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									   Flour Babies

Or Parenting and Family
     Learning Objectives
• Devise strategies that will ensure the
  safety of your Flour Baby.
• Incorporate parental responsibility
  into your daily lives.
• Write a report giving examples about
  your experiences during the week.
    When do I turn in my
       Flour Baby?
• Eight days from the day you started.
• Thursday to Thursday, Monday to
  Monday, and so on.
 What do I turn in on the
 last day of the project?
• Your baby’s Birth Certificate
• Your Flour Baby
• Your 400 word essay entitled, “My
  Week as a Parent”
• Your Baby Sitting Log
  How do I get my grade?
• This project is worth 100 points.
• Babies not dressed up receive 65 pts.
• You need to turn in the four
  previously mentioned items to receive
• Pass that, the more creative you are,
  the better your grade will be.
     What if my baby has
       a birth defect?
• On the day your Flour Baby is born, you will
  draw from the black box.
• If your baby is born with a birth defect
  Coach Mack will write the name of it on
  your birth certificate.
• Part of your 400 word report will be about
  living with your baby’s birth defect.
       How can I dress my
        Flour Baby up?
•   You can use strollers and halters
•   Doll parts
•   Hair
•   Baby clothes
•   Nothing inappropriate
•   Be creative
   Who is eligible for the
     Beauty Contest?
• Only those who bring their Flour
  Babies on the first day.
• You need to show me your baby’s
  Birth Certificate on that day to prove
  that your are eligible.
How is the Beauty Contest
• Anyone eligible can enter the Beauty
• Coach Mack will choose the top five
  based on creativity and accessories.
• Twenty-five extra credit points will
  be awarded to the winners.
   Can I keep the clothes
    on my Flour Baby?
• You are responsible to take every-
  thing you want from your Flour Baby
  on the day you turn him or her in.
• Everything else will be thrown away.
    Who takes care of my
       Flour Baby?
• You are totally responsible for taking
  care of your Flour Baby at all times.
• You can have someone baby-sit your
  baby but you are still responsible.
• If you use a baby-sitters, keep a
  Baby-Sitting Log.
            Do Not . . .
• Assassinate another flour baby. If it
  can be substantiated by other
  students, you will fail the assignment.
• Put anything on your flower baby
  except for clothing (ie no plastic
  bags, or aluminum foil, etc).
   Do I have to bring my
   Flour Baby to school?
• Yes!
• Your parents have already had their
  kids and now they want to be free!
• Your children are YOUR responsibility
  and you need to take care of him or
  her ALL of the time.
      What if someone
   assassinates my baby?
• You are totally responsible for the
  welfare of your Flour Baby.
• If you baby dies in the care of your
  baby-sitter, you are still responsible.
• Choose your baby-sitter carefully!
   What do I do with my
   Flour Baby during PE?
• Talk to your PE teacher before the
  assignment starts and ask for help.
• Ask if he or she would keep your
  Flour Baby in the PE office during the
  period. Thank them every day.
• Include this in your Baby-Sitting Log.
 Can I put my Flour Baby
  in my locker at school?
• No!
• Putting children in lockers is child
• Child Protective Services will come
  and take your Flour Baby away and
  you will fail the assignment.
     What if I have to go
      to the bathroom?
• You need to take your baby with you.
• Leaving your baby alone is child
  abandonment, and Child Protective
  Services will come & take your baby.
• By the way, you had better take your
  baby to the pencil sharpener also.
What if my baby has to go
   to the bathroom?
• Don’t whine!
• Change him.
• Change her.
How do I know if my baby
    is dead or alive?
• If an accident happens, take your
  Flour Baby to Coach Mack.
• He will decide if your baby merely has
  a boo boo, or if he or she is dead.
• Void where prohibited.
• Valid only in participating schools.
   What if my baby dies?
• Don’t make excuses.
• You will write a 800 word report on
  how it happened, and what you
  learned from the Flour Baby exercise.
• If you successfully complete the
  report, you will receive 65 points.
    Is there homework?
• Yes!
• Ask for the details on the day that
  your Flour Baby is born.

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