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•   Construction of your resume
•   Design of resume
•   Resume examples
•   Guidelines for cover letter
•   Cover letter examples
•   References
    Things to Keep in Mind
Your Own Creation
• No two resumes will look exactly the same

Your Sales Tool

1st Example of Your Communication Skills

Scanned in 10 Seconds
Constructing Your Resume
 It is easiest to construct your
 resume if you approach each
 section separately to begin
   Sections of Your Resume
COMMON                  ADDITIONAL
• Objective             • Certifications
• Education             • Highlights of
   – Courses              Qualifications
   – Projects
                        • Volunteer Experience
• Experience            • Military Experience
• Computer Skills       • And Many Others
• Honors & Activities
         Contact Information
• Name
  -Preferably centered
  -Two fonts larger than content

• List Current and Permanent Address, if applicable

• Include Phone Number(s)

• Include E-Mail Address
         Sample Heading
               John Doe
            369 Forum Drive
           Rolla, MO 65401
             (573) 364-1111


               John Doe

Campus                        Permanent
• Clear and concise

• Target a specific employer

• Example:
   – To obtain a summer position in the Civil
     Engineering field

   – To obtain the position of Structural Engineer
     with the City of St. Louis
• Reverse Chronological Order

• Missouri University of Science & Technology (Missouri S&T)

• List Degree:
  -B.S. Aerospace Engineering
  -Minor or Emphasis

• Expected Graduation Month & Year

  -Cumulative Only or
  -Cumulative & Major
  -Example: GPA: 2.75/4.0
            Major GPA: 3.3/4.0
       Projects & Courses
• Freshman Engineering Project

• Senior Class Design Project
   – Title
   – Description
   – Teamwork (team of 5)
   – Results

• Relevant Courses
• Paid and Unpaid
  -Volunteer Work

• Reverse Chronological Order

• Include:
   – Name and Location of Employer
   – Your Title
   – Dates of Employment: Month & Year
   – Description of Duties
   – Use action verbs, transferable skills, accomplishments
               Computer Skills
Languages:         C++, Visual Basic, Fortran
Operating Systems: DOS; Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, XP
Applications:      MS Office, Auto CAD, Lotus

AutoCAD            MS Word       MS Excel      HTML
Strand 7           Quattro Pro   Math CAD      Fortran

Math CAD
Microsoft Office
        Honors & Activities
• Titles of Scholarships

• Organizations & Offices
  -High School
  -Bold leadership roles

• No Dates
              Design of Resume
• Paper
• Font
  -Size (11-12 pt.)
• Margins (.5-1”)
• Techniques
  -All Caps
• No Personal Information
• One Page for undergraduates
• 2nd page must fill at least half of page (graduate students,
  non-traditional students)
• Proofread, proofread, proofread
                                               Your Name Here

800 Sophomore Avenue                                                            573-341-0000
Rolla, MO 65401                                                       

                 To obtain a co-op or summer position in Human Resources

                 Missouri University of Science& Technology (Missouri S&T)               May 2009
                 B.S. Psychology                                                         GPA: 3.25/4.0
                 Minor: Life Sciences

                 Missouri S&T Psychology Department                                      Jan 06 – Present
                 Undergraduate Teaching Assistant                                        Rolla, MO
                 · Review and correct class assignments and exams
                 · Facilitate class discussion
                 · Train students to use psychology software packages

                  Missouri S&T Career Opportunities Center                               Sept – Dec 05
                  Student Worker                                                         Rolla, MO
                 · Assisted company representatives in preparing for interview process
                 · Critiqued student resumes and cover letters
                 · Registered students and checked their account information
                 · Performed secretarial duties related to corporate hiring

             Microsoft Office Programs

             Psi Chi Honor Society - President
             Missouri Higher Education Scholarship (Bright Flight)
             Opportunities for Undergraduate Research (OURE)
                         Cover Letters
•   Your Address
•   Date
•   Company Address
•   To whom you are writing

• Introductory Paragraph(1st paragraph)
    Explain who you are, what position you are applying for and why
    you want to work for this particular company

• Body(2-3 paragraph)
    Tell why the company should hire you- pick top 3-5 strengths from
    your resume

• Closing Paragraph(3-4 paragraph)
    Close with how the employer can contact you

• Closing
• Ask
• Variety
• Should Contain
  -Phone Number
  -E-Mail Address
• Provide a Copy of Resume
• Only When Requested
• Keep them informed
            Additional Student Services
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              Administrative Assistant
                                                  Assistant Director
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