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									                           About SVASE:
                   The Source for Early Stage Entrepreneurs

The Silicon Valley Association of Startup Entrepreneurs (SVASE) is the largest and
fastest growing nonprofit association in Northern California dedicated
exclusively to helping technology entrepreneurs – from the garage through IPO
– build and grow successful businesses.

      Mission: accelerating the formation, growth and success of high growth,
       technology based companies, in the Silicon Valley region.

      Founded 1995; 501c(6) Nonprofit California Corporation

      10-15 events per month, averaging 500 attendees per month

      Approximately 700 current members, growing 30%/year
         o 60% Tech Entrepreneurs
         o 15% Finance (VCs, Angels, Lenders)
         o 25% Other (Consultants, Corp Execs)

      Eighty + Sponsors

      12,000 person weekly emailing… one of the largest, most focused Lists in
       the Valley


      New SVASE International Division

      300 active Volunteers

SVASE encourages cooperation among organizations serving the
entrepreneurial community: current partners include SDForum, FWE, TEN, AeA,
Churchill Club, IAI, TiE, AAMA and many others with which SVASE co-promotes
events and shares membership discounts.

                     About Our Programs
The Main Event, held quarterly at the TechMart in Santa Clara, from 6-9 pm, brings together 200-
400 entrepreneurs, VCs and service providers. Examples:
       Emerging Company Job Fair            Nanotechnology Today
       Money from Asia                      Famous Entrepreneurs: Distribution Wizards

THE VC BREAKFAST CLUB, where VCs and Entrepreneurs meet:
The VC Breakfast Club each Thursday morning (SF, Silicon Valley or the East Bay) provides an
intimate setting (1 VC firm and up to 10 entrepreneurs) for effective mentoring and relationship
development. Hundreds of VCs have participated including:
       John Hummer, Hummer Winblad            Ted Schlein, Kleiner Perkins
       Eric Straser, Mohr-Davidow             David Ladd, Mayfield Fund

The 3rd Wednesday evening of each month, BUILDING GREAT COMPANIES reaches East Bay
entrepreneurs with top notch speakers and a roundtable discussion format:
        Bootstrapping your Business        Cost Effective Outsourcing of Services
        Building your IP Fortress          Powerhouse Sales & Marketing Teams

PEER-2-PEER: Informal Networking, Discussion and Learning
SVASE Peer-2-Peer informal lunchtime networking meetings are held in 6 locations each month,
from San Rafael to San Ramon to San Jose, sometimes with featured speakers.

SVASE@School: University Outreach
 SVASE partners with all interested universities and colleges to support their entrepreneurial
programs and clubs with event speakers, promotion and other support.

“Learn from a Legend”
Unique “dinner of a lifetime” for 6 entrepreneurs with a famous CEO, such as:
       T.J. Rogers (Cypress Semiconductor)            Ray Lane (Oracle)
       Donna Dubinsky (Palm)                                 Steve Wozniak (Apple)

Any SVASE member can send an inquiry email any time, to the rest of the membership.

A unique “how to” reference guide, online and in print, available to members of SVASE, Affiliates
and Sponsors with secure intranets.

SVASE International
An online portal and selected events to help Silicon Valley entrepreneurs connect with global
resources and vice versa.

                      About Management
The Silicon Valley Association of Startup Entrepreneurs (SVASE) is managed by a small
paid staff, a large group of dedicated volunteers who manage and implement
programs, a Board of Directors and an Advisory Board.

Staff…………………….                             Chris Gill, President & CEO
                                           Laura Weigant, Program Coordinator

Executive Management……….
Chris Gill, Learn from a Legend                    Abhijit Basu, Main Event
Jennifer Schellenberg, Affiliates                  Bala Musrif, Web Services
Rich Moore, SVASE@ School                  Paul LeBoffe, The Forum
Charlie Wasser, Membership                 Greg Howard, East Bay Series
Kevin Matsushita, East Bay Series          Dana Shultz, East Bay Series
Jai Kumar, VC Breakfast Club               Sandra Ohlson, Volunteers
Todd Parker, Peer 2 Peer                   Esther Nguyen, SVASE International
Girish Bhat, Main Event

Board of Directors……..
Laura Roden, Chair                         Casey McGlynn, Wilson Sonsini, Secretary
Jim Chapman, Silicon Valley Law Group              John Metz, Credit Suisse First Boston
Richard Elkus, Jr., KLA Tencor             Rick Fezell, Ernst & Young
Rosemary Remacle, Sevin Rosen Funds                Sally Pera, PRConnect
Joe Becker, Dolphin Ventures               Stephane Dupont, Silicon Valley Bank
Ken Brenner, Bridge Bank                   Philip Wickham, Copan Ventures

Advisory Board………..
Mark Addison, Rocket Science                       John Sternfield, Ross Road Partners
Mark Bernstein, Xerox PARC                 Dr. Dave Conrath, San Jose State University
Jonathan Abrams, Friendster                Jorge DelCalvo, Pillsbury Winthrop
Lauren Doliva, PhD, Heidrick & Struggles   John Gale, Taligo
Nat Goldhaber, Cyberbuck.com                       Dr. Frank Greene, NewVista Capital
Dr. Sam Haddad, SVEC                               Steve Newcomb, Nekei
Guy Kawasaki, Garage Tech. Ventures                Stephen Key, InventRight
Larry Marcus, Walden VC                    Dr. Charles Hsu, Ventiva Ventures
Randy Williams, Keiretsu Forum                     Zack Rinat, Model N
Carol Sands, The Angels Forum                      Jennifer Fonstad, Draper Fisher Jurvetson
Ed Van Deman, Financial Navigator          Bob LoPresto, Ruscher Loscavio LoPresto
Gil Forer, Ernst & Young                           Francisco Terrizzano, Bank of Walnut Creek
Martha Josephson, Egon Zehnder             Sriram Vishwanathan, Intel Capital
Mike McNeilly, TwinStar Systems            Mark Klopp, Eastman Ventures
Anand Ramanathan, Webex

                          About Membership
SVASE currently numbers around 700 and is growing 30% per year. Annual membership
dues are priced low to enable all entrepreneurs to participate. Members receive a
package with an estimated annual value of up to $5,000:

       Discounted admission to every Main Event, VC Breakfast Club, Building Great Companies
        series, Forums, and Learn from a Legend dinners.

       Unlimited attendance at SVASE Peer-2-Peer meetings.

       Discounts to events promoted through SVASE by other leading organizations such as
        AAMA, FWE, TiE, the Churchill Club, SEMI, CTIA and many more.

       “30 Seconds of Fame”: the opportunity to make a promotional announcement to the
        entire audience during the Main Event.

       Eligibility to purchase an Exhibit Table at the monthly Main Event

       “24 Hour Networking:” access to email a business query to all SVASE members, any time.

       Linking in the SVASE Resource Network

       Free online access to the Entrepreneurs’ Workbook and discount off print version.

       CORPORATE MEMBERS also receive:
            o   Ability to post Special Offers on website
            o   Listing and link in website “SVASE Yellow Pages”
            o   Unlimited event attendance by employees at membership rate
Membership pricing is as follows:

Individual Entrepreneur          $125/year           For individuals, students and small
                                                    technology startups.

Corporate Membership             $500/year          For service providers, investors, and
                                                    larger technology companies.

Charter Membership               $200 initiation,   For successful serial entrepreneurs, VCs,
                                 $1,000/year        Angels and senior Executives of Public
                                                    and Private companies. Invitation only.

International                    No Charge          For individuals, students and technology
                                                    startups physically located outside the
                                                    United States.

                               About Sponsorship
Every company that seeks customers, clients or visibility among technology entrepreneurs should
be an SVASE sponsor. The key is picking the programs that best suit your message.

                                         CORE SPONSORSHIPS:
SPONSOR:                             SPONSOR:                             SPONSOR:
SILVER                               GOLD                                 PLATINUM
Corporate Membership                 Corporate Membership                 Corporate Membership
24 Hour Networking                   24 Hour Networking                   24 Hour Networking
Entrepreneurs’ Workbook Access       Entrepreneurs’ Workbook Access       Entrepreneurs’ Workbook Access
30 Seconds of Fame at the Main       30 Seconds of Fame at the Main       30 Seconds of Fame at the Main
Event                                Event                                Event
Meeting & Service discounts:         Meeting & Service discounts:         Meeting & Service discounts:
ALL EMPLOYEES                        ALL EMPLOYEES                        ALL EMPLOYEES
3 Free Pass to every Main Event      3 Free Pass to every Main Event      3 Free Pass to every Main Event
Main Event “Podium Display”          Main Event “Podium Display”          Main Event “Podium Display”
Name & Link in Every Calendar        Name & Link in Every Calendar        Name & Link in Every Calendar
Emailing (12,000 execs every 2       Emailing (12,000 execs every 2       Emailing (12,000 execs every 2
weeks)                               weeks)                               weeks)
Affiliate Event Posting privileges   Affiliate Event Posting privileges   Affiliate Event Posting privileges
Free Exhibit at Main Event (3rd      Free Exhibit at Main Event (2nd      Free Exhibit at Main Event (1st
priority)                            Priority)                            Priority)
Yellow Pages Listing & Link          Yellow Pages Listing & Link          Yellow Pages Listing & Link
Priority Speaker Choice #3 for       Priority Speaker Choice #2 for       Priority Speaker Choice #1 for
MAIN EVENT                           MAIN EVENT                           MAIN EVENT
SVASE Website Sponsor page           Logo & Link on SVASE Event           Logo & Link on SVASE Home Page,
Listing & Link                       Calendar and Sponsor page            Event Calendar and Sponsor page
                                     Every Client Entrepreneur eligible   Every Client Entrepreneur eligible
                                     for Discount SVASE Membership        for Discount SVASE Membership
                                                                          Special opportunities for custom
$3000/year/company                   $5000/year/company                   $10,000/year/company

                EVENT-SPECIFIC SPONSORSHIPS (see event descriptions for details):
         The Main Event: $15,000/event or $1000 for Exhibit Table ($500 for members)
         The Forum (CEO, CFO, CTO, VC Associate, VP Sales/Bus Dev): $3,000/event or $1500 per
         The VC Breakfast Club: $500/event ($1,500/month in Silicon Valley; $500/month in SF and
          East Bay), three month minimum
         East Bay Series: $1000/event or $5000/year
         The Entrepreneurs’ Workbook: $1000/topic/year, $10,000 unlimited topics
         Learn from a Legend: $15,000/year ($7500 per co-sponsor)
         P2P: $250/event or food/facility; 6 month minimum commitment.

              “Learn from a Legend”
                     … the dinner of a lifetime
    o   One or two Legend dinners each month
    o   Dinner includes 1 Legend (famous company CEO or Founder), 4 to 6 CEOs
        (entrepreneurs), SVASE program coordinator and Sponsor

                     FEATURED LEGENDS 2002-2004
   Ray Lane, former President of Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL)
   Steve Wozniak, Cofounder of Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL)
   Dan Warmenhoven, CEO of Network Appliance (NASDAQ: NTAP)
   Phil Schlein, former CEO of Macy's West
   Bill Campbell, Chairman of Intuit (NASDAQ: INTU)
   Patricia House, CoFounder of Siebel Systems (NASDAQ: SBL)
   TJ Rodgers, President, and CEO of Cypress Corporations.(NASDAQ: CY)
   Jonathan Lee, Founder of Corio (NASDAQ: CRIO)
   Donna Dubinsky, CoFounder/CEO of Palm and Handspring (NASDAQ: PLMO)
   Robin Abrams, Former President of Palm Computing (NASDAQ: PALM) and Apple Computer
    of America (NASDAQ: AAPL)
   Peter Thiel, Founder of PayPal (NASDAQ: EBAY)
   Mihir Parikh, Founder of Asyst Technology (NASDAQ: ASYT)
   Kumar Malavalli, Founder of Brocade Communications Systems (NASDAQ: BRCD)
   Richard Elkus, Director, KLA-Tencor, (NASDAQ: KLAC)
   Ken Coleman, CEO, ITM Software, former top exec of SGI, Acclaim, MIPS and more
   Erika Williams, CEO of Resilience Corp, Atesto Technologies, Force Computers &
    Cincinnati Microwave
   Jonathan Abrams, Founder & CEO of Friendster
   Mike Boich, Founder of Radius Computing, Rendition & Eazel
   Kamran Elahian, CoFounder of Cirrus Logic (NASDAQ: CRUS), NeoMagic & Centillium
   George Kadifa, CEO of Corio (NASDAQ: CRIO)
   Mike McNeilly, Founder & Former CEO of Applied Materials (NASDAQ: AMAT)
   Dave Orton, President of ATI Technologies (NASDAQ: ATYT)
   Ann Winblad, Cofounder of Open Systems and Hummer Winblad
   Bill Coleman, Former CEO of BEA Systems (NASDAQ: BEAS)
   Wu Fu Chen, Founder of Cascade Communications, Arris Networks, Ardent
    Communications, and Shasta Networks (NYSE: NT)
   Don Valentine, Founder, Sequoia Capital
   Bob Lorenzini, Founder Siltec, Elmat and Sunpower
   Peter Redford, CEO, Interactive TV, Power Systems, Astrid Computers, Astrix Computers
   David Wright, CEO , Legato Software
   Bill Reichert, President, Garage Technology Ventures
   Eric Benhamou, Chair, PalmSource (NASDAQ: PSRC), PalmOne NASDAQ: (PLMO)

                       About the Forum
The SVASE Forum luncheons provide participants a unique, private opportunity to
network among colleagues within functional sub sectors of the entrepreneurial
community, and to discuss needs and issues currently relevant to a particular function
within organizations. They also provide an exclusive sponsor with personal
introductions to new customers in their specific target market.

Each group consists of 20-25 invited participants from the functional specialty plus 1
moderator and 2 sponsor representatives. Each meeting has “focal topics”, chosen for
their high relevance to the particular group. Lunches are generally held at the Silicon
Valley Capital Club or sponsor’s offices. Each Forum is held 2-4 times per year
(different attendees at each meeting):

      The Forum for VC Associates
      The Forum for Founder-CEOs
      The Forum for CIOs and CTOs
      The Forum for Startup CFOs
      The Forum for CMOs

                              About the
       The Entrepreneurs' Workbook

The Entrepreneurs’ Workbook is an exclusive publication of SVASE which is
available online to members of SVASE, TEN (The Entrepreneurs Network), FWE
(the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs) and selected sponsor intranets (Deloitte
Accelerator, Sevin Rosen Funds) as well as in print for sale to the public. The
Workbook provides a unique, concise how-to manual for startup executives,
including succinct articles (keyword searchable online) on over 100 topics within
the sections of:

Business Operations                        Legal
Accounting                                 Human Resources
Insurance                                  Technology
Financing                                  International Business

Example Workbook page from the SVASE web site:


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