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16Th Amendment

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16Th Amendment document sample

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									1. Erin is pulled over at a roadblock where
   police are stopping all cars to search
   for money stolen in a bank robbery five
   blocks away. What amendment could
   Erin use to say that this search is

      Search and Seizure – 4th
2. President Sumler was planning a third
   run for President of the United States.
   What amendment prevents him from
   holding office any longer than two terms?

Limit on Number of President’s
  Terms – 22nd Amendment
3. In 1870, Kunte Kinte’s great great
   grandson, Philippe, was still being told by
   his white “master” that he must stay and
   work as a slave. Which amendment had
   earlier been passed that would make the
   holding of slave unconstitutional?

   Abolition of Slavery – 13th
4. Otterboy thinks the making and selling of
   fur coats is a horrible mistreatment of
   animals. What amendment allows him to
   participate in a protest march in front of a
   department store that sells fur coats?
     Freedom of Speech – 1st
5. Grant was arrested two
   months ago for jaywalking
   and is still in jail, awaiting
   a trial. What amendment,
   guaranteeing him of a
   speedy trial, could he use
   to say he’s being treated

    Right to a Speedy Trial -6th
6. McDermott, who is 25 years old, wants to
   buy a new hunting rifle. What
   amendment might she use to say that
   she has the basic right to own a

      Right to Bear Arms – 2nd
7. The city of Mooreville had
   two newspapers. The Smith
   Times often printed articles
   in favor of the local mayor.
   The McKay News however,
   was very critical of him.
   When McKay News wrote
   that the mayor might not
   have the best interests of
   the city in mind, the mayor
   ordered the paper closed,
   and McKay News went out
   of business.
           Freedom of the Press –
               Amendment #1
8. When Alex went to her local polling place
   to vote for local elections, she was told to
   pay $5.00 to process the vote. Which
   amendment could she use to say the
   payment to vote is unconstitutional?

    Abolition of Poll Tax – 24th
9. Dorf the Dorf Dorfman just celebrated
   her 18th birthday. Which amendment
   allows her to vote in the next public

 Voting Age – 26th Amendment
10. Vice-President Jordan “I don’t pass the
    ball” Johnson just learned that the
    President died of a heart attack. Which
    amendment sets up the rule that Vice-
    President Jordan “I don’t pass the ball”
    Johnson will now become President?
 Presidential Succession – 25th
11. Which amendment gives powers not
    mentioned in the Constitution to the
    people and the states?

Powers Reserved to the States –
      10th Amendment
12.When the Jonas Brothers were
  arrested for shoplifting, they
  asked the judge to set bail so that
  they could be free to continue to
  sing their bad music while they
  were awaiting the trial. The judge
  agreed, and set bail at one trillion
  dollars. Because they could not
  afford that amount, they remained
  in jail. (Thank You!)

  Excessive Bail and Punishment –
          Amendment #8
13. Coomes was told that women were not
    allowed to vote for the mayor of
    Bigotville. Which Constitutional
    amendment gave women the right to
    Women’s Suffrage -19th
14.Brown is accused of writing several
   bad checks. When he appears before
   the judge, Brown asks for help
   preparing his defense, because he is
   too poor to afford a lawyer. The judge
   tells Brown that he is sorry he is poor,
   but Brown will just have to prepare his
   own case, without any help.

           6th Amendment –
            Right to counsel
15. Jerry, an African-American, was told that
    Blacks were not allowed to vote in the
    town of Bigotville either. Which
    amendment makes this rule

Voting Rights – 15th Amendment
16. Which amendment made it constitutional
    for the Internal Revenue Service to
    collect taxes on income from US citizens
    every April 15?

      The Income Tax – 16th
   17.Johnson is in a house watching
      television when two policemen
      knock on the door. They accuse
      Johnson of having stolen property;
      they enter the house, and take
      several things that they say do not
      belong to Johnson. When she asks
      if the policeman have permission to
      take her things, they just laugh and
      leave the house.

Search and Seizure – 4th
18. A jury sentenced Sloan to have her hand
    chopped off after stealing bread from the
    local market. Which amendment could
    Sloan say keeps such “cruel and
    unusual” punishment from being

     Bail and Punishment – 8th
19. Miller was the defendant in a murder
    case, but would not testify. Which
    amendment would she use to say that
    she has the right not to answer questions
    that might incriminate her?

   Rights of the Accused – 5th
20.Bossy’s boss dislikes the idea of the Church
   of Every Day Salvation. Joker tells a co-
   worker that she belongs to the church and
   soon after, Joker’s boss fires her because
   she belongs to the church.

  1st Amendment - Freedom of
21. A customer says that Denver
    cheated her out of $2,000 at
    Denver’s store. The customer
    then sues Denver. Since
    Denver believes the evidence
    will prove her innocence, she
    asks the judge for a jury trial.
    The judge says it would be a
    waste of time, and that she
    will settle the matter herself.

7th Amendment - Right to Trial
     by Jury in Civil Cases
22. Woods lives near a factory
    owned by Mr. Todd
    Industries that puts foul-
    smelling smoke in the air.
    Woods and her neighbors
    call a meeting at Woods’
    house to discuss what
    they can do about the
    smoke. However, the
    police block the entrance
    to the home and tell the
    people they have no right
    to hold a meeting.
     1st Amendment - Freedom of
23.Oregon writes a letter to the editor complaining
   about the way the government is treating
   convicts in federal prisons. Because of the
   letter Oregon is arrested and put in jail himself.

   1st Amendment - Freedom of
24.Brendan is accused of armed robbery and
   given a trail. The jury finds Brendan
   innocent. The next day the prosecutor
   decides the verdict was not correct, and he
   orders Brendan arrested and tried for the
   crime again.

     5th Amendment - Double
     25.The government lacked money to
        support the nation’s military forces.
        To save money, General Williams
        ordered that troops be placed in
        the homes of people living close to
        military bases. Taco lived next to
        an army base, and two soldiers
        moved into his house, even though
        he did not want them there.

3rd Amendment - Quartering

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