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									Lump Sum Distribution
Compare three options for tax treatment of a lump sum distribution from a retirement plan. No
special tax treatment (pay ordinary tax on the distribution), special 10 year Average tax
treatment, or IRA Rollover. Includes tax calculations using real IRS tax table rates as opposed to
an assumed marginal bracket. Shows spendable income before and after tax.

Lump Sum Distribution - Part One

Year distribution is to be received                           ___________
Participant age when distribution is received                 ___________
Beneficiary age when distribution is received                 ___________
Age to start income payout period                             ___________

Is the beneficiary the spouse?                                Yes:       No:       (check one)
Exempt from early distribution penalty? *                     Yes:       No:       (check one)
Participant in the plan for 5 years or more?                  Yes:       No:       (check one)
Distribution due to retirement or termination of service?     Yes:       No:       (check one)

Retirement plan distribution amount                           $__________
Number of exemptions                                          ___________
Other taxable income year distribution received               $__________
Other taxable income during Payout period                     $__________

Tax filing status: Single:       Joint:        (check one)

* Exemption available if distribution is due to death or disability, separation from service after
age 55, under a qualified domestic relations order or the amount is not exceeding deductible
medical expenses.

Lump Sum Distribution - Part Two

Discount rate (For NPV calculation)                                   __________%
State taxes of other adjustments WITHOUT IRA rollover                $__________
State taxes or other adjustments if rolled into IRA                  $__________
State marginal tax bracket                                            __________
Optional ANNUAL level payout                                         $__________
Include NPV of income on Summary page?                Yes:     No:      (check one)
Minimum distribution option: Each year reduce by one:         Recalc Annually:        (check one)

Reinvestment Alternatives:
                                                      Portion Taxable
                             Interest Rate   Before Payout      During Payout
No Special Treatment         _________%         _________%       _________%
10 Year Average              _________%         _________%       _________%
IRA Rollover                 _________%


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