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Amber         Sarah
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Candice       Miranda
Andre         Leila
Kevin         Chris
                                         I was born in Savannah Georgia on December 20th, 1966 to
                                         Frances and Gilbert Callaway. I grew up in a large family,
                                         with 2 brothers and 2 sisters. After graduating from High
                                         School in Effingham County I went to Atlanta and attended
                                         Georgia Baptist Hospital School of Nursing where I earned
                                         my Diploma Degree in Nursing, which makes me a Registered
                                         I worked in two different hospitals in Atlanta before I married
                                         Joseph Mesmer in August of 1990 and we had our first child
                                         in 1993. We then moved back to the Savannah area to raise our

In Savannah, I worked at Memorial Medical Center in Pediatrics part-time for a number of years while I
 had my other two children. I also worked as a school nurse for two years and then moved on to my
 current position. I am now teaching high school and working casually in the Pediatric Emergency Room.
Not only am I the mother of three children, but I am a wife, a school teacher, a Sunday school teacher, a
 choir member, a drama committee chairperson, a softball coach and I often have one or two more
 responsibilities. As you can tell, I enjoy life and plan on living it to the fullest.
I am very active in my church. I assist my husband with the senior high Sunday school class, I sing solos
 at church from time to time, help with drama and sing in the choir. I enjoy reading, running, skating,
 sports and working.
Some of my best qualities include: having good organizational skills, being a leader, following the rules,
 loving technology, being a team player, being assertive, but not overly aggressive, showing that I care
 and being loyal and dedicated. I take pride in doing my job and doing it well. My motto for life would
 have to be: “Anything worth doing is worth doing well or don’t do it at all!!”
The philosophy that determines how I teach my class is centered on my belief that every child has
value. I always strive to find one thing in each student that motivates him or her to achieve higher
goals. Life is hard in many ways, and anything I can do to make a difference in the way a student will
live life is worth every minute of the teaching experience. I believe that as a teacher I have the
responsibility of ensuring that my students get the best education available. Keeping up with changing
technology, using innovative teaching methods, and educating myself about changes in my teaching
field are essential to proper education. If teachers hold to the belief that change is unnecessary and
refuse to learn and adapt to the changing world, they will become stagnant and unproductive. How can
a teacher prepare students for the world of work without learning what that world is about

The characteristics that I believe are essential in defining a successful teacher include the following:
1. A teacher should always have a willingness to learn. They should always be improving and
   finding new ways to deliver and present information, and do it in such a way that it applies to life.
2. Patience is a virtue that no teacher can survive without. There is always one student who
   educates you the most in this area, and though we sometimes do not like having to use this trait, it is
   essential for discipline and control in the classroom.
3. Every teacher should be able to admit when they make a mistake. I feel that students learn from our
   example, and, if we are willing to admit when we make a mistake, then it is easier to demand
   that they take responsibility for their own actions.
4. Being able to accept criticism and grow from it is one of the ways that teachers can learn about their
   weaknesses and strengthen them. Ignoring constructive criticism can hurt worse in the long run
   than the criticism itself.
5. Students need to be able to depend on their teachers. Sometimes the teacher may be the only
    dependable person in a student’s life. Being on time for work and giving back papers and tests in a
   timely manner are essential habits of a good teacher. Students notice when teachers don’t practice
   what they preach, and they will not respect teachers that make punctual demands on them when they
   are often late themselves.
6. Good organizational skills are essential for every teacher to either possess or learn. Keeping up with
    papers, grades, discipline problems, failing students and special needs students are just a few of the
    aspects of the job that a teacher has to juggle.
7. A caring and empathetic attitude will help students want to do well in class. I believe that teachers do
    not need to make students afraid of them in order to be respected. I have seen more positive results
    from showing that I care than from being tough.
8. The ability to keep discipline in the classroom is necessary to facilitate learning. Any good teacher
    demands respect and knows how to control their classroom, little learning takes place in chaos.
9. Optimism and enthusiasm go a long way in the classroom, and I believe teachers should strive to have
    this attitude towards teaching. Though this a hard characteristic to maintain during the tough times,
    it is one that will be the drive behind everything that is declared successful.
10. The ability to motivate and encourage students to achieve their goals and even strive for higher goals,
    is perhaps one of the most important characteristics a teacher can have. If a teacher has no goals for
    their students many times they have no goals for themselves. I always enjoy taking a “B” student
    and motivating them to be an “A” student.

There are many more characteristics that I could list, considering that teachers are often expected to be a
little more miraculous than Superman or Wonder Woman. The ones that I have listed are the ones that I
feel are most important in my classroom. Teaching is a profession that cannot be taken lightly; we take it
with us wherever we go, at church, in the grocery store, and home every night. We are seldom without the
stigma that goes with it, but I feel it is a good stigma to have since teachers are the ones who change lives,
motivate winners, and influence people in so many ways. I am proud to be one of the many who will
make a positive mark in this world through the lives of the students I am blessed to encounter in my
Community Service Includes:

•Setting up and assisting with Red Cross Blood Drives
•Coaching Softball for the Recreational Department
•Sunday School Teacher for the Senior High School Class
•Directing Drama at First Baptist of Rincon
•Directing Children’s Choir at Church
•Missions Chairperson for a Baptist Young Women’s Group
•Walking in the American Heart Walk
•Volunteering at the Teddy Bear Clinic at Memorial Medical Center
•Blood Pressure And Blood Sugar Screening at Walmart in Rincon
•Skills USA Advisor
                                                                     121 Huger St        912-826-0206
                                                                     Rincon, Ga, 31326   912-663-4546

Laura Mesmer

Objective:         To be hired as your new Healthcare Science Technology Teacher

Education:         Registered Nurse: Diploma from Georgia Baptist Hospital School of Nursing
                   New Teachers Institute: Valdosta State University
                   Current: Taking classes as transfer students at Armstrong State university

Work Experience:   Teaching: 2001 -Current: South Effingham High School Healthcare Science Technology Teacher

                   Nursing: 1999 - Current: Memorial Medical Center: Staff RN in Pediatric ER (casual)
                            1999 - 2001: South Effingham Elementary School Nurse
                            1994 - 1999: Memorial Medical Center: Staff/Charge RN on Pediatrics
                            1991- 1994: Georgia Baptist Hospital: Staff/Charge RN on Pediatrics
                            1990 - 1991: Emory University Hospital: Float Nurse in all areas
                            1988 - 1990: Georgia Baptist Hospital: Staff//Charge RN on Pediatrics
                            1984 -1988: Georgia Baptist Hospital: Nursing Assistant
                            1984 -1985: Effingham Hospital: Nursing Assistant in Nursing Home (Summers)

Achievements:      2001 School Nurse of the Year for the Savannah area

Community          Assisting with Coordination of Red Cross Blood Drives for the High School
Involvement:       Skills USA Advisor
                   Softball Coach for the recreational department
                   Church Drama committee chairperson
                   Program and Missions Director for Baptist Young Women’s Missions Group
                   Children’s Choir Director, Sunday School Teacher for youth, Choir member and soloist,.
References:   Sharon Wimer            1 Cobblestone Ct. Savannah, Ga. 31419 912-925-8084

              Carla McCurry           210 Orchard Dr., Rincon, Ga. 31326 912-657-0806

              Caroline Kessler        102 Eunice Dr. Guyton, Ga., 31312

              Dr. William Morrissey   Memorial Medical Center/Peds ER 912-355-5169
Graduated in 1988 as a Registered Nurse
from Georgia Baptist Hospital’s School of Nursing
Diploma program.
               My Family

   Joe, Laura (Me),
Frankie, Carl and Rami
Nurse of
The Year
in 2002
Certified CPR Instructor
•I attended Valdosta State
University to receive my
Provisional Certificate.

• I have one class to go to be a
Certified Teacher and I plan to
take that this fall.
   121 Huger Street
Rincon, Georgia, 31326
Home: 912-826-0206
Work: 912-728-7511
Cell: 912 -663-4546 (Home) (Work)
Some of My First
Future Healthcare
My Students Helping with the Red Cross Blood Drive
My Students Helping with the Red Cross Blood Drive
Fun with Skills USA
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My First Health Quiz Bowl Team
Eating out with the girls
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Taking Pictures for presentations
Teaching CPR to my Healthcare Science Technology I Class
Some of My First
Future Healthcare
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