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The following is an overview of the requirements for companies to become
licensed as drug lab decontamination contractors, and for individuals to become
trained and certified as decontamination workers and supervisors. Prospective
cleanup contractors should refer to the Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR 333-
040) for a complete description of the cleanup program.

The Department of Human Services makes an illegal drug lab site listing available
to licensed contractors, but all arrangements to be hired to perform the site work
are made directly with the property owner or owner’s agent.

To become licensed, a contractor must have at least one supervisor-trained
employee on staff. A supervisor must be on site during the sampling of a drug lab
property, and must ensure that decontamination activities follow the approved
cleanup work plan. Additionally, in order to perform evaluations or cleanup work
at drug lab sites (with the exception indicated under “Sampling Personnel” below)
individuals must be employees of a licensed cleanup contractor. Please note that
licensed cleanup contractors are not allowed to do both sampling and cleanup at
the same site (third-party sampling is required).


Prior to being licensed as a Drug Lab Decontamination Contractor, a company
must be registered, bonded, and insured as a general contractor with the Oregon
Construction Contractors Board. The Department of Human Services requires
proof of this registration when enrolling in its two-day contractor training.

Contact the CCB at

                      DRUG LAB CLEANUP TRAINING

All employees (supervisory and non-supervisory) of licensed drug lab
decontamination contractors who will do any work at illegal drug manufacturing
sites must complete The Department of Human Services sponsored drug lab
decontamination initial training course (two-day) and pass the final test with a
score of at least 70%. This training is generally held once a year. Department of
Human Services-sponsored drug lab recertification (refresher) training is required
at least every two years.
                              HAZMAT TRAINING

All drug lab site workers and supervisors must have successfully completed at least
40 hours of OSHA-required hazardous materials training (HAZWOPER-29 CFR
1910.120[e]) and have current eight hour refresher training (if it has been over 12
months since the initial training) prior to being admitted for drug lab training.
Copies of certificates of completion for all required prerequesite courses are
required at the time of application for the two day drug lab training course.

The contractor license fee is $500 during odd years (for a one year license) and
$1000 during even years (for a two year license). Licenses expire June 30th, and
fees are not prorated at the time of initial licensing. Licenses are all renewed in
even years for a two-year period. The fee for the Department of Human Services
two-day drug lab training is $250 per person. Recertification training is $100 per

                            SAMPLING PERSONNEL
Companies providing only sample collection, transportation, or testing services for
licensed drug lab decontamination contractors are not required to be licensed under
the present rules. However, when sampling personnel from these companies are
on site, they must be supervised by a licensed contractor. Sampling personnel also
must meet the requirements for the education, training, and experience found in
OAR 333-040-0135 and 333-040-0110(2). The Department recommends that
companies send their sampling personnel to the initial training course if they plan
to engage in sampling only and not cleanups.

Inquiries should be directed to:
Drug Lab Cleanup Program
Department of Human Services
800 NE Oregon Street, Suite 608
Portland, OR 97232
(971) 673-0197

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