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MV Moments-Friends Church


In 1999, to commemorate the 175th anniversary of the town's founding, Wanda Potts, Indiana Room Librarian (1966-2002) at Mooresville Public Library, edited and wrote newspaper columns entitled "Mooresville Moments," in which she recounted the local history of Mooresville, Indiana and the surrounding area in Morgan County, Indiana.

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									The Times
March 31, 1999
Mooresville Moments
In honor of Mooresville's 175th Anniversary and the 200th
anniversary of the birth of Mooresville's founder, Samuel Moore,
the Moo res ui Ue/Deca t u r/Mo n ro u i a Times is publishing regular
articles about the history of Mooresville and Moore.
Friends Church and cemetery have long traditions
In 1823, a log meeting house	remodeled several times during
was built by the Friends Church	the last 130 years,
on the Plainfield Road (State Road	The Friendship House was
267) on a hill overlooking White	built in 1965 to accommodate
Lick Creek. Increased member-	some of the activities of the
ship soon outgrew the little log	church and is presently used by
meeting and land was secured	organizations, scouts, blood
near the fork of McCracken's	draws, voting, receptions, re-
Creek and White Lick Creek	unions and celebrations. .
about one mile west of town.	The White Lick Cemetery next
In 1827, the first brick meet-	to the old church west of town is
ing house was built at a cost of still owned and managed by the
$900."	•	Friends Church. Many Moores-;
The White Lick Cemetery was ville pioneers are buried in the '
beguninl827nexttothechurch. older part of the cemetery.
During the Civil War, the church
was found to be unsafe and was1
The well kept, beautiful set-
• ting is presently the burial site for:
torn down. A frame building was 1 Quakers and chosen by many -
erected in its place.	' who are not members of the 1
The present Friends Church ' Friends Church and do not know
built at the corner of North " of its long and venerable history.
Monroe and West Main Street A complete history of White
from 1867-1870. It was located Lick Cemetery was prepared by
next to the Quaker School (Acad-, Gene Gormonin January, 1995.
emy Building) on a beautiful, spa- It is available with his; well kept
cious lot. The present church has '.notes' at the Mooresville Public
been added to, renovated and Library. 11
The historical articles for Mooresville Moments are taken or ,
copied from various materials located in the Indiana/Local 	
History Boom of. the Mooresville Public Library and Include
newspaper.clippings and notes from books edited by Becky
Hardin, Clara Richardson and Almira Hadley. . ,

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