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									PNLA Conference Proposal Submission (Deadline February 1, 2009)
About you:  Name: Jan Zauha  Affiliation: Montana State University  Position/title: Reference Librarian  Contact information: including postal, e-mail, voice and fax numbers PO Box 173320 MSU Libraries Bozeman, MT 59717-3320; voice 406-994-6554; fax 406-994-2851  PNLA member? YES! About your program:  Program title: Reading the Region: 2008-2009 Award Books from the Pacific Northwest  Program description (no more than 100 words) Join members of the PNLA board and others for a rapid round of readable titles featuring 2008-2009 award winners from Alaska, Alberta, British Columbia, Idaho, Montana, Washington, and Oregon. Books for all ages and interests will be previewed and displayed. Award programs and reading initiatives throughout the region will be highlighted.  3 Program goals or objectives o To boost readers advisory knowledge for current quality books from the region o Highlight quality authors for collection development purposes o Increase knowledge of publications in the region and result in printed bibliography for PNLA Q Appropriate track(s): Library Services Program Format (single or double speaker, panel, hands-on, etc): Panel

 

Program Logistics:  Speaker needs (if any) none  Equipment needs: 2 long tables; 8-9 chairs; computer; projector/screen  Preferred date of presentation (if any)  Any other special requirements or additional information Questions? Contact Jan Zauha or (406) 994-6554

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