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    Though no one can go back and make a
    brand new start, anyone can start from
    now and make a brand new ending.


The purpose of this Development Plan is to help you...

      •   Identify your passion(s)
      •   Draft a personal mission statement
      •   Define specific goals/objectives as it relates to your
          career development
      •   Create a measurable action plan to accomplish your

    You and your mentor are welcome to use this Plan as a
    tool in shaping your career development.

Ways to discover your inspiration/motivation:
    • Epiphany - A pivotal, life-changing experience can create a sudden and intense
        awareness of an underlying passion; an “aha!” moment.

    • Change – A major life change that alters one’s view on life and causes closer self-
        examination as to the way one lives it. This examination challenges one to learn things
        about self that were previously unknown.

    • Intuition – One must be sense passion in order to identify it. Passion must be
        embraced fully, with fearlessness and strong conviction.

    • Experience - Most uncover passion gradually as a result of day-to-day experiences.
        One gets glimpses of it--courtesy of intuition--but may not understand its significance or
        heed its influence. Unless attention is paid to those experiences, one is likely to
        disregard them. One must listen to and interpret life’s signals and translate them into

Adapted and excerpted from The Passion Plan: A Step-by-Step Guide to
Discovering, Developing, and Living Your Passion by Richard Chang

Personal Mission Statement

    Develop a statement or several statements that describe
    success for you professionally and personally.

    This may not be a quantifiable destination or goal, but
    rather a description of your personal and professional
    purpose or “reason for being” as you would like it to be.

Ask Yourself…
    • What would I really like to accomplish in my life?

    • What makes me the happiest?

    • What am I truly good at?

    • If I had a large sum of money, what would I do? Is it
      really the money that keeps me from pursuing that?

    • What contribution can I make?

    • What do I define success? What does it mean to me?

    • What will my legacy be? How would I like to be

    Defining Goals/Objectives

     •   Broad, long-term aims that define a desired result
         associated with identified strategic issues.
     •   Targets for achievement through interventions.
     •   The purpose toward which an endeavor is directed
     •   Something worked toward or striven for

    Goals and objectives should be S.M.A.R.T.

    • Specific - Focused; detailed; definite; precise

    • Measurable - Course of action; measurements

    • Aggressive - Determined; self-assertive; vigorous; tenacious

    • Realistic - Practical; prudent

    • Time-framed -
              • Short-term (six months or less) and
              • Long term (more than six months)

Objectives Worksheet (Example)
                                       Objectives Worksheet
 Goal                    Short-     Long-     Objective                        Action Step
                         Term       Term
 State how you will      Identify whether     Specify at least 3 steps you     Specify the performance or
 explore an aspect of    the goal is short-   will take to achieve the goal.   data-based measure by
 your career field, or   term or long term.                                    which you will accomplish
 move forward toward                                                           it.
 your career goal.

 Build new account          X          X      1. Prioritize account sales.     Plan a sales penetration
 sales/develop new                                                             strategy to allocate 20% of
 business                                     2. Acquire two new accounts      sales calls to new accounts.
                                                 each month.
                                                                               Take courses to refresh
                                              3. Meet or exceed sales goals.   telephone sales,
                                                                               presentation skills and
                                                                               written communication

                                                                               Read books on problem-
                                                                               solving capabilities.

 Create an Action Plan

     Develop some specific steps to acquire the capabilities
     you need to move toward the achievement of your
     mission, goals and objectives.

 Short-Term Action Plan (Example)

                                             Short-Term Goals
     Action Step                        Time Frame                       Notes

     Specify the performance or data-   Specify the short-term date by   Write notes to self.
     based measure by which you will    which you will accomplish the
     accomplish it listed on your       objective listed on your
     Objectives Worksheet.              Objectives Worksheet.

     Read one business book or listen   Quarterly.                       Consider reading 365 Sales Tips
     to one business audio tape on                                       for Winning Business or Tough
     problem-solving capabilities in                                     Calls: Selling Strategies to Win
     selling.                                                            over Your Most Difficult

 Long-Term Action Plan (Example)

                                             Long-Term Goals

     Action Step                        Time Frame                      Notes
     Specify the performance or         Specify the long-term date by   Write notes to self.
     data-based measure by which        which you will accomplish the
     you will accomplish it listed on   objective listed on your
     your Objectives Worksheet.         Objectives Worksheet.

     Plan a sales penetration           September 2006                  Consider holding regularly-
     strategy to allocate 20% of                                        scheduled meetings with
     sales calls to new accounts.                                       decision makers to position self
                                                                        as a consultant, to solve
                                                                        problems, not as a sales


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