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Well Known Company Logos Market Release Michelle Peters

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					Market Release
Michelle Peters

          NVEC Introduces New Company Name and Logo at the
                 SPIE Defense & Security Conference

DALLAS – April 17, 2006 – Today marks the date that Night Vision Equipment Company, also
known as NVEC, officially changes its name to Night Vision Systems (NVS), a DRS
Technologies Company. The announcement is being made at the SPIE Security & Defense
Conference in Orlando, Florida on April 17th. Accompanying the company name change is the
release of a new logo that will begin appearing on materials, documents and products in coming
The new name comes a year after NVEC was acquired by DRS Technologies, Inc. in December
2004. For over 30 years, NVEC was a recognized name as a small business, leading the way in
the development and rapid distribution of night vision related products. With the acquisition by
DRS, NVEC has decided to create a new brand identity to leverage the legacy of the old NVEC
brand with the well known and highly publicized DRS Technologies, Inc. The new Night
Vision Systems name provides the opportunity to maintain a separate sense of identity since
NVS is viewed as a unique business with a wide customer base both in military and commercial
“We are confident that our new identity will create high brand awareness, while balancing the
past and future,” said Chris Wright, vice president and general manager of Night Vision
Systems. “Our name has changed but our vision remains the same, to rapidly deliver quality
night vision products to our customers.”
The new name and logo reflect a combination of the old NVEC brand with DRS Technologies,
Inc. The new NVS logo contains elements from both NVEC and DRS logos, including the
recognized green and black NVEC colors and the rounded curve of the DRS logo.

About NVEC

As a business unit of DRS Technologies Inc, Night Vision Equipment Company (NVEC) is a
leader in night vision technology and sensors, based in Allentown, Pennsylvania. NVEC offers
night vision devices, uncooled thermal imaging systems, lasers and a variety of combat
identification tools for military (ground/airborne/maritime), security, public safety, federal and
local government. For more information, visit


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