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									April 14, 1999
The Times
Moore,sville Moments
In honor Of	Mooresvllle's'lVBth •*,	and the 200th
anniversary oj the birth of Mooresullle's founder, Samuel Moore,
the Mooresvllle/Deca'tur/Morirovla Times Is publishing regular
articles about the history of Mooresvllle and Moore.
' '	- - '/ : ■ '■ < ...	I	■	'
Methodist Church bell fondly remembered
The old Methodist Church on' ^.hallway and displayed. Now that
West Washington Street was used the Academy Building is being
for services until a fine brick stfucj f renovated, the old bell will find
ture was built in'1882 on the ' its'proper place in the a'ntici-
comer of South Indiana Street pated history
arid Ea'st HafrisoriBtreet."		 Thousands of pupils who' ex-
A bell for t£>e new church was perienced.the urgent calling of
thefgift of Dr£Curtis-,Hussey and,'<-„the.old bell will,remember,and
the%kfibefl frbiff the chufcfitd'n Ithipklondly of their school days
Wdshif^fS'Street^as qiden to^'and, hopefully,'the old bell will
- the Friends Academy school. ring again for very special occa-
v: This bell.rriarkdd'.thel time for sions. i .
beginning school and for recess
until the Newby School Was built - Residents, scholars, students,
iri 1936. It. was rumaltdrriately , • teachers and descendants of early
with the bell on the hew.Method-•' citizens of Mooresville are in-
ist Church to announce the death! vited to share with "Mooresville
wof Samuel Moore.,	Moments" a brief memory,
''When NewbySchool wasbuilt o event, life story, or an experi-
iri 1936, Jim and Lor£ri DeHorieyi i ence With special meaning. This
carried :the old-bell to the,.attic,, week's column was-written by
where ;it remained until the bi- Rachel Ruona, a descendant of
centennial, celebration,^when/it t,; one of the town's earliest pio-
was brought down to jhe,middle,, nefer settlers: -■
The historical artlblbffqf'Mooresvllle Moments are taken or
copied from various materials heated'Iri the Indiana/Local
History Roorb of the Mooresvllle Public Library and Include
newspaper clippings find notes from books edited by Becky i
Hardin, Clard Richardson and Almlra Hadley. "	\\

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