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					Immigration in the Pre Civil War
                                   The Irish
•   In 1845, a blight afflicted the potato
    crop of Ireland
•   Because potatoes were a staple crop,
    or a crop that a nation needs to
    survive, the Irish were in a good deal
    of trouble
•   As a result, millions of people
    starved, and were forced to eat the
    grass on their fields
•   To flee from the Potato Famine, as
    the blight became known as, over 1.8
    million Irish came over to North
    America from 1845-1855, more than
    in the previous 250 years combined
•   These Irish immigrants flooded East
    coast cities such as New York, Boston,
    and Savannah, making the cities
                       When they arrived…
•   Most Irish arrived at busy docks in
    these cities… at first they tried to
    find a friendly face to help them
•   Often these people who offered help
    were really tricking them into paying
    ridiculous sums of money to stay in
    shabby halfway houses
•   In addition, since most of them were
    uneducated, reading was a problem
    and often led to them being
•   Sometimes, other recent arrivals
    would participate in this, and swindle
    the new arrivals out of their money
•   On rare occasions, the naïve             This drawing shows how some people compared Irish to Africans
    immigrants would be beaten and
    robbed after being tricked into going
    into a dangerous gambling
                              Finding a Job

•   Besides being easily tricked into
    things, the issue of finding a well
    paying job was almost impossible…
•   Most went to work as bricklayers,
    masons, and in other forms of
    unskilled labor
•   Most women went to work in
    sweatshops, with little, if any pay,
    working for up to 16 hours a day with
    a short break.
•   In addition to the lack of good paying
    jobs, some refused to allow Irish to
    work at their places of business
•   Usually these places had signs posted
    outside their doors reading ‘N.I.N.A’
    or ‘No Irish Need Apply’
•   As a result many immigrants found
    themselves in circumstances similar
    to those in Ireland
    Immigrant Neighborhoods in New York

                                                     •   Most Irish moved into immigrant
                                                         neighborhoods such as the notorious
                                                         ‘Five Points’
                                                     •   Five Points was located near present
                                                         day Chinatown in NYC.
                                                     •   It was overcrowded, often two
                                                         hundred immigrants would crowd into
                                                         a single poorly built building
                                                     •   The neighborhood had numerous bars
                                                         where fighting was common,
                                                         brothels, clam houses which also saw
                                                         a lot of violence, and poor sewage
                                                         (one observer said the smell was what
                                                         you first noticed)

Another racist political cartoon against the Irish
•   Many people thought that the Irish
    were nothing more than drunken and
    violent people
•   As a result some called for action
    against them, along with other
    immigrant groups, including Germans.
•   This feeling resulted in something
    called nativism, or having a bias
    against anyone who is not from your
    country. This feeling was especially
    strong against the Irish.
•   Also, it became a political issue, and
    resulted in the founding of the so
    called ‘Know Nothing’ Party, which
    was a ‘secret’ organization where the
    members would swear that they
    ‘knew nothing’ when asked about
    their organization
•   By the early 1850’s, over 1 million
    people had joined the party, which
    was adamantly against immigration…
    as a result, it made a difficult life
    even more difficult for the Irish and
    other immigrant groups.
                             Review Quiz

1.   What was the main reason why the Irish came to America in the 1840’s?
2.   When they arrived, what were three types of jobs they generally took?
3.   How did the newspapers and the media of the time period portray the Irish?
4.   What was the main neighborhood in which the new immigrants moved to when
     they arrived?
5.   How did that neighborhood keep them in poverty?
6.   Define nativism…
7.   In a well written paragraph, explain how nativism evolved into a political issue.
8.   What is the most famous Irish rock band in the world? (that’s an extra credit
     question in case you couldn’t tell)
         Your Homework Assignment…

• Write a three paragraph letter home to your parents
  living back in Ireland describing and explaining what your
  experience has been here in America. Be sure to
  include something about finding a job, nativist feelings in
  the country, as well as what the place is like where you
  live in the Five Points.
• Hand in by the beginning of class tomorrow for a quiz
             German Immigrants
 • From 1846 to 1854, over 1 million Germans
   came to America to escape a failed
   revolution in 1848
 • In other words, Germans came to America
   for political reasons not economic reasons.
 • There are more differences between the
   two groups…
• Goal: Identify the reason why Germans immigrated to the United
  States and where they settled
• Compare and Contrast Irish and German immigrants.
 Comparison with the Irish (I)
• Most German Immigrants were farmers, who came to
  America with money.
• How does this statement compare with the Irish?
 Comparison with the Irish (II)
• German Immigrants settled in the Midwest (Ohio - Wisconsin)
• Some settled in cities like Cincinnati and establish their own
  farms in the countryside.
• How does this statement compare with the Irish?
Comparison with the Irish (III)
• In addition to differences in jobs, wealth, and settlement,
  there were also cultural differences between the two.
• Religion: most Germans were Protestant (Lutheran)
• How does this statement compare with the Irish?
           German Differences
• Unlike Irish immigrants, German immigrants were
  divided by class and region.
• Class: Unlike the Irish, some German immigrants were
  wealthy before coming to America
• Region: Germany did not become a country until 1871
  therefore German were from different kingdoms.
  – Biggest divide: Northern Germans and Southern Germans
German influence on American culture
 • German Immigrants helped contribute to the economic
   development in cities like Milwaukee, Wisconsin
 * established the American beer industry
 • In addition, Germans introduced new foods like
   frankfurters, pretzels, bratwurst, etc.
 • Many Germans became prominent politicians,
   ambassadors, and military officers.
Pabst Brewery
Brats and Pretzels
                   Review Questions
• Why did Germans Immigrants come to America?
• Overall, what are three differences between the Irish and German
• Why do you think that Germans usually did not face the type of
  persecution that the Irish did when they arrived?
• How did the Germans reflect the overall westward migration that
  existed in the early 1800’s?
• By the Civil War, Germans and Irish made up 15 percent of the
  population… what type of effect do you think this had on the overall
  American culture?

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