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									                           GRANT PROPOSAL INSTRUCTIONS

 All potential applicants are encouraged to notify Foundation staff of their intent
  to apply for funding in advance of the application deadline. Applicants may contact
  Foundation staff at any time, prior to the application deadline, for assistance in
  preparing a strong grant proposal and/or reviewing initial drafts of your grant
  proposal. Contact Foundation staff at (570) 200-6305.


 Save a copy of these templates on your hard drive.

 To begin completing the proposal, click on the "Proposal" tab below or click
  "Begin Proposal " at the bottom of these instructions.

 Begin entering your information in the data entry fields. You will not be able to alter
  any text outside of the data entry fields.

 Many of the narrative responses have character limitations. Please keep these limitations
  in mind when preparing your response(s). The Foundation encourages all applicants to
  be clear and concise in your response(s).

 You may copy and paste information from other Word and Excel documents into the
  formula bar, however, because of the character limitations, it is not recommended.

  Formula Bar

 White data entry fields that have a small red triangle in the upper right-hand corner
  contain additional instructions and/or clarification.

 Throughout the Proposal section you will be prompted to follow links to other sections.
  You can easily navigate through the proposal by clicking on the links provided, or by
  clicking on the tabs below.

 In the Outcomes section, enter your data in the table provided. Sample activities and
  outcomes have been provided. For more examples, click on the link provided.

 In the Budget section, enter your line items and budget amounts in the table provided.
  Note the budget instructions on the bottom of the budget page. If you are requesting
  funds for salaries, you must also complete the Staff Salary Calculation table.

 Once you have completed the budget, proceed to the certification page by clicking
  on the "Go to Certification " link or by clicking on the "Certification" tab below.

 Be sure to print out the certification page and mail it, with the required attachments,
  to The Blue Ribbon Foundation at the address provided. Instructions are listed on the
  certification page.

 It is recommended that you print a hard copy of this application for your records.
                                                 GRANT PROPOSAL
                                                  APPLICANT INFORMATION
Federal Tax ID Number
Is this a 501(c)(3) organization?

Chief Executive's Name and Title
Contact Person (for this proposal)
City, State, Zip Code
Phone (do not use any separators)
Fax (do not use any separators)
Web Address

Organization's Mission Statement

Brief summary of purpose, history and accomplishments

    The Blue Ribbon Foundation Grant Proposal Coversheet                  Page 2
                                             BLUE RIBBON GRANT REQUEST
Project Title
Funding Cycle
Blue Ribbon Grant Requested ($)
Grant Type
Funding Priority
How many individuals will benefit
from the proposed project?
Is this a new project?
If not, how long has it been
Counties served by the project (select all that apply):
     Bradford               Lackawanna             Monroe     Susquehanna       Wyoming
     Carbon                 Luzerne                Pike       Tioga
     Clinton                Lycoming               Sullivan   Wayne

A separate bank account for the grant funds and an accounting of the grant expenditures must be maintained
by the Organization and are subject to audit by the Foundation.
      I agree

Project Start Date (mm/dd/yyyy)
Project End Date (mm/dd/yyyy)
Total Project Budget
List all previous support from The
Blue Ribbon Foundation
(Year, Amount, Project)

                                         BLUE RIBBON PROPOSAL NARRATIVE
1. Describe your specific project request (who, what, how often, where, why):

   The Blue Ribbon Foundation Grant Proposal Coversheet                                             Page 3
2. List all collaborative partners and their roles:

3. Describe the community or regional needs and/or challenges that this project will address:

4. Required Disclosure of Other Blue Ribbon Foundation Grants: List all organization employees, board
members, or volunteers who are involved in any way with another program currently being funded by an
active Blue Ribbon Foundation grant, whether that grant was received by this agency or by a collaborating
community partner.
Individual's Name and Role with Applicant:

Name of Other Active Foundation-Funded Project:

Name of Lead Organization Responsible for that Project:

Individual's Role in that Project:

   The Blue Ribbon Foundation Grant Proposal Coversheet                                              Page 4
                                               ACTIVITIES AND OUTCOMES
5. Provide details on your project's activities and outcomes by completing the Outcomes Matrix.
                                        Click Here to Complete the Outcomes Matrix
6. Describe the anticipated impact of the project, with special emphasis on how it addresses the need of at-
risk and/or disadvantaged individuals.

7. How will you identify clients/potential clients for this project?

   The Blue Ribbon Foundation Grant Proposal Coversheet                                                Page 5
8. Describe how you will evaluate your project outcomes as listed in the Outcomes' Matrix. How will you
measure the project's success in the short-term and in the long-term? What tool(s) will be used to evaluate
the project?

9. Provide a detailed timeline and work plan to achieve the outcomes listed in the Outcomes' Matrix. (IMPACT

10. Describe your plan for sustaining this project beyond the Blue Ribbon grant period, including your
strategy for expanding/diversifying your funding base. (IMPACT & ACCESS TO CARE GRANTS ONLY)

   The Blue Ribbon Foundation Grant Proposal Coversheet                                                  Page 6
                                                         PROJECT OUTCOMES
     Organization:              0
     List specific project activities and their anticipated outcomes in the table below (outcomes must be quantified):
     Sample Activity: Provide training to no less than 100 community members.
     Sample Outcome: Pre and post testing will demonstrate that 85% of participants increased their subject knowledge
     by at least 50%.
     For more sample activities and outcomes, visit our website:
                   Activities                   Evaluation Methods    # of Project           Anticipated Outcomes
CHARACTER LIMITS: 120 CHAR                             100 CHAR                                     120 CHAR








     The Blue Ribbon Foundation Grant Proposal -- Project Outcomes                                                   Page 7
                                                         PROJECT BUDGET

Organization:                   0

Do not use "$" when entering amounts. All budget items will be rounded to the nearest whole dollar.
If requesting funds for salary, you must also complete the "Staff Salary Calculation" table below.
                                Blue Ribbon                                             Source of Other
Line Item                       Grant              Other Funds        Total             Funds               Itemize
TOTAL BUDGET                                  $0                 $0               $0
                                # Hours                               Salary            If benefits are included in hourly rate,
Staff Position (Title) &        Devoted to         Staff Hourly       Amount            please provide the breakdown (i.e.
Role in Project                 Project            Rate ($)           Requested         $15/hour: $12.75 salary; $2.25 benefits)
TOTAL SALARY                                                                      $0

   The Blue Ribbon Foundation Grant Proposal -- Project Budget                                                          Page 8
                                               GRANT PROPOSAL
                                        PROPOSAL SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS
  Save the completed proposal to your hard drive.
  Email the completed proposal to Foundation staff by the quarterly proposal
   due dates listed in The Blue Ribbon Foundation's Funding Platform.
  Print and mail this certification page with the original signature(s) and all required attachments.
   Send all materials to:        Jennifer Pugh, Grants Specialist
                                 The Blue Ribbon Foundation
                                 19 North Main Street
                                 Wilkes-Barre, PA 18711
  Certification pages and attachments must be postmarked by the due dates listed in the Funding Platform.
  Be sure to print a copy of this proposal for your records.
  If you have any questions about this proposal, please contact Foundation staff for assistance at (570) 200-6305.
                                             REQUIRED ATTACHMENTS
                               Type an "X" in the boxes that apply to your organization.
        IRS determination letter of tax exempt charitable status under Section 501 (c)(3) and proof that the
        organization is not a private foundation as defined in Section 509 (a) of the IRS code. The letter must
        include the organization's employer identification number.

        IMPACT & ACCESS TO CARE GRANT APPLICANTS ONLY: Financial statements (audited, if available)
        from the most recent fiscal year. If applicable, Form 990 (combined federal and state charitable report)
        should be included.

        IMPACT & ACCESS TO CARE GRANT APPLICANTS ONLY: An operating budget for the current fiscal
        year and a proposed budget for the organization's next year.

        IMPACT & ACCESS TO CARE GRANT APPLICANTS ONLY: A list of corporations and foundations that
        support the organization and the most recent amounts contributed.

        IMPACT & ACCESS TO CARE GRANT APPLICANTS ONLY: The names and affiliations of the
        organization's board of directors.
By signing below, I certify that all of the information listed in this proposal and/or any attachments to
this proposal are true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

                                                                   July 6, 2010
Signature                                                          Date
0                                                                  0
Printed Name                                                       Title

The Blue Ribbon Foundation Grant Proposal                                                                Certification Page

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