Accessing your email via OWA (Outlook Web Access)

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					                                    Coastline E-mail (OWA)

Accessing your email via OWA (Outlook Web Access)
  1. Open a browser, preferably Internet Explorer (IE), since when using IE the OWA user interface
     will have a little more functionality than Firefox or Safari.
  2. Go to .
  3. A login box should appear for you to enter your username and password. Enter your username
     and password in the appropriate spaces and click OK or press the enter key.


         a. **Please type adminccc\ before your username, (e.g. adminccc\jsmith)
         b. Remember your password is case sensitive.

                                         Coastline E-mail (OWA)

Changing Your Password
It’s recommended that you change your password once you gain access to your email. It is required to
have a password of at least 8 characters in length containing at least a number and a special character.
Examples of special characters are as follow: ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( - + = ? > ~ “ } , . \ ) > :

    1. Once you’re logged in you can change your password by clicking on options – at the bottom left
       portion of the screen

                                      Coastline E-mail (OWA)

   2. Towards the bottom of the Options screen you will see a Password section – click on Change
      Password (see below).

Change Password

                                  Coastline E-mail (OWA)

3. Once you click on Change Password a window will pop up which requires the following
          Domain: adminccc
          Account: <your username>
          Old Password: this will be your current password.
          New password: Enter in your desired password which meets the requirements
          Confirm new password:

           *See example below*

4. After you enter the required information click OK.
5. Your password is changed. The next time you login you must use this new password to gain
   access to OWA.