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					  Child Labor
Migrant Farming in America
         What is Child Labor?
Child Labor is using
  children under 16
  years of age for work
  that is harmful to

   Health
   Education
   Physical Development
    Child Labor in U.S. History
   Child Labor was used during the Industrial Era in
    the U.S.
   Due to several accidents involving children,
    states began to pass laws about the number of
    hours and kinds of work children could do.
   In 1938 US passed first nationwide law about
    child labor in United States.
   Fair Labor Standards Act sets the minimum
    age and standards for employment.
          Child Labor Today
   The worst
    violations occur in
    India, Pakistan,
    Asia, and Africa.

   Most of these
    countries use
    children as bonded
    laborers or
   Children working in
    factories make
    things like soccer
    balls, hand made
    oriental rugs,
    Athletic shoes etc.
    Migrant Farming in the U.S.
   U.S. farmers
    depend on migrant
    workers throughout
    the year.

   Many migrant
    families travel all
    over the country to
    harvest food.
   To earn enough
    money to survive,
    many migrant
    workers need their
    children to work with
    them in the fields.

   Child labor is often
    used in migrant
    farming which is
    illegal in the U.S.
                The Circuit

   Written by Francisco Jimenez
   Based on his childhood living as a migrant
   At age 6 began to work in the fields of
    California with his family who immigrated
    from Mexico.
           The Circuit cont’d
   Learning to read and speak English helped free
    Jimenez from the migrant farming life.
   He is now a Professor at SCU in California
    teaching language and Latin American
   “If you’re a migrant worker, you’re constantly
    living in poverty.”

Info from Santa Clara Magazine, vol. 38 no. 2
  (spring 1996)
      Creating Belinda’s Voice
   The class will read the short passage on Belinda,
    a migrant worker in the US.
   Next, we will use phrases and words from the
    passage to create a Found Poem, which will
    summarize Belinda’s story.

   Each student will create their own Belinda Poem
    including an illustration.
   Due Wednesday.

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