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									The Times
March 24, 1999
Mooresville Moments
In honor of Mooresuille's 175th Anniversary and the 200th
anniversary of the birth of Mooresville's founder, Samuel Moore,
the Mooresville/Decatur/Monrovia Times is publishing regular
articles about-the history of Mooresville and Moore.
Bells for Founder
records show that Sammy
Moore died at the age of 90.
Nevertheless, the towns¬
people knew from the solemn
and continuous tolling of the
bell that their patriarch had
passed away:	V
Nelson's memory was clear
on other details and of the fu-
Besideshurryingfromawarm neral he recalled.
bed into a cold night, the young «[t was the largest ever held
Nelson's troubles had just be- in town. The grave included a
gun. The bell rope broke; he sort of homemade vault made
climbed into the belfry to grasp Gf huge pieces of sandstone
the broken end of the rope and piacecj at both ends, both sides
scared the roosting birds; the and at the top of the, casket,
birds fluttered and blew but his These stones were taken from j
lantern. Climbing a ladder on a quarry east of Mooresville."" '
the top, he found no rope'left iSarnueI Moore'died March j
nd had to ring the bell by hand, g ■ j g89 He is buried -n the old
nearly freezing his fingers and Methodist Cemetery on West
bursting his ear drums. < . Washington Street. , , .
Ninety-three times he clanged ^ inscription, on his tomb^
' ^he night was deeply 'en-	' \
graved on Nelson's memory, but _	^•? % ,
either Mr. Nelson was mistaken	Hn giveth-his^beloved
or he wasted	■ ' •
The historical articles for Mooresville Moments are Taken or
copied from vadOus materials located in the Indiap'a/Lbcal |
History Room of the Mooresville Public Library arid Include •'
newspaper clippings arid notes from books edited by Becky
Hardin, Clara Richafdstin and Almira Hadley.
Near the end of his own allot¬
ted 87 years, Ed J. Nelson, who
lived at 6 E. South St., Moores¬
ville and died in 1962, recalled
for a newspaper his experience
as a lad, when he was awakened
by his father to toll the church
bell to.inform the town that
Samuel Moore was dead.
the bell as was the custom'- ohce

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