Instability                 University of Sydney
                     Islam's 'Higher Objectives' and the Pursuit of
Rane, Halim          Middle East Peace                                  Griffith University
                     Public Opinion on Muslims in Western
                     Australia: What Letters to the Editor Can Tell
Riddell, Kate        Us                                                 University of Western Australia
Riddell, Kate        Islam and Development                              University of Western Australia
Rodriguez Prieto,                                                       Universidad Pablo de Olavide de
Rafael               Title missing                                      Sevilla
Salih, Bilal         The Invasion of Iraq: A Joint Product Model        Macquarie University
                     Muhammad Ibn Ibrahim Al al-Shaykh and the
                     Emergence of the Religious Education
Samin, Nadav         Administration in Saudi Arabia                     Princeton University
                     External Actors in the Arab-Israeli Conflict:      Polish Institute of International
Sasnal, Patrycja     Dilemmas of Lesser Powers                          Affairs
                     The Domestic Dimensions of Iran's Nuclear
Scrivener, Richard   Program                                              Australian National University
                     Contextualising corporate social responsibility
                     in weak states: Australian mining companies in South African Institute of
Sturman, Kathryn     Africa                                          International Affairs
                 New Turkish Foreign Policy: Interplay of
                 Transnational Political Islam, the EU, and the
Tekin, Ali       USA                                                      Bilkent University
                 In the Green Zone: 40 years with Colonel
Totman, Sally    Qaddafi                                                  Deakin University
                 Why the MENA region lacks democracy: the
                 influence of oil wealth, history, Islam,
Townsend, Steve  demographics and western interference                    University of Sydney
Ur Rahman,       The Politics of Representation (Islams and
Mahmood          Muslims in the media)                                    University of Pakistan
                 The Islamic Factor In Indonesian Foreign Policy
                 Since 1945 With Special Reference to
Wicaksana, Wahyu Indonesia - Pakistan Relations                           University of Western Australia
                 The exceptional 'Other': Female Suicide
Wray, Krista     Bombers                                                  Carleton University
                 Fethullah Gülen: Spiritual Leader in a Global
Yucel, Salih     Islamic Context                                          Monash University
                 The Earlier Phase of Alevi Politics in
Yümlü, Murat     Republican Turkey: 1923 - 1980                           Ankara University

                         Political Theory - Stephen Chavura (26) + 2 panels
Name                 Paper Title                                          University
Ayirtman, Selen      No conflict, no culture                              Australian National University
                     The Ties that Blind: Questioning the role of a
Balint, Peter        common national identity                             University of New South Wales
Beacroft, Melanie    Political Theory as Storytelling                     University of Canberra
                     The question of rights within multicultural
Bilic, Snjenzana     accomodation                                         University of South Australia
                     The government of affluence: transformations in
Bletsas, Angelique   'social' government                                  University of Adelaide
                     Law, Markets and Association: Moving beyond
                     the false dichotomy of 'free' or 'regulated'
Bonazinga, Silvio    markets                                              Monash University

                     The political philosophy of Antonio Negri:
Burgmann, Verity     lessons for capital in the Global Financial Crisis   University of Melbourne
                     Bhikhu Parekh's Multiculturalist Critique of
Crowder, George      Liberalism                                           Flinders University
Crozier, Michael P   Political analysis and information dynamics          University of Melbourne
                     Deliberative democracy and cross-cultural
Curchin, Katherine   criticism                                            Australian National University
                     I am not Evita': Symbolic Reincarnation,
Di Piramo, Daniela   Political Memory and Charisma in Argentina           Griffith University
Edwards, Lindy       A set of heuristics for examining ideologies         Australian National University
Hill, Lisa           Defining Political Corruption                        University of Adelaide
                     An Articulation of Individualism and
                     Nationalism: Focusing the Candlelight Vigils in
Ji Hye, Jeong        2008 at South Korea                                  Korea University
                    Mis-readings of Leibniz: Deleuze and
                    Whitehead against Russell, Heidegger…and
Juniper, James      Badiou                                              University of Newcastle
Levey, Geoffrey
Brahm               The Web of Autonomy                                 University of New South Wales
                    Complexity, Error and Failure:
                    Reconceptualising the Epistemological
                    Foundations of Contemporary Liberal
Little, Adrian      Democratic Politics                                 University of Melbourne
                    Face to face with 'those who've come across
                    the seas': responding ethically to asylum
Loughnan, Claire    seekers                                             University of Melbourne
                    Radical Critique and the Production of Liberal
Lovell, Melissa     Politics                                            Australian National University
 Melleuish, Greg    Democracy and Asabiya                               University of Wollongong
                    What does it take to become a member of the
O'Sullivan, Siobhan society?                                            University of Melbourne
                    Social Citizenshp at the Crunch: T. H. Marshall
Revi, Ben           and the Global Financial Crisis                     University of Adelaide
                    A radical democratic response to the global
Skrzypiec, Leah     crisis                                              University of Adelaide
Tregenza, Ian       Idealism, Evolution, and Industrial Arbitration     Macquarie University
Walsh, Mary         Liberty, Freedom and Neo-Political Theory           University of Canberra

Zolkos, Magdalena Hegemony of Reconciliation and Its Disruption         University of Western Sydney
                                          J.S. Mill Panel 1
Corcoran, Paul    John Stuart Mill's Classical Pessimism                University of Adelaide
                  Does speech cause harm? Re-reading
                  responsability and independence in Mill's On
Goldstone, Alan   Liberty                                               University of Adelaide
                  John Stuart Mill, Personal Violence and
Pringle, Helen    Flogging                                              University of New South Wales
                                          J.S. Mill Panel 2
                  In Harm's Way: JS Mill's Feminist Opposition to
Jose, Jim         the Contagious Diseases Acts                          University of Newcastle
                  An Enquiry into the Stoic and Epicurean
Richardson, Guy   Influences in J.S. Mill                               University of Adelaide

                                  Popular Culture - Linda Silaghi (1)
Name                Paper Title                                         University
                   Utopia and Apocalypse: Political Philosophy
Stockwell, Stephen and American TV Series                               Griffith University

                             Religion and Politics - Marion Maddox (7)
Name                Paper Title                                         University
Ghobadzadeh,        Muslim Women in the Political Realm:
Naser               Australia, Canada, and Multiculturalism        University of Sydney
                    Political Religion/Political
                    Violence:Reconceptualizing totalitarianism and
Imre, Rob           fascism                                        University of Newcastle
                    An Inside Look at Islamic Discourses of
Kanra, Bora         Australia                                      Australian National University
                    The state and Islam in Kazakhastan and
                    Tajikistan - managing religion in a secular
Marshallsay, Zaniah environment                                         University of South Australia
                    Liberalism and identity construction for young,
Morsi, Yasir        educated Muslims in Australia                       University of Melbourne
                    Race, Nationalism and the Politics of Ethnic
                    Violence: A Comparative Study of the Gujarat
                    Riots of 2002 in India and Cronulla Riots of
Patil, Tejaswini    2005 in Sydney                                      University of South Australia
Tate, John          Liberalism, Rationality and Intelligent Design      University of Newcastle

                                   Security Studies - Lavina Lee (19)
Name                 Paper Title                                        University
Baldino, Daniel      Intelligence and the role of safeguards            Notre Dame University
                     Nuclear Proliferation in South Asia: Some
Bindra, Sukhwant     Realities                                          Guru Nanak Dev University

                   NATO and the Cold War: An Integrated Model
Burton, Joe        of Alliances                                         University of Otago
                   Security Politics in Peripheral Democracies:
Buchanan, Paul G. Chile, New Zealand and Portugal                       National University of Singapore
Casey, David and Russian Energy Policy and its Security
Vivoda, Vlado      implications                                         University of South Australia
                   North Korea's Nuclear Weapons Program: The
Habib, Benjamin    Futility of Denuclearisation Negotiations"           Flinders University
                   Climate Change and National Security: A
Habib, Benjamin    Theory of Causality Pathways                         Flinders University
                   Scenario thinking and planning in
Iannella, Danielle counterterrorism strategy                            University of South Australia
                   Two-Layered Alliance Cohesion: Friend in Need
Ki Hwa, Kim        is Friend Indeed                                     Korea University
                   Australia's nuclear policy toward India: breaking
Lee, Lavina        with the past?                                       Macquarie University
Mark, Craig        Prospects for Nuclear Arms Control                   Macquarie University
                   Reunification of China and Taiwan:
                   understanding China's methods, goals and
                   possible impediments in a Taiwan Strait
                   reunification through the Chinese concept of
McCarthy, Joseph 'Comprehensive National Power'                         Australian National University
                   China, India and the Lesser Known Oil Threat:
                   An assessment of China and India's oil security
Palombi, Simon     management                                           University of South Australia

                     Challenging Cosmopolitan Sensibilities: 'Illegal
Richardson, Sarah    Immigrants' in an era of 'Open' Borders            University of Melbourne
                     Tacit Alignment: The US-Taiwan-Japan
Seung Joon, Paik     Security Triangle                                  Korea University
                     Work is a human right: defending access to
Webb, Rosemary       employment for refugees                            Southern Cross University
                     Rogue states and recalcitrants: can the six-
                     party talks procure 'dependable expectations of
Weeks, Donna         peace' on the Peninsula?                           University of the Sunshine Coast
                    Russia's Weaponization of Natural Resources
                    on Foreign Policy: The Russo-Ukranian Gas
                    Conflict and the Launch of Organization for
Won Cho, Jung       GECF                                             Korea University
                    A measure of Peace and Security: Evaluating
                    the Effectiveness of the United Nations Security
Nadin, Peter John   Council                                          University of Western Sydney

Total               255 papers
                    9 panels

Description: Australian Immigration document sample