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In 1999, to commemorate the 175th anniversary of the town's founding, Wanda Potts, Indiana Room Librarian (1966-2002) at Mooresville Public Library, edited and wrote newspaper columns entitled "Mooresville Moments," in which she recounted the local history of Mooresville, Indiana and the surrounding area in Morgan County, Indiana.

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									August 18, 1999
The Times
Mooresville Moments
In honor of Mooresville's 175th Anniversary and the 200th
anniversaryof the birth of Mooresville's founder, Samuel Moore,
the Mooresville/Decatur/Monrovia Times is publishing regular
articles about the history of Mooresville and Moore.
words and music by Frank C. Huston
Nationally known as a com¬
poser of many hymns and songs,
Rev. Frank C. Fluston wrote the
words and music to the song
entitled "Mooresville."
Rev. Huston lived in
Knightstown and commuted to
Mooresville for his duties as paster
of the Christian Church and choir
director. He organized and di¬
rected the church choir.
Some time after his ministry
here, Rev. Huston moved to
Horida and while there composed
both the words and music to "For
God and Country," an American
Legion marching song.
The lyrics of "For God and
Country" are:
You may sing of your cities of
wide renown/There are some
that are wondrous stuff/But I'll
sing you a song of my own little
town/With which there are none
to compare.
It's building may not be so tall/
But all who are thoughtful must
surely agree/It's folk makes a
town after all.
(Chorus) Mooresville/
You are the theme of my
You're the place where I be¬
Oh there are others and larger
I know
But none are so dear as old
And so I'll sing you praises
where I go
You're my home town.
It's a beautiful city, is my
home town/With it's welcom¬
ing streets everywhere/The
charm of her homes is a prov¬
erb well known/For culture and
beauty are there.
Where each takes a pride in
his own home town/There's
little but good may befall/But
still we insist when you're judg¬
ing a town/It's folk make a
town after all.
The historical articles for Mooresville Moments are taken or
copied from various materials located in the Indianad-ocal
History Room of the Mooresville Public Library and include
newspaper clippings and notes from books edited by Becky
Hardin, Clara Richardson and Almira Hadley.

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