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									                                      Superior Quality Leads
                                      for your franchise or
                                      business opportunity.

                                      Hi-energy, Innovative
                                      Advertising Exposure.

                                      Unprecedented Lead
                                      Conversion Rates
                                      that Fuel Expansion.

       Bill Bradley 303.282.4980
State-of-the-art website
 In our continuing effort to provide you with the most innovative franchise portal
 for lead generation, America’s Best Franchises has developed advertising and market-
 ing strategies to maximize your ROI and conversions to a sale. Our top-rated website
 generates an increased number of high qualified leads through industry-leading
 technology, such as our hot lead development tools, new robust search feature, and
 our exclusive on-line community forum, ABF Answers. AmericasBestFranchises.com
 is specifically geared to guide highly qualified prospects to their desired franchise
 choices quickly, providing easy access to vital information about opportunities and
 then encouraging those prospects to request additional information about the
 franchise or business opportunity best suited for them.

 High Quality Leads for you...
 Americas Best Franchise’s approach to Search Engine Marketing is based on the belief
 that effective marketing happens when search visitors find what they are looking for.
 Our marketing campaigns are designed specifically to generate targeted industry leads
 for our advertising partners. We then take search engine marketing out of it’s silo and
 integrate it with email marketing initiatives targeted to franchisee prospects to generate
 qualified leads. We create successes for our clients through search engine marketing
 and unparalleled email marketing campaigns.

 Easy Franchise Searching.

 Based on ABF’s on-line trends, trackable search behaviors, and internal data gathered
 over the latest 4 quarters, our website’s NEW robust search feature allows fast easy
 access to your listings and information found only on AmericasBestFranchises.com.

 Franchise Information Center

 This exclusive on-line community forum allows
 prospective buyers and industry experts to review                                                   Our Advertisers Say it Best!
 valuable information related to specific franchises                                            "We currently advertise on 10 or more websites in the
 and franchising in general. This information oasis                                           industry and have found that America's Best Franchises is
 and sales tool rockets AmericasBestFranchises.com                                             one of our TOP sources in terms of leads to conversions.
 to the top of hundreds of organic search results                                              The team at ABF does a FANTASTIC job in delivering high
 generating increased lead generation for you. There                                          quality leads that turn into sales. Not only this, but ABF is
 is nothing like it anywhere! This content-rich forum                                          extremely proactive with our campaign to make sure that
 keeps visitors coming back day after day which                                                   we're getting the best ROI and has been vital to our
 generates increased advertising impressions,                                                      success in online advertising. Thank you ABF for
 keeping you front and center with your prospects.                                                 everything you do to help our company succeed!"

 Real Answers from Real people!                                                                        Jerry Lotterstein
                                                                                               The Drug Test Consultant

                                                                                                                Bill Bradley 303.282.4980
                                                                                             Marketing & Exposure

                                                        Franchise              Success!
                                                        Franchise Success! is the industry’s HOTTEST, most innovative news bulletin! Emailed direct to
                                                        1000’s of opt-in, targeted recipients (the most coveted prospect list of all), Franchise Success! offers
                                                        in-depth franchising information and presents your opportunity in a compelling, easy to Read and
                                                        Respond™ format. Each issue highlights 6 Featured Opportunities, as well as many other helpful links
                                                        to peak your prospect’s interest and direct them to the lead generating, strategic areas of our
                                                        state-of-the-art ABF website. A listing on Franchise Success! is a “must have”.

                                                        A Day in the Life of...
                                                        Prospective franchisees need to know…not only the name, product, history, financials, etc. They need
                                                        to know what to expect working inside of their franchise.,,,the one the buy from you. How does the day
                                                        roll out? What’s the sales cycle? Staffing needs? Our exclusive A Day In The Life Of™ gives
                                                        prospects an in-depth view of running their new business and the opportunities for success and the
                                                        good life. This is high value, high return internet real estate for outstanding lead generation.

                                                        Pay-Per-Qualified Lead Program
                                                        This new and resourceful program offers the most brilliant concept of all, filters! The Pay Per Qualified
                                                        Lead program is specifically designed to utilize any or both of the following parameters:

                                                        1. State, Domestic & International (Country) Filters
                                                           Define your target markets to ensure lead flow only in the locations you want to expand your brand.
                                                        2. Capital to Invest Filters
                                                           Define your minimum capital requirements to ensure receipt of financially qualified leads only.

                                                        Each Filter can be adjusted independently of one another at anytime with proper notification. We also
                                                        offer a program without specific filtering. With a small initial deposit and a cost per lead dependent upon
                                                        the filters required, America’s Best Franchises will deliver all leads that meet your specifications.

                                                                                                                                                  Where Leads Come From
                                                               Internet         70%              69%                59%                 59%       We understand the value you’ve invested
                                                             Referrals          16%              16%                   8%               14%       in each and every lead and we strive to
                                                                                                                                                  provide you with that information to
                                                                    Print          2%               5%                 2%               14%       achieve optimum results. Our ultimate
                                                                                                                                                  goal is your success. Just to prove that
                                                                   Other        12%                 9%              16%                 13%       we’ve done our research, check out the
                                                                                 2006              2005              2004               2003      astonishing results to the right in respect
                                                                                                                                                  to where most leads actually come from.
                                                            *Based on the 2007 Lead Generation Survey by Franchise Update Media Group

  Our Advertisers Say it Best!
  "Of the 23 sources that we currently utilize for lead generation, America's Best Franchises is one of our top 3 in regard to lead quality, with quality being
  defined as our highest percentage of leads progressing to profile and our lowest cost per sale."
                                                                                                                                                   David Gollahon
                                                                                                                                        Blue Coast Financial Group
       Bill Bradley 303.282.4980                                                                                                                    February 2007

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