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									        Vehicle Payment Calculator
Complete the gray-shaded portion to calculate your monthly payment.

       ** Car price is to include the total of the purchase
       price, tax, title, license, warranties, and any other
       amount that is factored into the financed expense of
       the vehicle.
       Interest rate is calculated as an annual percentage rate
       (APR) for the life of the loan.

       No deferred payments or "pay later" promotion plans
       can be calculated with this form.

             Car Price *                        $    17,000.00
             Trade in Amount                    $     2,000.00
             Down Payment                       $     1,000.00
             Loan Amount                        $    14,000.00
             Interest Rate                               6.00%
             Years                                            4

               Total Payments                         48
             Monthly Payment                     $ 328.79

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