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November 24,1999 The Times
Mooresville Moments
In honor of Mooresville's 175th Anniversary and the 200th anniversary
of the birth of Mooresville 3 founder, Samuel Moore, the Mooresville Times
is publishing regular articles about the history of Mooresville and Moore.
Newspapers spread the word
"1 fplf
History was made Nov. 13
when the Mooresvillc/Decatur
Times first published a bi-weekly
A weekly newspaper has been
published under various names
since 1846. In 1893, William Sage
bought the Mooresville Guide and
changed the nume to the
Mooresville Times. Editors and
titles arc documented and on mi¬
crofilm from 1893, with some scat¬
tered 1872 and 1873 editions at the
Mooresville Public Library.
But wait!! Did you know there
were other newspapers, not in¬
cluded in "Indiana Newspaper Bib¬
liography" mostly unknown and
The library file on newspapers
contains a note, undated, that states
"the Mooresville Tribune began
first issue Thursday. Sept. 16. 1926
and covers the northern part of
Morgan County, like the dew. Miss
Lena Douglas edits social and per¬
sonal news and EE. ilulchins is
editor and publisher, phone 157 at
Coleman's office." What ever hap¬
pened to that?
A prominent Moorcsvillian ed¬
ited, printed and published The
Beacon with news, comments and
announcements about the town in
and would like to have more if any
are still among someone's keep¬
sakes. Published "every Thursday
by the Mooresville Publishing
Company, Joseph R. Root, pub¬
lisher; William R. Grossnicklc. edi¬
tor. $2 per year. 2 W. Main St
Phone VE 0308."
But the most special of all arc
several copies of the precious little
Mooresville Midget published in
1881 and I895byjarvis P. Calvert.
"A paper published for the benefit
of everybody in general and one in
particular. Issued promptly every
scmi-occasionally or otherwise at
the convenience of the publisher."
It was liberally sprinkled with
commercials for the Calvert Pho¬
tography Studio. It contained po¬
ems. advertisements, the Year in
Review and comments by the in¬
imitable editor, "a most talented
man ..."
The first issue of the "Weekend
Times" will be preserved in tjic
Mooresville Library and added to
the list of firsts in Mooresville.
«I«1 •UJIASiK! vv

■ •
The Mooresville News Pioneer.
Vol. I No. I. began in February
1963 and lasted about a year. It is
not included in Indiana Newspaper
Bibliography and John Selch of the
Indiana State Library did not know
of its existence. The Mooresville
Library has a few random copies
The historical articles for Mooresville Moments are taken or copied
from various materials located in the Indiana/lineal History Room of the
Mooresville Public Ubrary and include newspaper clippings and notes from
books edited by Becky Hardin, Clara Richanlson and Almira Hadley. Ma¬
terial is managed by Wanda Potts.

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