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									April 28r 1999
The Times
Mooresville Moments
In honor of Mooresuille's 175th Anniversary and the 200th
anniversary of the birth of Mooresuille's founder, Samuel Moore,
the Mooresville/Decatur/Monrouia Times is publishing regular
articles about the history of Mooresville and Moore.
Miss Ida continued
Miss Ida, Ida Fogleman, grand¬
daughter of Mooresville founder
Samuel Moore and his wife,
Eliza Worthington Moore, pre¬
served hundreds of historical
set, Venetian glass etched in gold,
an alabaster clock encased in
glass and overlaid in gold meant
to be a gift to Mary Moore
Conduitt, who died suddenly
before her husband could return
home with the gift. There were
also bonnets, vintage clothing, a
small bureau made by cabinet¬
maker Jacob Combs in 1839,
furniture, candlesticks, work bas¬
kets, books, Godey's Ladies
Book, wedding dresses, personal
mementos from concerts, poli¬
tics, newspapers and letters.
She closed her home and was
cared for by Norman and Norma
Miss Ida was a tiny, dainty,
gentle lady who evoked fond
memories of pink teas and gra¬
cious ways that befitted the only
heir of the founders of Moores¬
items and keepsakes from the
family of her parents and grand¬
parents, and often welcomed
people from all over the state to
view the large exhibit in her
home. She later donated many
priceless articles to the Indiana
State Museum, Indiana State
Library, and Indiana Historical
"It is a task caring for all these
keepsakes and I want to place
them where they will be pre¬
served for future generations,"
she said.
Among the many articles do¬
nated were: an 80 piece octago¬
nal style gold band dinner set
over 100 years old, a child's tea
The historical articles for Mooresville Moments are taken or
copied from various materials located in the IndianoTocal
History Room of the Mooresville Public Library and inqlude
newspaper clippings and notes from books edited by Becky
Hardin, Clara Richardson and Almira Hadley.

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