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					                                                             Northwest Arkansas Instructional Alignment
                                                            Child Care Guidance, Management and Services
                                                             Northwest Arkansas Career
          AR Department of Workforce Education
                                                              and Technical Education
                                        Objective                     Objective

                                          Unit 1: Planning and Management of a Childcare Progra
1. Enduring Understanding -
1a. Essential Question - What planning & management strategies must be in place in order to provid
1.1 Match terms related to                                  Match terms related to
planning and management of                                  planning and management of
a child-care program                                        a child-care program.

1.2 List reasons child-care   1.2.1 List social and          Explain reasons child-care
services are needed           economic changes that have services are needed and
                              influenced child care services how social and economic
                                                             changes have influenced
                                                             child-care services.
1.3 Name characteristics of                                  List characteristics of an
an effective caregiver                                       effective caregiver.

1.4 List ways children’s      1.4.1 Create                  Explain how child care
needs are met by a child-     developmentally age           workers meet children's
care worker                   appropriate activity          needs. Create an activity for
                                                            children that is age and
                                                            ability appropriate.
1.5 Name characteristics of                                 Compare the characteristics
custodial development, and                                  of custodial development
comprehensive child care                                    and comprehensive child
1.6 Describe types of child-   1.6.1 Prepare a research          Research and provide
care programs                  report on various child-care      accurate description of
                               programs                          assigend child care

1.7 Name features of a         1.7.1 Explain N.A.E.Y.C.          List and explain features of
developmentally appropriate    (National Association for         develpmentally appropriate
early childhood program        Education of Young                early childhood programs.
                               Children) guidelines for
                               developmentally appropriate

1.8 List licensing             1.8.1 Analyze licensing           List state requirements for
requirements for child-care    requirements for each             child care programs
programs                       program area at a child-care      including: staff/child ratios,
                               center                            T.B. skin test, and CPR/First
                               1.8.2 Review Arkansas             Aid for infants and children.
                               Minimal requirement
                               licensing book
                               1.8.3 Compare staff/ Child
                               1.8.4 Discuss T.B. skin test
                               and review CPR/ First Aid for
                               infant and child
1.9 Explain legal issues in    1.9.1 Research procedures         Research legal issues in
child care                     to follow to protect child-care   child care such as protection
                               worker from abuse                 from abuse accusation.
1.10 Discuss professional       1.10.1 Identify professional    Discuss and identify
ethics in child-care            ethic behaviors from various    professional ethic behaviors
                                early childhood associations    as recommended by various
                                (NAEYC, SECA, AECA)             early childhood associations.

1.11 Describe home and       1.11.1 Explain importance of       Explain how child care
child-care programs          communication between              providers will interact with
interactions                 teacher/caregiver and              parents and how this
                             parents                            interaction can be benefical
                             1.11.2 Discuss ways                to the child.
                             caregivers can create and
                             maintain effective teamwork
                             between children, staff,
                             parents, and community
1.12 Name goals of a quality 1.12.1 Research program            List goals that a qualtiy child-
child-care program           policies for childcare             care program should stive to
                             programs                           meet.

1.13 Describe management        1.13.1 Research records         Describe management
functions in a child-care       that must be kept by a child-   functions including records
programs                        care center                     that must be kept and
                                1.13.2 Research current         procedures for hiring
                                procedures for hiring           personnel in child care
                                personnel                       programs.

1.14 State qualifications for   1.14.1 Write a job             List duties and qualifications
and specific duties of an       description for an entry-level that of a beginning child care
entry-level employee in         position in a childcare center worker.
1.15 Develop a curriculum     1.15.1 Develop a lesson          Create a curriculum unit
unit of study based on        plan and thematic unit of        including lesson plan that is
developmental appropriate     study                            developmentally appropriate.

1.16 Describe uses of         1.16.1 Compare                   Explain the need for
observations and              assessment tools in              observing and assessing
assessments in child-care     childcare programs               young children.
programs                      1.16.2 Observe children in
                              different age groups

1.17 List community           1.17.1 Etiquette to observe      Brainstorm community
resources available to enrich when using resource person       resources that could be
child-care programs           to visit classroom/center        utilized to strengthen child
                              1.17.2 Demonstrates ways         care program.
                              to invite resource people to
                              visit classroom/center
                              1.17.3 Prepare introductions
                              for resource persons
                              1.17.4 Write sample thank-
                              you letters to resource
                              persons who have visited
1.18 Explain computer use 1.18.1 Analyze                       Explain how computers can
in child-care program         computerized childcare           be used effectively and
                              software management              safely in child care programs.
                              1.18.2 Compile list of quality
                              instructional software
                              1.18.3 Demonstrate Internet
                              safety guidelines
                                                                  Unit 2: Child Development (15 hours)
2. Enduring Understanding -
2a. Essential Question - What are the developmental stages that children proceed through?
2.1 Match the terms to child                                     Identify terms related to child
development                                                      development.

2.2 State basic needs of       2.2.1 Examine Maslow’s            Explain the basic needs of
children                       theory of basic needs             children according to
                                                                 Maslow's theory.

2.3 Match four basic areas     2.3.1 Match stages of             Match four basic areas of
of child development with      developmental areas for           child development. (physical,
correct definitions            infants, toddlers,                intellectual, social, and
                               preschoolers, and school          emotional)
                               age children with correct age
                               2.3.2 Analyze emotional and
                               social actions of young
                               2.3.3 Research ways goals
                               of socialization differ from
                               culture to culture
2.4 Explain relationship       2.4.1 Plan ways to help           Explain how self-concept can
between self-concept and a     children develop positive self-   impact development in the
child’s physical, emotional,   concepts                          four areas.
social, and intellectual       2.4.2 Plan strategies to help
development                    children cope with a
                               developmental difference
                               2.4.3 Develop guidelines for
                               helping children acquire self-
                               help skills
2.5 Distinguish gross and                                        Explain the difference
fine motor development                                           between gross and fine
                                                                 motor development.

2.6 Describe relationship of   2.6.1 Describe                    Describe impact of play and
play to child development      developmentally appropriate       play materials on
                               play materials for children in    development.
                               each stage of development
2.7 Describe                      2.7.1 Use N.A.E.Y.C. guides   List and describe
developmentally appropriate       to plan developmentally       developmentally appropriate
activities for children in each   appropriate activities of     activities for children in each
stage of development              children                      stage of development.

                                                            Unit 3: Guiding Children's Behavior (10 hour
3. Enduring Understanding -
3a. Essential Question - What strategies and techniques can be used to guide children?
3.1 Match terms related to                                      Match terms related to
guiding children’s behavior                                     guiding children's behavior.

3.2 State methods of                                            Brainstorm and list ways to
communicating effectively                                       communicate with children.
with children

3.3 Explain ways children         3.3.1 Analyze the             Explain how children learn
learn behavior                    relationship between          behaviors.
                                  environment and behavior
                                  3.3.2 Analyze the influence
                                  of values on behavior
3.4 List goals for guiding                                      List reasons for guiding
children                                                        children.

3.5 Discuss developmentally                                     Describe age appropriate
appropriate methods for                                         methods for guiding children.
guiding children in each
stage of development
3.6 State guidelines for                                        State guidelines for
establishing developmentally                                    establishing appropriate
appropriate rules for                                           rules. (boundaries)
children’s behavior
3.7 Describe techniques for 3.7.1 Analyze techniques for        Discuss how to promote
encouraging positive behavior guiding children’s behavior       positive behavior and how to
                              3.7.2 Explain ways to help        help children deal with
                              children cope with emotions       emotions.

3.8 Discuss techniques to                                       Explain how adults can help
help children avoid                                             children avoid stereotyped
stereotyped and prejudiced                                      and prejudiced behavior.
3.9 Explain ways to guide      3.9.1 Prepare a checklist of    Explain how to guide a child
children with behavior         characteristics indicative of   with a behavior disorder.
disorders                      children with behavior          What's different, the same?

3.10 Name resource          3.10.1 Determine ways to           List resources that could
persons that provide        cope with behavioral stress        provide assistance to
assistance to families of                                      families of children with
children with behavior                                         behavioral disorders.
3.11 List periods of                                           List periods of behavioral
behavioral stress common in                                    stress that can occur in child
child-care situations                                          care situations.

3.12 Name coping                                               Explain how to help children
strategies for conflicts                                       handle conflicts.
                                                                   Unit 4: Health and Safety (15 hours)
4. Enduring Understanding -
4a. Essential Question - What are the steps that should be taken to maintain a health and safe environ
4.1 Match terms related to                                     Identify and use terms
health and safety                                              related to health and safety.

4.2 Chart characteristics of   4.2.1 Describe procedure for List characteristics of a
a healthy child                health inspection of children healthy child. Discuss how
                               in a child-care program       and why daily health
                                                             inspections should be
4.3 Name factors which                                       Name factors that promote
contribute to wellness in                                    wellness in children.
4.4 List guidelines for        4.4.1 Evaluate menus for a      List tips for planning healthy
planning nutritious meals      child-care program using        meals and snacks. Use the
and snacks in a child-care     Child Care Nutrition Program    Child Care Nutrition Program
program from the Child Care    guidelines                      guide as a resource.
Nutrition Program Guides
4.5 Discuss safety and       4.5.1 Demonstrate correct         Discuss safety and
sanitation procedures for    technique for washing hands       santitation procedures for
food preparation and service before handling food              food prep and demonstrate
in a child-care program                                        proper hand washing.

4.6 State guidelines for     4.6.1 Evaluate safety of a        State guidelines for creating
providing a safe environment child-care facility               a safe environment including
in a child-care center       4.6.2 Design a procedure          plans for hazardous weather,
                             plan and drill schedule for       fire drills, and proper use of a
                             hazardous weather                 fire extinguisher and alarm
                             4.6.3 Plan a fire drill for a     system.
                             child-care facility
                             4.6.4 Demonstrate use of
                             fire extinguisher and alarm
4.7 Name symptoms of an ill 4.7.1 Demonstrate                  Describe the appearance
child                        procedure for taking a child’s    and/or actions of an ill child.

4.8 State guidelines for       4.8.1 Explain procedures for Explain how to properly care
caring for a sick or injured   administering medication      for a sick or injured child in a
child                          4.8.2 Plan a procedure for    child care facility.
                               isolating a sick child
                               4.8.3 Research procedures
                               for caring for critically ill

4.9 State emergency first-     4.9.1 Demonstrate               List emergency first aid
aid procedures                 emergency first-aid             procedures and items
                               procedures                      needed in a first aid kit.
                               4.9.2 Plan items needed in a
                               first-aid kit
4.10 Explain sanitation        4.10.1 Demonstrate sanitary     Explain and demonstrate
procedures to follow in child- procedures to be used in        sanitation procedures to
care facility                  child-care facility             follow in a child care facility.
4.11 List information needed 4.11.1 Develop sample              List information needed on
on health record form for      health record form for child-   health record form for child-
child-care program             care program                    care program.
4.12 State symptoms of                                         List symptoms of specific
specific childhood diseases                                    childhood diseases.
4.13 Discuss immunizations 4.13.1 Match immunizations            Describe a typical
                              to ages when each should be        immunization schedule.
                              administered                       Discuss ways to care for a
                              4.13.2 Explain technique for       child after immunizations.
                              caring for child after
4.14 Name safety guidelines 4.14.1 List guidelines for           List safety guidelines for field
for field trips               transporting children to and       trips, including transporting
                              from a child-care facility         children.
                              4.14.2 Examine licensing
                              regulation to determine rules
                              for transporting children
4.15 Discuss liability for                                       4.15 Discuss liability for
health and safety of children                                    health and safety of children
in a child-care program                                          in a child-care program

                                                     Unit 5: Caring for Children with Special Needs (10
5. Enduring Understanding -
5a. Essential Question - How do high quality child care providers care for children with special needs
5.1 Match terms related to                                       Identify and use terms
caring for children with                                         related to caring for children
special needs                                                    with special needs.

5.2 Describe children with                                       List characteristics of
special needs                                                    children with special needs.

5.3 Name responsibilities of     5.3.1 State basic guidelines Explain responsibilities of
a child-care facility to         for working with children with caring for children with
children with special needs      special needs                  special needs.
                                 5.3.2 Explain the use of
                                 inclusion in early childhood
5.4 Explain federal                                             Explain federal legislation
legislation relative to children                                (laws) in regards to children
with special needs                                              with special needs.

5.5 List signs of child abuse   5.5.1 Explain responsibilities   List signs of child abuse and
and neglect                     for reporting child abuse and    neglect and procedures for
                                neglect to appropriate           reporting and documenting
                                agencies                         child abuse and neglect.
                                5.5.2 Evaluate
                                documentation and reporting
                                procedures for child abuse
                                and neglect
5.6 Name crises that impact 5.6.1 Develop strategies for          Name crisis that impact
children                    helping children cope with            children and explain how to
                            crises                                help children cope.
                            5.6.2 Evaluate agencies
                            which provide assistance to
                            children in crises situations
                                                                   Unit 6: The Childcare Facility (15 hours)
6. Enduring Understanding -
6a. Essential Question - What are the specifications for the physical space, both indoors and outdoor
6.1 Match terms related to                                        Identify and use terms
the child-care facility                                           related to the child-care

6.2 List specifications for a                                     List specifications for a Child-
Child-care facility                                               care facility
6.3 Name physical space         6.3.1 Analyze physical            Describe physical space
needs for a child-care facility space for a child-care facility   needs for a child care facility.
                                6.3.2 Evaluate strategies for
                                meeting the needs of
                                children in a child-care
6.4 List basic indoor and                                         List basic indoor and outdoor
outdoor equipment and                                             equipment and space
space requirements needed                                         requirements needed for a
for a child-care facility                                         child care facility.
(information found in the
Minimal Licensing
Requirement Handbook)

6.5 Name age appropriate        6.5.1 Plan equipment and          Name age appropriate
indoor and outdoor              furnishings for a child-care      indoor and outdoor
equipment and furnishings       facility                          equipment and furnishings
for a child-care facility                                         for a child care facility.

6.6 Chart learning centers      6.6.1 Plan learning centers       Plan learning centers for a
with characteristics of each    for a child-care classroom        child care classroom and list
                                                                  characteristics of each.
6.7 List age appropriate                                          List age appropriate
equipment for learning                                            equipement for learning
centers                                                           centers.
6.8 Discuss guidelines for       6.8.1 Use the Child Care        Describe guidelines for
selection, care, safety, and     Licensing Handbook to           selection, care, safety, and
maintenance of equipment         compile a list of playground    manintenance of equipment.

                                                     Unit 7: Pre-Employment Laboratory Experience (28
7. Enduring Understanding -
7a. Essential Question - How will the pre-employment lab experience prepare students for a career in
7.1 Name terms related to                                        Identify terms related to pre-
pre-employment laboratory                                        empolyment laboratory
experience                                                       experience.

7.2 List responsibilities in a   7.2.1 Develop a rotation      Discuss duties of each
pre-employment laboratory        plan for lab responsibilities student or group of students
experience                       7.2.2 Determine routines      during lab days.
                                 and procedures to be used in
                                 the child development lab

7.3 Explain reasons for          7.3.1 Name observation and Explain reasons for
observations and                 assessment techniques for  observations and
assessments in child-care        child-care programs        assessments in child care
programs                                                    programs and name the
                                                            observation and assessment
                                                            techniques we will utilize.

7.4 State guidelines for         7.4.1 Develop lesson plans      Explain characterisitics of a
developmentally appropriate      for children in different age   developmentally appropriate
curriculum for a child-care      groups                          curriculum.

7.5 Describe age                 7.5.1 Plan learning center      Describe, plan, and create
appropriate activities for       activities                      age appropriate activities for
learning centers                                                 centers.
7.6 Discuss teaching             7.6.1 Perform teaching          Describe different teaching
strategies for child-care        assignments in a child-care     strategies and how they can
programs                         program                         be used in the child care
                                                                   Unit 8: Employability Skills (12 hours)
8. Enduring Understanding -
8a. Essential Question - What factors need to be considered in obtaining a position in the field of chil
8.1 Match terms related to                                         Identify terms related to
employability skills                                               employability skills.

8.2 Designate                                                      Describe characteristics that
characteristics of capable                                         capable employers and
employers and employees in                                         employees should possess
the field of child care                                            in the field of child care.

8.3 Name rights and              8.3.1 Describe fingerprinting     Name rights and
responsibilities of child-care   and Central Registry              responsibilities of child care
employees                        requirements for employees        employees.
8.4 List job opportunities in    8.4.1 Research job                List different job
the area of child care           opportunities for child care in   opportunities related to child
                                 the local area                    care.

8.5 Explain education and        8.5.1 Examine child-care          Explain education and
training required for            courses in a planned              training requried for
occupations related to child     program of study for a AA         occupations related to child
care                             degree and a baccalaureate        care.
                                 degree in early childhood
                                 8.5.2 Examine Child
                                 Development Associate
                                 8.5.3 Research areas that
                                 offer post-secondary training
8.6 List sources of              8.6.1 Research services           List sources of information
information concerning job       offered by the Employment         concerning job openings.
openings                         Security Division and private
                                 employment agencies

8.7 State guidelines for         8.7.1 Develop a resume            Explain how to create a
preparing a resume                                                 resume.

8.8 Name guidelines for          8.8.1 Write a letter of           Explain how to create a letter
preparing a letter of            application                       of application.
8.9 State guidelines for       8.9.1 Complete a job           Explain how to complete a
completing a job application   application form               job application.

8.10 Name guidelines for                                      Name guidelines for
appropriate grooming and                                      appropriate grooming and
dress during job interviews                                   dress during job interviews.
8.11 Designate acceptable                                     Describe do's and don'ts
behavior before, during, and                                  before, during, and following
following a job interview                                     a job interview.

8.12 Name factors to           8.12.1 Describe procedure      Name factors to consider
consider before accepting a    for accepting or rejecting a   before accepting a job and
job offer                      job offer                      explain how to accept or
                                                              reject a job offer.

8.13 Explain procedure for     8.13.1 Figure hours and        Follow steps to figure hours
figuring hours and wages       wages for a specific job       and wages.
                               8.13.2 Discuss fringe
 est Arkansas Instructional Alignment
re Guidance, Management and Services
                                                Essential    Materials/    Geometry      Literacy
                        Task Analysis
                                                Vocabulary   Resources    Connections   Connections

Management of a Childcare Program (15 hours)

egies must be in place in order to provide high quality child-care?
                 *Define terminology. *Use                                              R.11.11.1
                 terminology.                                                           Recognize
                                                                                        and apply
                 *List reasons why child care child care
                 is needed. *Explain social services
                 and economic changes that
                 have impacted child care.

                 Describe an effective         nurturing
                 caregiver that you
                 experienced as a child.
                 *List needs of children.      development
                 *Create an activity that      ally
                 meets the needs of children   appropriate
                 in a given age group.

                 *Define custodial             custodial
                 development and               care,
                 comprehensive child care.     comprehensi
                 *Using a graphic organizer    ve care
                 compare these two types of
                 child care.
*List types of child care     child care
programs. *Compare and        center,
contrast different programs.  corporate
 *Research child care         child care,
programs and explain the      crisis center
characteristics that makes    nursery,
each one unique.              family home
                              child care,
                              family home
                              child care
                              center, Head
*Define developmentally       child-care
                              development N.A.E.Y.C
appropriate.*List features of ally          website
early childhood programs.     appropriate
*Discuss features.
*Highlight those features
that are developmentally
*Review copy of the AR                      Arkansas       area,           R.10.11.1
Minimal Requirement                         Minimal        circumferenc    Read across
Licensing book.*For each                    Licensing      e, perimeter,   the
type of child care program                  Requirement    ratio           curriculum a
listed in FW 1.6 list the                   document                       variety of
licensing requirements.                     (current one                   practical
*Include staff/child ratios,                online)                        texts.
TB skin test policies, and
CPR/First Aid requirements.

*Discuss and brainstorm       policy
potential legal issues in the
child care
procedures (policies) that
could be followed to protect
both employees and
children in a child-care
*Define ethics. *Explain the
role of ethics in the child-
care profession. *Explain
the role of early childhood
associations and how they
influence or shape
professional ethics.
*Discuss the importance of     primary
effective communication        caregiver
between home and the
child-care program.
*Provide a positive and
negative example of this
type of interaction.

*Discuss the differences       policy,
between a good and a great     program
child-care program.            goals,
*Identify the differences.     processed
*List the goals of a quality   centered
child-care program.            approach
*Define management in          personnel
terms of the child-care
setting. *Identify
management functions.
*List records and
procedures that should be
*Define entry-level            assistant
employee. Identify entry-      teacher, Au
level jobs in the child care   Pair,
profession.*Identify state     caregiver,
qualifications for an entry-   center
level child care employee.     director,
*List specific duties of an    child care
entry-level employee.          aide,
*Write a job description for   volunteer
an entry-level position in a
childcare center.
                *Define terminology. *Label    curriculum,    R.4.G.1          W.5.11.9
                the parts of an exsisting      directed       Explore &        Write across
                curriculum unit of study.      learning       verify the       the
                                               experiences,   properities of   curriculum.
                                               evaluation,    quadrilaterals
                                               flow chart,    . *Curriculum
                                               goals,         unit of study
                                               indirect       could be
                                               learning       developed
                                               experiences,   on shapes.
                                               lesson plan,   Students
                                               objectives,    may form
                                               unit plans     connections
                                                              or see
                *Compare and contrast                         parallel
                observation and
                assessment. *List the
                various assessment tools.
                *Apply assessment toods
                by observing children in
                different age groups.
                *Create a list of community                                    W.5.11.8
                resources that could be                                        Write across
                used to enrich child-care                                      the
                program. *Identify do's and                                    curriculum.
                don'ts when inviting
                someone in to the child-
                care class. *Create a
                samply introduction and
                thank-you letter.

                *Create guidelines that
                would promote effective use
                of computers in a child-care
                setting. *Explain how
                computerized software
                could be used to enhance
                or hinder development.

: Child Development (15 hours)

hat children proceed through?
*Define terminology. *Use                                            R.11.11.1
terminology.                                                         Recognize
                                                                     and apply
*Identify basic needs of
children. *Look at Maslow's
Hierarchy of Needs.
*Examine Maslow's Theory.
 *Justify why you agree or
disagree with Maslow's
*Identify the four basic    classification,        parallel (play)
areas of child development.
*Match developmental        development,
milestones with correct age
range.                      development
                            al tasks,
*Define                     spatial, stage
terminology.*Identify the   development,
relationship of development personality
to a child's self-concept.
*Brainstorm ways to help
children develop positive
self concepts.

*Identify muscles that are        hand-eye
used in fine and gross            coordination,
motor skills. *Create a list of   motor
activities that would             development
promote fine and gross
motor development.
*Define terminology.              cooperative      parallel
*Discuss why play is              play, parallel
important to child                play, solitary
development. *Explain the         play
types of play materials that
best promote development
in each stage.
                 *Define developmnental     development
                 task. *List stages of      al tasks
                 development. *Brainstorm
                 appropriate activities for
                 each stage of development.
uiding Children's Behavior (10 hours)

 be used to guide children?
                 *Define terminology. *Use                      R.11.11.1
                 terminology.                                   Recognize
                                                                and apply
                 *Understand the impact of       communicati
                 communication (verbal and       on
                 nonverbal) to children.
                 *Apply effective
                 communication strategies.
                 *Identify and use               environment,
                 vocabulary effectively.         role model,
                 *Exhibit knowledge of the       values
                 role envrionment and
                 values shape behavior.
                 *List goals for guiding         discipline,
                 children utilizing vocabulary   guidance,
                 correctly.                      punishment
                 *Understand terminology
                 appropriate) and apply it to
                 guidance scenarios.
                 *Verbally (oral or written)     consistent,
                 state goals and guidelines      permissive
                 for establishing appropriate
                 *Identify and use               conflict,
                 vocabulary effectively.         cope,
                 *Evaluate techniques            frustration,
                 commonly used to guide          negativism
                 children's behavior either
                 from written scenarios,
                 video segments, or child
                 *Define and use                 prejudice,
                 terminology correctly.          stereotype
                 *Verbally state how to help
                 children avoid stereotyped
                 and prejudiced behavior.
                 *Comppare and contrast           behavior
                 characteristics that are and     disorder
                 are not indiciative of a
                 behavior disorder. *Create
                 a checklist of signs child
                 care providers can look
                 for.*Explain how to guide
                 children who exhibit these
                 *List community resources        behavioral
                 that could provide               stress
                 assistance to families of
                 children with behavioral
                 *Articulate child care
                 situations that could cause
                 behavioral stress in children.

                 *Explain how to help             cope
                 children handle conflict.
4: Health and Safety (15 hours)

ken to maintain a health and safe environment for children?
                 *Define terminology. *Use                                               R.11.11.1
                 terminology.                                                            Recognize
                                                                                         and apply
                 *Create a description of a       health
                 healthy child. *Explain how
                 and why a daily health
                 inspection is necessary.

                 *Name factors that promote wellness
                 wellness in children.

                 *Define terminology. *Using menu,             Child Care   surface area R.10.11.1
                 the Child Care Nutrition    nutrition,        Nutrition                 Read across
                 program guide, list                           Program                   the
                 guidelines for planning                       Guide.                    curriculum a
                 nutritious meals and                                                    variety of
                 snacks. *Evaluate menus                                                 practical
                 from child care programs to                                             texts.
                 determin if nutrition
                 guidelines are being
*Articulate safety and                              surface area
sanitation procedures for
food prep and service.
*Demonstrate correct
technique for hand washing.
*Analyze the safety of a      evacuation
child-care facility. *Discuss plan
requirements and
procedures that should be
in place. *Implement a
procedure plan for
hazardous weather and fire

*Create a description of a         body
child with an illness.             temperature,
*Explain how to take a             disposition,
child's temperature.               fatigue,
*Define and use                    contagious,      area
terminology correctly.             dosage,
*Describe when a child             medication,
should be isolated.                isolation
*Explain when it is and isn't
appropriate to administer
medication. *Explain how to
locate information on how
to care for criticallyand
*Verbally describe ill             convulsion,
demonstrate first aid              dilated, first
procedures utilizng                aid,
terminology. *List items           inflammation
needed in a first aid kit.
Explain and demonstrate            hygiene,
sanitation procedures to           precautions,
follow in a child care facility.   ventilation
 List information needed on        health record
health record form for child-
care program.
*Define terminology. *List         communicabl
common communicable                e diseases
diseases during childhood.
*List common symptoms of
childhood communicable
                 *List immunizations              immunization
                 required and at which age
                 required. *Explain side
                 effects of immunizations
                 and how to care for a child
                 following immunizations.
                 *Discuss safety factors to
                 considering when planning
                 a field trip. *Explain
                 licensing regulations to
                 determine rules for
                 transporting children.
                 *Define and utilize              administrator,
                 terminology in explaining         liabilities,
                 liability for the health and     monitor
                 safety of children in a child-
                 care program.
or Children with Special Needs (10 hours)

ders care for children with special needs?
                 *Define terminology. *Use                         R.11.11.1
                 terminology.                                      Recognize
                                                                   and apply
                 *Define terminology. *List       disabled,
                 characteristics of children      gifted child,
                 with special needs.              hyperactive,
                 *Define and use                  immersion,
                 terminology appropriately.       inclusion
                 *Articulate the guidelines for
                 working with children with
                 special needs.

                 *Exhibit knowledge of
                 federal legislation in
                 regards to children with
                 special needs.
                 *Define terminology.             child abuse,
                 *Create a list of signs of       child neglect,
                 child abuse and neglect.         fondling,
                 *Explain the difference          genitals,
                 between abuse and neglect.       incest,
                 *Explain responsibilities for    mental
                 reporting and documenting        abuse,
                 abuse and neglect.               physical
                                                  abuse, self-
                 *Name crisis that impact       abandonment
                 children and explain how to    , phobia
                 help children cope.

The Childcare Facility (15 hours)

hysical space, both indoors and outdoors, of the childcare facility?
                 *Define terminology. *Use                                                  R.11.11.1
                 terminology.                                                               Recognize
                                                                                            and apply
                 *Discuss specifications for
                 a child car facility.
                 *Define and use                large motor                 area,
                 terminology. *Describe         skills, noisy               perimeter,
                 physical space needs.          area,                       ratio, surface
                 *Analyze physical space for    physical                    area M.3.G.2
                 a child-care facility from a   space, quiet                Apply using
                 floor plan or actual design.   area, small                 appropriate
                 *Define terminology.           conducive,      Minimal     area,          R.10.11.1
                 *Review indoor and outdoor     resilient,      Licensing   perimeter      Read across
                 equipment and space            versatile       Requirement                the
                 requirements according to                      Handbook.                  curriculum a
                 the Minimal Licensing                                                     variety of
                 Requirement Handbook.                                                     practical
                 *List the indoor and outdoor                                              texts.
                 equipment and space
                 *Define terminology. *Use      movable                      surface area
                 terminology in naming age      equipment,
                 appropriate indoor and         non-movable
                 outdoor equipment and          equipment
                 furnishings for a child care
                 *Chart learning centers with   learning
                 characterisitics of each.      center

                 *Understand age                age
                 appropriate priniciples and    appropriate
                 apply to planning learning
                 centers. *List age
                 appropriate equipment for
                 learning centers.
                  *Use the Child Care                               Child Care   surface area R.10.11.1
                  Licensing Handbook to                             Licensing                 Read across
                  compile a list of playground                      Handbook                  the
                  regulations.                                                                curriculum a
                                                                                              variety of
loyment Laboratory Experience (28 hours)

perience prepare students for a career in the field of child-care?
                  *Define terminology. *Use        cultural                                   R.11.11.1
                  terminology.                     diversity                                  Recognize
                                                                                              and apply
                  *Create a list of duties         laboratory,
                  and/or responsibilities in the   responsibility
                  laboratory setting. *Develop
                  a rotation plan to complete
                  the tasks. *Plan and
                  implement routines and
                  procedures to be used in
                  the child development lab.
                  *Define specialized              anecdotal
                  vocabulary. *Explain the         record,
                  reaasons for observations        frequency
                  and assessments in child-        count,
                  care programs. *Revise           objective
                  one of the exisiting             observation,
                  assessment techniques and        observation,
                  use it in the laboratory         running
                  setting.                         record,
                  *Evaluate lesson plans for
                  appropriatness. *Create a
                  lesson plan for children in
                  different age groups.
                  Describe, plan, and create
                  age appropriate activities
                  for centers.
                  *Describe teaching          proficiency
                  strategies. *Perform
                  teaching assignments in the
                  child care program.
: Employability Skills (12 hours)

in obtaining a position in the field of child care?
*Define terminology. *Use                       R.11.11.1
terminology.                                    Recognize
                                                and apply
*Define terminology.            aptitudes,
*Create a list of needed        basic skills,
characteristics of employers    career,
and employees in the field      employee,
of child care.                  employer
*Be able to discuss
employee rights and
*Utilize a variety of           job
resources (newspaper,           description
internet, employment
agency) to locate job
opportunities in the field of
child care.
 Explain education and          on the job
training required for           training,
occupations related to child    transcript

*Utilize a variety of           Employment
resources (newspaper,           Security
internet, employment            Division
agency) to locate job
opportunities in the field of
child care.
*Create a resume following      references,     W.5.11.9
guidelines. *Revise the         resume,         Write across
completed resume as             skills, work    the
needed.                         experience      curriculum.
*Define terminology.             applicant,     W.5.11.9
*Explain when a letter of       letter of       Write across
application is needed. *List    application     the
guidelines for creating a                       curriculum.
letter of application.*Write
and revise a letter of
*Complete a job application. job              W.5.11.9
 *Revise completed job       application      Write across
application as needed.                        the
*Create a list of do's and      interview
don'ts for grooming and
dress during a job interview.
*Create a list of do's and
don'ts behaviors before,
during, and following a job
*Define terminology.            benefits,
*Articulate the appropriate     fringe
procedure for accepting or      benefits
rejecting a job offer based
on scenarios provided.
*Apply appropriate formulas     payroll
to figure hours and wages.      deductions,

Description: Sample Thank You for Interview Letter document sample