This is to certify that the undersigned is familiar

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This is to certify that the undersigned is familiar Powered By Docstoc
					Village of Glen Ellyn
Architect/Engineer/Contractor/Owner Verification of Compliance
Project Address: ___________________________________________

The undersigned is familiar with the applicable Building and Zoning Codes and ordinances of the Village of Glen
Ellyn, Illinois, as they may apply to the design and construction of the above project, including but not limited to
the following:
      ICC 2003 International Building Code*
      ICC 2003 International Residential Code*
      ICC 2003 International Fire Code
      BOCA 1993 National Fire Prevention Code*
      ICC 2003 International Mechanical Code*
      ICC 2003 International Fuel Gas Code
      NEC 2008 National Electric Code*
      Illinois State Plumbing Code, 2004*
      Illinois Accessibility Code, 1997
      Illinois/NFPA 101 Life Safety Code, 2000
      Illinois/ICC International Energy Conservation Code, 2009
      Illinois/ASHRAE Energy Standard 90.1, 2004
      Village of Glen Ellyn Zoning Code, 1989*
      Dupage County Countywide Stormwater Floodplain Ordinance, 2008*
  *The Village of Glen Ellyn has issued amendments to these codes and ordinances.
I/We understand that the Village has passed local ordinances, which are based upon, but may deviate from the applicable codes. I/We
also understand that the Village is a community where construction takes place in proximity to other structures, and that the Village
seeks to minimize the interference of new construction with existing structures and to, over time, bring existing structures in the
Village into conformity with our current codes.
I/We understand that approval of plans submitted to the Planning and Development Department for review is a CONDITIONAL
APPROVAL ONLY, and that construction must be in conformance with all provisions of the aforementioned codes and
ordinances. It is further understood that, in the event of conflict between the approved plans or the constructed work and
provisions of the codes and ordinances, the codes and ordinances must be followed.

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