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with Horizon Hospitality

          The Ideal Solution for
 Innovative & Progressive Hotel
      Management Companies

     “The ONLY resource your company
      will ever need to secure and retain
              top-tier hotel and hospitality
             management professionals!”
                      Reasons to Outsource
                                        with Horizon Hospitality

There are many reasons that         A large amount of resources
         companies decide to        that might traditionally fall on
    outsource their recruiting      the shoulders of management
    department, but the most        professionals, can now be
 prominent advantage is the         used for more important
  fact that it will save money.     issues within your company.

    Outsourcing allows your         If your company is looking to
  company to focus on other         grow, outsourcing is a cost-
 operational issues while the       effective way to start building
 details are taken care of by       foundations in new territories
             outside experts.       across the country.

Horizon’s Recruiters put   Harvard Business Review published the results of a
                           study of 360,000 employed people. The study’s goal
the right people in the
                           was to evaluate the effectiveness and validity of
right positions!
                           traditional hiring practices.
                           The study revealed— Men and women performed at
                           the same level. A person’s age had nothing to do
                           with their ability to perform. Ethnic background had
                           no bearing on their job performance.
                           “It is not experience that counts, or college
                           degrees or other accepted factors – success
                           hinges on fit with the job.”

                                                     “Job Matching for Better
                                                        Sales Performance,”
                                      Harvard Business Review, Vol. 58, No. 5
Some Benefits of Recruitment
Process Outsourcing:
 Decrease recruiting expenses
 Centralize all recruiting
 Reduce or eliminate recruiting
 payroll expenses and the need
 for corporate recruiters
 Benchmark, track and improve
 critical hiring ratios/statistics
 Reduce employee turnover
 through implementation of
 highly effective behavioral
 and aptitude testing
 Accelerate the hiring and
 selection process to reduce
 candidate "fall outs"
                                      People only let you see
 Hire considerably better            what they want you to see.
 candidates through the use
 of cutting-edge recruiting tools    Like icebergs… what you
 and techniques                       don’t see is much more
                                     significant than what you
 Save administrative and human                do see.
 resource time…and money!
Horizon’s Complete Recruiting
Solution Includes…
Applicant Tracking System (ATS)                   Employee Retention
     State-of-the-art Applicant Tracking                Improved processes will create a
     Software will provide you with valuable            significant reduction in employee
     statistics while tracking candidates               turnover. Goals will be established
     throughout the entire hiring process.              and continually monitored.

Candidate Sourcing                                Website Integration
     Daily searches on relevant job boards              Open positions are posted on your
     and Internet networking communities.               company website for candidates to
                                                        apply directly through our Applicant
Position Marketing                                      Tracking System.
     Creation of highly-effective job postings
     and targeted placement of Ads on             Exit Interviews
     appropriate job boards.                            Interviews with employees who leave
                                                        your company will provide valuable
Applicant Screening                                     information to reduce future turnover.
     Applicants will be thoroughly screened
     prior to submittal to assure they match      Corporate Branding
     position criteria and requirements.                Designed to give your corporation
                                                        and/or hotel property added exposure
Interview Coordination
     Coordination of all interviews with your     Recruitment Research
     hiring team in accordance with the                 Our team will discretely "cold call"
     established hiring process.                        managers working in similar positions
                                                        discuss opportunities.
Succession Planning
     Consistent flow of qualified candidates      Accessibility
     will enable you to develop bench                   Your Account Executive will be on-call
     strength for future growth.                        24/7 for your hiring team.

Pre-Employment Screening                          Progress Reports
     Comprehensive candidate screening                  Periodic visits with your executive team
     process will include reference checks,             to review results, conduct training and
     background checks, behavioral and                  apprise you of industry trends.
     aptitude testing.

 Cost of Services: Upon creation of the most effective solution for your company’s specific
 recruiting challenges, we will determine a “cost per hire” which will be based on an estimated
   annual number of hires. This cost will be invoiced upon commencement of each search.
                                       Chief Operating Officers
Positions                              VP of Operations
                                       Multi-Unit Managers
we Recruit:                            General Managers
                                       Directors of Marketing
                                       Directors of Sales
                                       Catering Managers
                                       Directors of Operations
                                       Director of Rooms
                                       Revenue Managers
                                       Housekeeping Managers
                                       Directors of Food &
                                       Restaurant Managers
                                       Executive Chefs
   Horizon Hospitality has been
                                       Sous Chefs
  successfully placing Hotel and       Banquet Chefs
Hospitality Professionals nationwide
         for over ten years.           Financial Controllers
 We have combined these years of
 experience to design an extremely     Human Resource Directors
comprehensive Recruiting Solution.
                                       Beverage Managers
     Is Recruitment Process
     Outsourcing (RPO) the
   ANSWER for your company?

In order for you to
determine if our RPO
Solution makes sense for
your company, Horizon
Hospitality will conduct
a Complimentary
Recruiting Assessment.         Whether you decide to
                               outsource your recruiting to
                               Horizon Hospitality or
                               choose to maintain part or all
                               of your in-house recruiting,
                               the assessment report is
                               yours to keep and will
                               provide you with tremendous
                               insight on how to improve
                               your current recruiting

       Contact Horizon Hospitality at 800.530.9875
   to begin your complimentary recruiting assessment!

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