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					Parents Open Evening - Welcome!
     •Home/School Agreement
         •E – Safety Rules
         •School Equipment
     •Success for All Programme
    •Cross Curricular topic work
•Creative Partnerships/Cross Corners
      •Healthy Schools Award
          •School Library
          •Adult Learning
 •Parental Involvement/Parent Voice
         •School Prospectus
        •School Newsletter
      •Contact with the school
   •Extended School Opportunities
         •New School Build
      •Mellor Vision Statement
Home/School Agreement
These are now to be kept by parents/carers. A separate slip is
sent out with the home/school agreement for you to sign and
return to school.

Please be aware that signing the slip gives permission for:

• your child to attend events at Cross Corners during the course
of the school day

•digital images of your child to be taken and used in publicity for
Creative Partnership activities and display on the school‟s digital
notice board and website
E - Safety Rules

Please read the school‟s e - safety rules with your child and
sign and return the e - safety agreement to school.

Please be aware that signing the agreement gives permission

•Your child‟s work to be electronically published

•Appropriate images of your child to be published on the
•school website but without their names

•Your child to access the internet at school
School Equipment
It is important that children come to school with the correct school
equipment, including PE kit, swimming kit, school bag/backpack and
pencil case.

We also ask all parents to support the school‟s dress code policy.
If in doubt of the dress code or school equipment required please
refer to the school website, digital notice board or collect a flyer
from the office.
Please ensure that your child does not wear jewellery on days
when they take part in PE or swimming, as staff are unable to
look after valuables for children.

Children are required as part of the national curriculum to take
part in swimming. If there is a medical reason why your child is
unable to swim then a doctors note should be obtained and
handed in to your child‟s class teacher.

In exceptional circumstances when a child brings in a note about
the following they may be excused from swimming:
•a cold or viral infection
•a physical injury
•a fungal or contagious infection
We aim to establish good relationships and behaviour within a
secure caring environment. We emphasise the ways in which we can
create a positive atmosphere stressing the need for mutual
We use a set of rewards and sanctions to ensure consistency
across the school. Rewards include special mentions, table and
team points and vouchers, stickers and peer support.
Our „consequences for behaviour‟ follow a series of steps and range
from a verbal warning, entry into the incident book, letter home,
detention and finally, as a last resort, exclusion.
A copy of our rewards and sanctions can be seen on our parents‟
notice board.
All children in Key Stage 1 receive homework. We are asking your child to:
•Read 5 times a week for up to twenty minutes per session
•Practise spellings 3 times a week for 15 minutes per session
•Do activities from numeracy pack twice a week for 15 minutes per session –
(pack of games and activities available at a cost of £2.00 each)
•Do the home school challenge activity once a week to develop their thinking
skills and creativity.
•Complete science homework as required by the class teacher

All children will receive a homework journal for you to tick and sign when
the work has been completed. There is a box for any comments you would
like to make. These will be checked once a week and each half term prizes
and certificates will be awarded to children completing their homework

This year we will also be starting to make homework available via our school
VLE. Each child has their own username and password and will be able to
access homework information, activities and support resources from home
or wherever they have access to the Internet.

Further information regarding our homework policy and procedures can be
found on the school website.
                               Success for All
The school uses the Success for All Programme as part of our continuing
drive to raise oracy, reading and writing standards. Children are now
grouped according to their current reading ability and will receive
targeted lessons, aimed at accelerating their progress in reading and
writing. Pupils will be assessed every eight weeks and regrouped on the
basis of these assessments.
The Success for All Programme consists of two parts – Roots and Wings.
Underpinning the Programme is a philosophy of collaborative learning,
where children are encouraged to take responsibility for their own and
others‟ learning.
The Roots programme provides children with rich opportunities for
developing their speaking and listening skills while at the same time
introducing a rigorous phonics programme as recommended by the Rose
Review. The phonics programme is set within a broad and rich language
curriculum that takes full account of the speaking, listening, reading and
writing requirements of the literacy framework.
The Wings programme consists of a series of reading and
writing modules, designed to progressively develop children‟s
skills in reading, analysing, responding to and writing texts
from different genres. Again, this programme is set within
a broad and rich language curriculum that takes full account
of the speaking, listening, reading and writing requirements
of the literacy framework.

All year 1 children start on the Roots Programme.

Children throughout the rest of the school will be grouped
according to ability.
Cross Curricular topic work
You will soon be receiving our curriculum guides for parents. These
have been designed to make you more aware of the topic work and
trips your children will be undertaking this half term.
This year, wherever possible we will be making links between
Science, ICT, History and Geography. Teachers will also use Art and
Design Technology, Drama and many other creative techniques to
allow children to make connections across their learning.
Creative Partnerships
We are now in our last year of funding with Creative Partnerships.
The funding will go towards paying for artists and creative
projects both at school and at the Cross Corners site.

Cross Corners
Cross corners is our space for the sports and the arts. It offers
many opportunities for artistic enrichment both during and outside
of school hours for children and adults.
Healthy Schools Award
The Healthy Schools Award was obtained in the Summer Term
2006. Accreditation was given for our team building, pastoral
support, work with parents, lunchtime activities, after school
activities, behaviour support, healthy eating policy and school
council. We ask you to continue to support us, particularly in
providing your child with healthy packed lunches and snacks and
taking part in community learning projects in order to support
your child at school. Remember the more you learn the better
placed you are to help your child with their learning.

Supporting the school library
Book vouchers can now be purchased from the office. Instead of
buying sweets for celebrations we are encouraging parents to buy
a book voucher that will either buy a book or go towards the cost
of a library book. Your child‟s name will go into the front of the
book and a card of thanks will be sent out to parents.
Adult Learning at Mellor
We have a range of exciting learning opportunities for adults this year. For
further details of all of these courses please talk to Aparna Sirichand.

“Introduction to Numeracy”
This is a 10 week course.
Starting from Tuesday 29th September - 1.00 pm to 3.00 pm *Free course
subject to residency status

“Family Literacy and IT”
This is a 30 week course
Starting from Wednesday 7th October - 9.30 am to 11.30 am.
Taster sessions on Friday 26th September and Friday 2nd October in the ICT
suite from 9.00am onwards – Everyone Welcome – no crèche

Story Sacks/Topic Books
Wednesdays 1.00pm – 3.00 pm in the Studio

Basic Computer Skills for new learners
Fridays 9.00am – 11.45am in the ICT suite starting after half term.
Please note there is no crèche facility available for these sessions.
Parental involvement & Parent voice
We are very keen to work with parents and want to hear your views. There
are 4 key ways you can get involved in the life of the school and be heard.

Parents drop in session
Wednesdays from 9.00am – 9.30am in the Community Office. This will be an
opportunity for you to talk about any concerns you might have.

Focus group
Tuesdays from 9.15am – 10.40am
Issues such as behaviour, dinners, healthy packed lunches etc. will be
discussed. Due to the availability of the school nurse, a „Healthy Eating‟
session will also be delivered on Friday 6th November at 9.30 in the
Community Mobile.

Friends of Mellor
Help us raise funds for the school! We will be meeting on the first
Wednesday of every month at 2.30pm. Everyone Welcome.

Volunteer in the classroom
If you would like to support in your child‟s class please speak to your child‟s
class teacher.
Taking holidays in term time.
School is an important part of the lives of your children. It is
where they begin to develop new skills, make friendships and it
helps prepare them for their future. When a child misses
school they can miss out on these vital opportunities. Missing a
day of school every week means that a child will miss the
equivalent of over 7 ½ weeks per school year.
Schools may only grant up to 10 days a year for holidays and the
head teacher‟s consent must be obtained.
New LA guidance dictates that if a holiday is taken without the
permission of your child‟s school, a fixed penalty notice may be
issued in the form of a fine of
•£50 per parent per child if paid in full within 28 days
•£100 if paid in full after 28 days but within 42 days
More information regarding this issues is available from office.
School prospectus
Our school prospectus provides general school information and
can be obtained either from the office or in a printable
format from the school website.
School newsletter

The school newsletter is provided to keep you up to date with what
is going on at our school. Newsletters are sent home every
Thursday and can also be accessed via our school website at

Please make sure you read through the school newsletter each
week to keep up to date with all important developments at Mellor.
Contact with the school

Please ensure that all personal information is updated via the school
office so that we have the appropriate information to hand in the case of
an emergency.

If you have an email address please ensure that the office has a copy of
this as we keen to start providing information to parents electronically
wherever possible.

In the case of split families where parents live at more than one address.
Please inform us of this to enable us to send relevant school information
and reports to all appropriate addresses.

If you wish to speak to a class teacher, please make an appointment
through the office. Class teachers have a set time each week when they
will be available for appointments.
Extended School Opportunities
At Mellor we are pleased to offer the following extended
school opportunities:
•Early Bird club
•Extra curricular clubs
•Cross corners clubs
•Holiday schemes
Further information on all of these can be found in the
school newsletter or digital notice board.
New School Build

Mellor is in the final stage of being accepted on to the government's
Building Schools for the Future programme. This means that it is
very likely that a new school will be built within the existing school
grounds and the present one will be knocked down.

Mellor governors and staff are delighted and excited about the
prospects of a new school because of the excellent facilities it
will provide for the pupils, parents/carers and wider community.
We will keep you informed and the headteacher should know
if Mellor has been selected by early October.
         Mellor Vision Statement

    Mellor – A quality learning
   environment which develops
learners to take control of their
          own learning.
  This year we will be running a range of
  curriculum afternoons for parents and
children to attend together. The first of
these will be a Maths workshop where you
 will be able to practise maths homework
 activities with your child and to buy our
  KS1 maths homework pack at a cost of
•Year 1 Maths Workshop Tuesday 30th September
•Year 2 Maths workshop Thursday 2nd October

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