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									The Times
July 21, 1999
Mooresville Moments
In honor of Mooresuille's 175th Anniversary and the 200th
anniversary of the birth of Mooresville's founder, Samuel Moore,
the Mooresville'Vecatur/Monrovia Times is publishing regular
articles about the history of Mooresville and Moore.
Old Settlers Queens
Gibbs - Terra Plaza Blowing;
Sandy Swinney • Warren Insur¬
ance; Barbara Cable - Putt Putt
Golf; Jackie Allen - Omar Park
Insurance; Suzanne Venable -
Glamour was added to Old
Settlers in 1964 when a contest
to chose a queen to reign over
the festivities was inaugurated.
Kappa Kappa Sigma sorority
sponsored the event at the sug¬
gestion of Sarah Jayne Hogue.
Originally, the candidates were
representatives of local merchants
and were selected by vote - each
vote costing one penny. The votes
could be cast at the store holding
the girl's mane.
The first candidates and their
Big M Bowl; Kathy Palmer - Tri
County Sport Shop; Loraine
Dolen - Moores Grocery; Janice
Townsend - Armstrong Grocery;
Wendy Roberson - Pizza Plaza;
and Patty Park - Coleman Insur¬
Francis Flick was crowned the
first Old Settlers Queen.
In August, 1988, Kappa
Kappa Sigma presented to the
Mooresville Park Department a
donation in the amount of
$100,000 toward the cost of a
swimming pool, the result of
nearly a quarter century of Old
Settlers Queen contests. What a
blessing to the community. The
dedication and opening cer¬
emony was June 17, 1989.
Mooresville's privately owned
swimming pool located on the
south side of East South Street
adjacent to the railroad tracks
was closed in the early 1960s.
sponsors were Sharon Morrison
- Grays Restaurant; Susie
Swinehart - Brown's Grocery;
Melinda Marksbary - Hook's
Drugs; Francis Flick - Krogers;
Judy Coble - Habig's; Linda Smith
- Adler's Department Store;
Cindy Hite - Hayes Drugs; Cheryl
Beasley - Gibbs Hardware; Sherry
Morley - Brown's Drug Store;
Vicki Fields - Bud & Bloom; Sandy
Reed - Ben Franklin; Linda Morley
-	Town & Country; Beverly
Johnson - Citizens Bank; Dennie
Niemeier- Kelly's; Margie Hribar
-	Handy Andy Hardware; Linda
George - Newcomers; Sarah
The historical articles for Mooresville Moments are taken or
copied from various materials located in the Indiana/Local
History Room of the Mooresville Public Library and include
newspaper clippings and notes from books edited by Becky
Hardin, Clara Richardson and Almira Hadley.

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