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					                   Grammetry Poems for Elementary Students

                                          "May Song" - Carlos Cortez
Participial Phrase                        Pushing up their heads
Adverb ending in -ly                      Proudly
Prep                                      Like
Adj / noun                                Golden nuggets
Prep / adj / op                           On green velvet
Conj                                      But
Adj / sub / hv / v / do                   Lawn owners don't love them
                                          "Drats" - Shel Silverstein
Hv / sub / v / io                         Can anyone lend me
Adj / adj / do                            Two eighty-pound rats?
Sub / v / infinitive phrase               I want to rid my house of cats.
                                          from "Unfolding Bud" - Naoshi Koriyama
Sub / lv / pa                             One is amazed
Prep / art / adj / op                     By a water-lily bud
Participle ending in -ing and modifying   Unfolding
the op                                    With each passing day,
Prep / adj / adj / op                     Taking on a richer color
Participial phrase also modifying the     And new dimensions.
first op

                                          "Snow" - Issa
v / adv / adj                             looks so delicious --
noun / v / adv                            snow falling softly
adv                                       softly
                                          "Jackie Robinson" - Lucille Clifton
v / prep / op                             ran against walls
prep / op                                 without breaking.
prep / op                                 in night games
lv / adv / pa                             was not foul
conj / adj / prep phrase                  but, brave as a hit
prep / adj / op,                          over whitestone fences,
v / art / adj / do                        entered the conquering dark.
                                          "Mother Cat" - Issa
adj / sub                                 mother cat
v / do...                                 plays hide and seek...
prep /adj / op                            with her kittens
Grammetry Poems for Elementary Students