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									Course Outline
                            Topic                    Readings
I. Setting the Debate

                            What should be           Brimelow, Borjas 1999, Simon,
                            current US               Griswold, Bhagwati, Borjas 1995,
                            immigration law?         Friedberg & Hunt, Glazer & Moynihan

II. Historical Background
                            Dutch, English, Irish,   Burrows & Wallace (Ch 1, 2, 5, 33,
     Early Migrants
                            Germans                  42, 50, 58, 62, 63); Carter & Sutch
                            Russian Jews and         Foner (Ch 1-5,7), Hatton & Williamson
     The Great Wave
                            Italians                 (Ch. 7,8)
                                                     Gould (Ch 5); Fisher (selection);
     Immigration Limits                              Burrows & Wallace (Ch 65, 66),
                                                     Timmer & Williamson
                            African Americans,       Marcus Garvey and UNIA Papers
     Internal Migration
                            Puerto Ricans            Project 1995 and 2000
     The 1965 Immigration Act and 1986 Reforms       Lobo 1996 (Ch 1-3)

III. Current Issues
                                                     Lobo 1996 (Ch 4-6), Lobo 1999, Borjas
     Current Immigrants
                                                     1991, Chiswick

     Economic Impact                                 Treffler, Borjas Freeman Katz, Sassen

     Location Choice                                 Card & DiNardo, Card DiNardo Estes

IV. Wrap-up
Assignments                                              Weeks

Personal stories: student will break into groups of 4.
Each group will perform an entertaining skit (5-10
minutes) that explains the personal immigration
history of each student. Creativity will be rewarded.
An accompanying web site for each group will be

response to reading (500-750 words)                          2

visit to Ellis Island/Tenement House Museum & write
response, then response to reading (500-750 words)

use data on current migrants (CPS dataset, 2000
Census) to begin to ask similar questions

GIS software to analyze/describe present data                2


use data on current migrants (CPS dataset, 2000
Census) to begin to ask similar questions

response to reading (500-750 words)                          2

GIS software to analyze                                      1

Required Readings Author                   Date Title/Selection
                  Bhagwati                 1998 Ch 32 "Behind the Green Card"
                  Borjas, Freeman, and           How Much Do Immigration and Trade Affect Labor
                  Katz                     1997 Market Outcomes?
                  Borjas, George           1991 Immigration and Self Selection
                  Borjas, George           1995 The Economic Benefits from Immigration
                  Borjas, George           1999 Chapter 1
                  Brimelow                 1998 Ch 3
                  Burrows & Wallace        1999 Ch 1, 2, 5, 33, 42, 50, 58, 62, 63, 65, 66
                  Card & Dinardo           2000 Do Immigrant Inflows Lead to Native Outflows?
                                                 The More Things Change: Immigrants and the Children
                     Card, DiNardo, Estes 2000 of Immigrants in the 1940s, the 1970s, and the 1990s
                     Carter & Sutch        1998 Historical Background on Current Immigration Issues
                     Chiswick, Barry       1999 Are Immigrants Favorably Self-Selected?
                     Fisher, Irving        1997 selection from writings on "Eugenics"
                     Foner, Nancy          2000 Ch 1-5, 7
                                                 The Impact of Immigrants on Host Country Wages,
                     Friedberg and Hunt    1995 Employment, and Growth
                                                 chapter, "Beyond the Melting Pot", first 3 sub-sections
                                           1963 (pp. Moynihan
                     Glazer, Nathan and Daniel Patrick288-301)
                     Gould, Stephen Jay    1981 Chapter 5, The Hereditarian Theory of IQ
                                                 Willing Workers: Fixing the Problem of Illegal Mexican
                     Griswold, Daniel      2002 Migration to the US
                     Hatton and Williamson 1998 ch 7,8
                     Lobo, A Peter         1996 Newest New Yorkers 1990-94
                     Lobo, A Peter         1999 Newest New Yorkers 95-96 update
                     Marcus Garvey and           see especially link MG: life and Lessons, Introduction as
                     UNIA Papers Project   1995 well as general introduction
                     Marcus Garvey and
                     UNIA Papers Project   2000 "Go to Documents"
                     Sassen, Saskia        1995 Immigration and Local Labor Markets
                     Simon, Julian         1989 Ch 1, Introduction
                     Timmer and
                     Williamson            1998 Immigration Policy Prior to the 1930s
                                                 Immigrants and Natives in General Equilibrium Trade
                     Treffler, Daniel      1998 Models

Additional Sources
                                                 The Effects of Immigration on the Labor Market
                     Altonji & Card         1995 Outcomes of Less-Skilled Natives
                     Anbinder, Tyler             Five Points: The Neighborhood that…
                                                 Immigration and Opportunity: Race, Ethnicity, and
                     Bean and Bell-Rose     1999 Employment in the United States
                     Binder & Reimers            All the Nations under Heaven
                     Borjas, George              see for the complete works
                                                 Recent Immigrants: Unexpected Implications for Crime
                     Butcher & Piehl        1998 and Incarceration
Council on Foreign Relations City & the World
                             Help or Hindrance? The Economic Implications of
Hamermesh & Bean       1998 Immigration for African Americans
Jackson & Davis              Empire City
                             The Economic Sociology of Immigration: Networks,
Portes, Alejandro      1995 Ethnicity, and Entrepreneurship
                             How the Other Half Lives (virtual text,
Riis, Jacob            1890
                             From Give Me Your Poor to Save Our State: New York
Sabagh & Bozorghmehr 2000 and Los Angeles as Immigrant Cities and Regions
Source                                       Version
Stream of Windows                            xerox (from book on reserve)

Brookings Papers on Economic Affairs         elec
                                             xerox & Freeman
Immigration, Trade, and the Labor Market ed Abowd(from book on reserve)
Journal of Economic Perspectives Spring 1995 elec
Heaven's Door                                xerox (from book on reserve)
The Debate in the United States over Immigration (from book on reserve)
Gotham                                       on reserve
American Economic Review, May 2000           elec

Issues in the Economics of Immigration, ed. Borjas (from book on reserve)
The Immigration Debate, ed. Smith & Edmonston xerox (from book on reserve)
American Economic Review, May 1999 89(2), pp. 181-85
The Works of Irving Fisher, vol. 13           xerox
Ellis Island to JFK                           reserve

Journal of Economic Perspectives Spring 1995 elec

Beyond the Melting Pot                       xerox (from book on reserve)
Mismeasure of Man                            on reserve

Trade Policy Analysis, Cato Institute (
The Age of Mass Migration                     reserve
Newest New Yorkers 1990-94                    gift from CUNY Honors College!
Newest New Yorkers 95-96 update               gift from CUNY Honors College!               elec           elec
                                             xerox (from book
The Economic Sociology of Immigration, ed. Alejandro Portes on reserve)
The Economic Consequences of Immigration xerox (from book on reserve)

Population and Development Review 24(4)      elec

                                           xerox (from book on reserve)
The Immigration Debate, ed. Smith & Edmonston
Books on reserve:                                             CCNY call #
Issues in the Economics of Immigration, ed. Borjas            JV 6217 .I77 2000
The Economic Sociology of Immigration, ed. Alejandro Portes JV 6471 .E27 1995
Help or Hinderance, ed. Hamermesh & Bean                      JV 6471 .H45 1998
Heaven's Door, Borjas                                         JV 6471 .B67 1999
Immigration and Opportunity, ed. Bean & Bell-Rose             JV 6471 .I443 1999
                                                              JV 6465
Handbook of International Migration,ed. Hirschman, Kasinitz, DeWind .H25 1999
From Ellis Island to JFK, Foner                               JV 7048 .F65 2000
Mismeasure of Man, Gould                                      BF431 .G68 1996
                                                              & 6483
The Debate in the United States over Immigration, ed. Duignan JV Gann .D42 1998
A Stream of Windows, Bhagwati                                 HF 1713 .B472 1998
The Newest New Yorkers, Lobo                                  JV 7048 .L63 1996 (noncirculating)
The Age of Mass Migration, Hatton & Williamson                JV 6217 .H37 1998
The Economic Consequences of Immigration, Julian Simon        JV 6471 .S54 1989
The Immigration Debate, ed. Smith & Edmonston                 JV 6471 .I445 1998
Immigration, Trade, and the Labor Market ed Abowd & Freeman 8081 .A5 I53 1991
Gotham, Burrows & Wallace                                     F 128.3 .B87 1999
Invisible Man, Ralph Ellison                                  PS 3555 .L626 I5 1952
Beyond the Melting Pot, Glazer & Moynihan                     F 128.9 A1 G55

For class CHC 10201, CUNY Honors College "The Peopling of New York"
Prof Kevin R Foster,, x6201
You have several writing assignments in this class. All are expected to be online -- don't kill trees.



CPS dataset

You have several writing assignments in this class. All are expected to be online -- don't kill trees.

            I would like you to make a habit of writing short "sketches" on the general topic of the impact of immigration
            on NYC. You should make at least 4 per week of the semester. I will not grade them individually -- these are
            meant to be just "sketches" -- some random thoughts, some glints of insight that you will later develop into a
            larger essay. The idea of this assignment is that you should begin to train yourself to keep an eye out for this
            Periodically (like, weekly) you should take the time to develop one of the sketches into something larger -- link
            it up with one of the readings, or your neighborhood tour, or do some additional research. The aim is to begin
            the process of being able to see the greatest issues even in the very smallest elements (this is a classical form
            of an essay -- Stephen Jay Gould being one of the foremost). (Of course, many of your sketches might
            These Sketches can, of course, be multimedia. If you want to take pictures, draw actual sketches, record
            sounds, make your own riffs, whatever! -- go crazy!

            The reading responses are more formal essays. You are to take the assignment (reading, or a visit to one of
            the museums) and develop an essay based on one of the points of the reading. This is a more traditional sort
            of assignment, but you should feel free to add elements from your sketchbook that seem promising.

            In this case, you will use some basic statistical tools to analyze current immigrants, in order to be able to
            answer the questions you've been developing in other assignments (and to compare historical episodes to the

            For this, you will use the ArcGIS software to analyze a neighborhood of NYC (this may be the same one you're
            doing your Cross Campus Project on -- efficiency is good!). As with the CPS dataset, you should begin to
            answer the questions that have been developed by previous assignments.

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