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          STEP ONE
          • LOGON:Live=


ID and Passwords are case sensitive
               STEP TWO
• Go to “CLUB”
  – Then “Maintain Club Information”
  – Set defaults
    • Area Code
    • City
    • Zip
    • Change School to Check #
    • Scroll down and check box by “Display fee and
      collection field”
    • Change your fee to whatever it is you charge.
               STEP THREE
• Go to “Club”
  – Then “Configure Merged Age Groups”
     • Click on “Add” (bottom left)
     • Choose “Division 4NR”
     • Choose master age group then all groups you
       want shown when team building.
        – i.e. Master U6B = Merged U5B, U5G and U6G
        – i.e. Master U8B = Merged U7B
        – i.e. Master U8G = Merged U7G
        – i.e. Master U10B= Merged U9B
        – i.e. Master U19B= Merged U17B, U18
        This will ensure that players will be visible when creating
          teams in the manual team building
               STEP FOUR
• Go to “TEAMS”
  – Then “Team Builder”
    • Use your master age group
    • Go

    This step needs to be repeated everytime you
     change master age group. Or it will default to the
     age group you were in when you last hit “go”
                 STEP FOUR “A”
• TEAM ID - this is a 4 digit team identifier
   – First two numbers identify AGE GROUP
      • i.e. U6=06, U8=08, U10=10, U12=12
   – Third number identifies sex of team
      • i.e. 0=Boy 1=Girl
      • U6 mixed will be identified as Boys

       Fourth number identifies team
       •   Team one = 1
       •   Team two = 2
       •   A team = 1
       •   B team = 2

   – All U8 boys first teams will be 0801, second team will be 0802
   – All U8 girls first teams will be 0811, second team will be 0812
             Step 4 “B”

 – Dry Creek Avalanche = acceptable
 – Avalanche = not acceptable
 – U8Boys Moran = not acceptable
 – Dry Creek Moran = acceptable
 – 8B #1 = not acceptable
 – DRY CREEK 8B #1 = acceptable
                    STEP 4 “C”
• SHORT NAME – make this unique from team name
      • U8B #1 Acceptable and probably best
      • DryCreek Avalanche – not acceptable
      • U8B Moran Acceptable if you want to make level less
   – Following these guidelines will help things move
     much faster when you are ready to build your
     teams and ALL these things can be done today,
     by using a temporary name until team names
     have been decided by teams
   – Dry Creek 8B #1 until you have given them a name.
   – YOU can edit team names in team maintenance, if it
     is green you can edit it.
                STEP FIVE
• Register players as you receive
• There is plenty of data that needs filling in
  and will be required to be filled in this year.
• Mothers birthday and month can be found
  on childs birth certificate if it is left blank on
                 Step 5 Continued
• Registration Wizard
   – Choose “YOUTH”
   – Choose “DIVISION 4NR”
• Player Registration Details
   –   Player age group defaults to correct age group
   –   Fill in missing data
   –   Make corrections
   –   Track payments: must put in amount in cash field to track.
   –   Add second guardian
   –   Place on team if known
                   STEP SIX
• When ready to put players on teams
  – Go to “TEAMS” then “Team Builder”
    • Choose Age Group
    • Division 4NR
    • Action = MANUAL
       – This will bring up all the registered players and teams
         created in that division and age group.
       – Bold face team you want to work in by clicking on team
         name then click player onto team under filter by their
         name line.
                       STEP SEVEN
• Working in STAFF
  – Most of your work will be done in “Maintain Staff Information”
  – Only those that have a 1628 on file will be allowed to coach.
       • New ones need to be filled out each year.
       • This includes assistants.
  – Click on “Discl” enter information as answered on 1628 a team can not be
    approved unless this form has been filled out and entered into the database.
    Waiting until the last minute to accomplish this will make your job that much more
    difficult. Have these forms filled out at each coaches meeting and don’t leave
    without collecting completed forms
  – Second year coaches are REQUIRED to have a “F” license. This includes
  – If your coach has a license and it is not in the system get a copy of his license
    and turn it in to the office ASAP.
  – Assign coach to a team thru the “ADD JOB” tab.
 – September 1, 2007
   • Teams should be formed and coaches assigned
 – September 20, 2007
   • Final movement rosters need to be finalized
      – All adds and move offs, drops
   • Any movement after this date will require additional
      – Transfer paperwork and drop paperwork will be required.
• Give me a call 790-1450

• Good Luck and have a great year!

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