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									March 10, 1999
Mooresville Moments
In honor of Mooresuille's 175th Anniversary and the 200
anniversary of the birth of Mooresville's founder, Samuel Moor
the MooresvilleDecatur/Monrovia Times is publishing reguh
articles about the history of Mooresville and Moore.
Eliza Worthington Moore, wife
of Samuel Moore, founder of the
Town of Mooresville, died Dec.
At times when the family w;
largest, there was a rule: on
two women in the kitchen to d
10, 1873. She is buried in the the cooking. To Eliza Moori
Old Methodist Church cemetery religion applied to daily livin
on West Washington Street, the and the keeping of a well orgs
site of the first Methodist Church nized and smoothly runnin
built on land donated by the household with as little frictio:
as possible. Wednesday of eacl
Eliza Moore never forgot the week was made "company day
hardship after her father's early for Eliza Moore. Usually, an eld
death. After her .marriage, she erly friend or more received ar
and her husband always found invitation to spend the day anc
room for one more to share their enjoy a turkey dinner. Turkey
was plentiful then.
Eliza Moore endured the tragic
loss of so many loved ones and
gave so much of herself to oth¬
ers. She eventually grew frail
and was not able to survive an
acute attack of congestion of the
lungs. She was 71.
At one time, the family in¬
cluded their children; grandson,
Sam Newby; niece and nephew
Mauda and Will Moore; Eliza's
brother William Worthington;
their sons-in-law and other rela¬
tives and children of relatives.
She is said to have furnished
many baskets of food to families
in need during the Civil War.
The Sabbath was kept holy in
the Moore household, where ev¬
erything was prepared the
evening before as much as pos¬
sible. Eliza entertained only dur¬
ing the week.
In 1950, Mary Ida Fogleman
wrote a tribute to her grand¬
mother she only knew briefly.
"For one who had been loving
and serving her Heavenly Father
those many years, what a won¬
derful way to go home. It is not
far - just a step through an open
door."	.
The historical articles for Mooresville Moments are taken or
copied from various materials, located in the Indiana/Local
History Room'bf the Mooresville Public Library and include
newspaper clippings and notes from books edited by Becky
Hardin, Clara Richardson and Almlra Hadley.
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