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MV Moments-Franklin Ice Cream


In 1999, to commemorate the 175th anniversary of the town's founding, Wanda Potts, Indiana Room Librarian (1966-2002) at Mooresville Public Library, edited and wrote newspaper columns entitled "Mooresville Moments," in which she recounted the local history of Mooresville, Indiana and the surrounding area in Morgan County, Indiana.

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Mooresville Moments
In honor ofMooresville's I75th Anniversary and the 200th anniversary
of ihe birth of Mooresville i founder. Samuel Moore, the Mooresville Times
is publishing regular articles about the history of Mooresville and Moore.
Franklin Ice Cream Store
Such fond memories of the
Mooresville that once was and will
never be again.
Less than 2000 people lived in
the town before World War II. The
business section largely occupied a
block north, one block south, half a
block east and half a block west from
the center of town, and w»s limited
mostly to grocery stores, barber
shops, restaurants, hardware stores,
cleaning shops, doctor and dentist
offices and drug stores, and gradu¬
ally appliance stores.
The Franklin Ice Cream Store lo¬
cated on the west side of the first
block of South Indiana Street
never given to insistent customers.
Originally only women were
employed, but a rumor from town
hall that a hold-up was being
planned caused management to hire
young men too. The robbery never
Lots of practice was required to
hand dip, lift and scrape the ice
cream into the special cone.
Employees were allowed to eat
as much ice cream as they wanted
and their appetite was soon dimin¬
ished. Wagers were low but the
workers were friendly, congenial
and dependable.
Miss Ruth Hubbard, now Mrs.
brought to town a unique departure
from the drug store round scoop of
ice cream. Beside the regular vanilla,
strawberry and chocolate flavors, the
store offered orange pineapple, hon¬
eymoon, grape pineapple, lemon,
butterscotch, cherry crime, butter
pecan, banana mint, coconut, cara¬
mel and fudge ripple, all dished out
with a long narrow scoop resem¬
bling a garden trowel.
Richard Shrake, was manager until
1941 and some local people, glad to
have a job, were Kelsey McDaniel,
Evelyn Kirkman, Georgetta Young,
Ed Warmoth, Laura O'Donnell,
Rachel Bailey and Fly Billeter.
Cones were 5-cents. Three dips
of any flavor ice cream were 5-cents.
Six dips were 10-cents, and six dif¬
ferent flavors made a tantalizing
Opening about 1934 or 1935
Ruth and Richard Shrake live in
Bloomington and both feel that in
all the 58 years they have been away,
they have never been, nor forgotten,
any finer people than their friends
and neighbors in their home town.
when times were bad, the store did
good business and later sandwiches
and soups, pies and sundaes were
added during the winter. The chili
recipe was a well kept secret and
The historical articles for Mooresville Moments are taken or copied
from various materials located in the Indiana/Local History Room of the
Mooresville Public Library and include newspaper clippings and notes from
books edited by Becky Hardin. Clara Richardson and Almira Hadley. Ma¬
terial is managed by Wanda Potts.

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