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					 In 1932, the New York
     Times newspaper
  published an account
of a man known only as
          Mr. C.
  The Stock
Market Crash
   of 1929
 What did it mean
   for the United
  States? How did
this crash occur?
 I. Universal
Wealth for All
 Who told them anyone
  could be rich?

 Speculation

 Buying on Margin
II. Beginning
  of the End
 We’re in the Money

 Too Many People

 Sell, sell, sell

 Prices down = Panic
Black Tuesday:
  October 29,
 Where’s the Bank?

 FDIC ???

 Who’s Depressed?
III. Other
Leading to
 Hindsight is 20/20

 Farmers

 Poverty Gap

 Money and Trade

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