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                a good start for business. . . . . a good start for

Why is equal opportunity good for your                            What should you do?
                                                            Business owners and operators should take steps to
Equal opportunity is simply about treating your staff and   prevent people from being unfairly treated or harassed
customers fairly.                                           and should be quick and effective to react if it happens.

It’s easy to do and it doesn’t cost you anything.           As a good business operator you need to understand
                                                            your responsibilities and have a stated policy and
                                                            procedure., for example a Code of Conduct, like the one
You can get off to a good start with a straight forward     over the page.
Code of Conduct.
                                                            With a Code of Conduct in place, you’ve already
There is one you can use on the back of this fact sheet.    checked off some of the steps to a better, fairer
Having some simple systems in place will help deliver to
you:                                                        You can find out more about how to improve your
                                                            business with Equal Opportunity by visiting our web site
           more customers and profits                      on www.eoc.sa.gov.au
           fewer complaints and costs
           happy customers and staff.

It will also lower your risk of legal liability.

Who is responsible for fair treatment in                    Seven easy steps to fair business. . .
your business?
                                                            1.      Have a policy which rules out
Big or small, all business should be free of unfair                 discrimination and harassment
treatment and harassment.
                                                            2.      Tell your customers and staff about it
All employers are responsible for making sure their
businesses are fair and harassment free.
                                                            3.      Have a procedure to deal with
This applies to employing staff, serving customers,                 complaints
advertising, buying and selling.
                                                            4.      Handle complaints quickly, fairly and
It is illegal to unfairly treat people because of their             confidentially
           Age
           Sex                                             5.      Treat your customers and staff fairly
           Chosen Gender
           Race                                            6.      Consider making someone a staff
           Disability                                              contact for fair treatment
           Sexuality
           Marital or Domestic Partnership Status
                                                            7.      Monitor and maintain a fair business
           Pregnancy
           Caring Responsibilities                                 culture
           Association with a Child
           Identity of Spouse or Domestic Partner
           Religious Appearance or Dress
       Code of Conduct                                             Code of Conduct
                                         In our Business. . .

                                                       If you believe you have been unfairly
We will fairly treat each other and                    treated please consider the following
our customers by:                                      options:
      dealing with people with respect
      respecting rules and guidelines                 Option 1: Help yourself
      making our workplace free of
       discrimination and sexual harassment.                Talk directly to the person about the problem.

We will:                                               Option 2: Seek information

      make decisions based on merit that                   Call the South Australian Equal Opportunity
       are fair, consistent and impartial                    Commission for free, confidential advice.
      deal with any problems quickly and
                                                       Option 3: Ask your manager to act
We will work well together by:
                                                            Talk to your Business Manager and tell them
                                                             what you want to happen to resolve the
      being reliable team members                           problem.
      doing our fair share of the work
      listening to others and using
       appropriate language                            Option 4: Ask for other help
      respecting the differences individuals
       can bring to a team.                                 If you are not happy with the way your problem
                                                             is being handled you can get advice from any of
The following behaviour does not                             the following places:
have a place in our business:

      teasing people
      putting people down                             South Australian Equal Opportunity
      shouting or yelling at people                   Commission
      commenting on people’s personal
       lives                                           Telephone     8207 1977 / 1800 188 163 (Country)
      leering or wolf-whistling                       TTY           8207 1911
      joking about people’s age, sex, race,           Website       www.eoc.sa.gov.au
       disability, marital status, sexuality,
       pregnancy or physical appearance
      touching or fondling
      abusing people verbally or physically

If you experience or witness any of this
behaviour please speak to your manager.

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