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Business Letter Layout document sample

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									                        Business Documents

• Letters - Format
• Letters - Good News
• Letters - Bad News
                        Use Plain English
• Clarity of Expression - ideas are neatly
• Simple Language - short words and limit
  length of sentences
• Positive Language - direct focus; courteous
  with a tactful tone
• Punctuation for ease of reading - more full
  stops than commas to break up ideas
         Essential and optional parts of a
• Essential Parts               • Optional Parts

1. Writer’s name and address    1. Subject line
2. Date                         2. Attention line
3. Inside (intended reader’s)   3. Reference initials
4. Greeting                     4.   Enclosure
5. Body of the letter           5.   File number
6. Complimentary close          6.   Sender’s telephone extension
7. Writer’s signature and job   7.   Sender’s email or web
   title or designation              site details.
                   Types of Layouts

• There are 3 main types of layout:

    1. Full block layout
    2. Modified block Layout
    3. Modified block layout with indented
                Organising your letter

• The first paragraph
• The body (Middle Paragraphs)
• The final paragraph
                     The First Paragraph
• Refers to the purpose of the letter
• Engages reader’s interest
• ‘You’ perspective
 The “You” Attitude

      Instead of This                      Use This

To help us process this order,   So that your order can be filled
we must ask for another copy     promptly, please send another
of the requisition.              copy of the requisition.
                  The Body of the Letter

• Explains the main ideas
• Provides facts and logical explanation
• One idea per paragraph
                          Final Paragraph
• States exactly what you will do next
• Outlines the action you want the reader to take
• Concludes using positive language
Use Positive language

      Instead of This                       Use This

It is impossible to repair your   Your vacuum cleaner will be
vacuum cleaner today.             ready by Tuesday.
                         Letter Types

• Good news or neutral
• Bad news
Writing Plan for Good News Letters

1. Identify the letter’s purpose in the subject
   line or opening paragraph.
2. Place the good news in the opening
3. State the details that support the good
   news in the middle paragraphs.
4. Close with a statement of goodwill.
                          Bad News Letters
• Refusing credit
• Declining an offer, request or application
• Complaining about a service or product
Writing Plan for Bad News Letters

1. Open with a courteous
   greeting – use a buffer.
2. Explain the situation fully.
3. State the bad news.
4. Close with a positive
Be Polite
      Instead of This                          Use This
You really fouled things up with   Let’s review what went wrong
that last computer run.            so that the next computer run
                                   goes smoothly.

      Instead of This                          Use This
You’ve been sitting on our order   We are eager to receive our
for two weeks. We need it now!     order. When can we expect

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