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March 3, 1999
The Tit.
Mooresville Moments
In honor of Mooresuille's 175th Anniversary and the 200th
anniversary of the birth of Mooresuille's founder, Samuel Moore,
the MooresuilleDecatur/Monrovia Times is publishing regular
articles about the history of Mooresville and Moore.
son only two weeks later.
Daughter Mary Moore mar¬
ried Washington Conduitt and
on land given them by her fa¬
ther, Washington Conduitt built
the stately two story brick house
on West High Street.
In Oct. 1853, Washington
Conduitt returned from a busi¬
ness trip to find his young bride
dying and the home a bitter re¬
minder. Samuel Moore bought
the house from his son-in-law
and lived there the rest of his life.
It is now known as the Samuel
Moore home.
Samuel Moore and Eliza
Worthington of Madison, Ind.
were married in April, 1928.
Eliza Worthington was born in
Georgetown, Pann. in 1803. The
family moved to Cape Giradeau,
Mo. where her father died young.
Eliza's mother moved herself and
her children to Madison, Ind. to
live with her bachelor brother,
While there, Eliza joined the
Methodist Church. When she
came to Mooresville as a bride,
she met with Celi Tansey and
wife and Jesse Rooker and his
wife for paryer meetings. To¬
gether, they laid the foundation
for the Methodist Church in
Mooresville, now United Meth¬
odist Church.
Several children were born to
the Moores, but only three daugh¬
ters survived childhood. The old¬
est, Jane, married R.B. Newby.
Their first baby was named
Samuel Moore Newby. Jane
Moore Newby died very suddenly
on Aug. 24,1852 and her infant
The historical articles for Mooresville Moments are taken or
copied from various materials located in the Indiana/Local
History Room of the Mooresville Public Library and include
newspaper clippings and notes from books edited by Becky
Hardin, Clara Richardson and Almira Hadley.
The house was added to and
enlarged to accomodate the chil¬
dren and relatives they tood to
care for and raise. The two sons-
in-law lived there until they re¬
married. Eliza Worthington
Moore's two bachelor brothers
lived there, too.
Daughter Maggie Moore mar¬
ried David Fogleman on Dec.
30,1869. She assumed the man¬
agement of the household as her
parents aged.

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