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					                                        Iowa Energy Grant / Combo Writers                                  3-10-10
                                                             for the
                                         Section 9007 Rural Energy for America Program

None have been put through any type of screening or endorsement by RD so we would encourage energy applicants to
interview, ask for references, etc. This list is in alphabetical order.

     Name                     Phone number        E-mail                                 Will work in these     Type of
                                                                                         Iowa Counties          Applications
1    Ag Visions Enterprises   Bus:                           State-wide             Biodiesel and
     Jim & Justin Venner      712-673-4491                                          ethanol plants,
                              Cell:                                                                             Energy efficiency,
                              712-830-8381                                             and other
                                                                                                                renewable energy
                              Fax: 712-673-6636                                                                 projects as well.

2    Anemometry Specialists   712-200-2281                   State-wide             Any type of
     Rob Hach                 Fax: 866-224-1631                                                                 technology
3    Bertelsen, Peter         712-249-7219 or                        State-wide             Grants for any type
                              During January                                                                    of technology,
                              call 563-379-1605                                                                 specializing in grain
4    Boyle, Pat               563-379-1605                  State-wide             Grants for any type
                                                                                                                of technology,
                                                                                                                specializing in grain
5    BrownWinick              Joseph –                      State-wide             Any type of
     Joseph Leo               515-242-2462                                                                      technology
     Adam Freed               c-515-419-3672
6    Calvert, Lea             641-923-6031                  1st preference:        Replacement
                                                                                         Hancock,               grain dryers and
                                                                                         Winnebago, Kossuth,
                                                                                                                other energy
                                                                                         Humboldt, Wright,
                                                                                         Cerro Gordo, Worth,    efficiency projects
                                                                                         2nd preference
                                                                                         Mitchell, Floyd,
                                                                                         Butler, Emmet, Palo
                                                                                         Alto, Pocahontas,
     Name                      Phone number      E-mail                          Will work in these    Type of
                                                                                 Iowa Counties         Applications
7    Chai, Sally               (319) 354-5642           State-wide            Any type of
8    Chontos, Sharon           H: 605-271-1665         State-wide            Any type of
     Chontos Consulting,       C: 605-728-5303                                                         technology except
     LLC                                                                                               biofuels
9    CM Consulting             (515) 887-2114                  Buena Vista,          Energy Efficiency
     Christy Mader             (c) (515)320-3722                                 Calhoun, Clay,        projects
                                                                                 Dickinson, Emmet,
                                                                                 Humboldt, Kossuth,
                                                                                 Palo Alto,
                                                                                 Pocahontas &
10   Crammond, Ray             (515) 965-8301   State-wide            Any type of
11   Dairy Net, Inc.           (605)-697-3000       State-wide            Dairy Industry
     Mark Pederson                                                        Technology
                                                                                                       projects only
12   Dryer, Brenda             641-732-4790         North central         Energy efficiency
                                                                                 Iowa                  projects
13   Energy Improvement        317-228-0134            State-wide            Any type of
     Matters, LLC                                                                                      technology
     Janet Stout Everly
14   Energy Management         952-297-7684         State-wide            Any type of
     Solutions –                                                                                       technology
     Jessica Burdette
15   Extended Ag Services,     712-478-4582           Lyon, Osceola,        Ag related projects
     Inc.                                                                        Sioux, O'Brien,       only – any type of
                                                                                 Dickinson, Clay       technology

16   Frideres Grant            515-882-3661        Kossuth, Humboldt,    Energy Efficiency
     Proposals – Linda                                                           Hancock, Palo Alto,   projects –
     Frideres                                                                    Wright, Pocahontas    Any type of
17   Hein, Pam                 712-348-4446              State-wide            Any type of
     S&P Business Consulting                                                                           technology
18   Hoogendoorn, Joan         H: 712-472-2170        NW Iowa               Geothermal and
                               C: 712-339-5850                                                         energy efficiency
     Name                     Phone number    E-mail                               Will work in these   Type of
                                                                                   Iowa Counties        Applications
19   Iowa Lakes RC&D          712-262-2083              Buena Vista, Clay,   Any type of
                                                                                   Dickinson, Emmet,    technology
                                                                                   O’Brien, Osceola,
                                                                                   and Palo Alto Co’s
20   Jones, Craig             319-653-2288      Statewide            Small wind only
     Wind Energy Booster,

21   Limestone Bluffs         563-652-5104             Delaware,            Any type of
     RC&D                                                                          Dubuque, Jones,      technology
                                                                                   Jackson, Cedar
                                                                                   and Clinton

22   Loney, David             515-333-4625            State-wide           Wind projects
     Earth Linked Wind

23   Meier, Bonnie Baum       712-737-8920            State-wide           Any type of
     and                                                         technology
     Roghair, Rick                  
24   Meyer, Steve             319-477-5041                  State-wide           Any type of
                              Cell-319-640-                                                             technology
25   Oeltjenbruns, Brad       515-547-2251                    State-wide           Any type of
26   Professional Marketing   712-574-9700                    Lyon, Sioux,         Any type of
     Group –                                                                       Plymouth,            technology
     Mike LaCroix                                                                  Woodbury,
                                                                                   Monona, Harrison,
                                                                                   Crawford, Ida,
                                                                                   Cherokee, O’Brien,
                                                                                   Osceola, Clay,
                                                                                   Buena Vista
27   Prosperity Ag and        765-552-0357       State-Wide           Any type of
     Energy Resources –                                                                                 technology
     Sara Potter Aubrey
     Name                   Phone number        E-mail                                         Will work in these   Type of
                                                                                               Iowa Counties        Applications
28   Randall, Helen K.      515-875-4832                 State-wide           Energy efficiency,
                                                                                                                    upgrades, new
                                                                                                                    biomass, biodiesel,
                                                                                                                    Ethanol, plant
29   Ring, Ann              309-314-1496                                State-wide           Any type of

30   Rounds, Jeremy         P: 641-782-8491                               SICOG                Any type of
     SICOG                  Fax:                                                               membership           technology, but
                            641-782-8492                                                       counties: Adair,     investment must
                                                                                               Adams, Clarke,       be in membership
                                                                                               Decatur, Madison,    counties
                                                                                               Ringgold, Taylor
                                                                                               and Union
31   Rose, Kellye           952-808-0315                           State-wide           Any type of
     Rose Consulting        1-866-357-4315                                             technology
     Service                (c) 952-212-7223
32   Rural Development      712-623-5521                    22 counties in SW    Any type of
     Resource Center                            22 counties in SW Iowa – Adair, Adams,         Iowa                 technology
                                                Audubon, Carroll, Cass, Clarke, Crawford,
                                                Decatur, Fremont, Greene, Guthrie, Harrison,
                                                Madison, Mills, Monona, Montgomery, Page,
                                                Pottawattamie, Ringgold, Shelby, Taylor,
33   Showalter, Kathy       IA ph                    State-wide           Biodiesel,
     PlanScape Partners     641-357-6344                                                                            Ethanol,
                            612-599-4593 cell                                           Wind
                            612-349-9897 fax
34   Spatial Designs        P 641-423-6395                 State-wide           Any technology
     Tom Hurd               F 641-421-7866
35   Viability Incentives   616-396-6101                        State-wide           Any technology
     Dan Kuipers            Fax:      
36   Virtual Management     608-832-8003                            State-wide           Any technology
     Solutions – Linda

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