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					                      N o r t h e r n Tr u s t

                      MULTI-MANAGER PORTFOLIO


                      Creating Powerful Manager Combinations

Northern Trust        To design a diversified portfolio tailored to    returns, analyzing market correlation and
                      your risk/return needs, Northern Trust Global    volatility. This information drives our efficient
conducts a
                      Advisors (NTGA) uses modern portfolio theory     frontier and provides a broad framework for
disciplined,          and leverages industry-leading manager           designing an optimized portfolio to accom-
                      research and analysis tools.                     modate your specific needs.
                          Northern Trust’s manager of managers
                                                                       Investment Manager Selection
process before        practice has been researching and monitor-
                      ing investment managers for client programs      To understand each manager’s unique
recommending a
                      for more than 25 years. In that time, we have    investment process and discipline, we use a
portfolio solution.   developed the skill, resources and processes     rigorous, uniform process employing both
                      to research, compare and select money            qualitative and quantitative tools. We develop
                      managers worldwide. Today, we continuously       a qualitative sense of how different managers’
                      track approximately 5,000 global money           styles complement each other before testing
                      managers with specific investment specialties,   statistically to determine which manager
                      recommending fewer than 300 to clients.          combinations provide the most compelling
                                                                       risk/return results.
                      DISCIPLINED PROCESS
                                                                       Asset Class Fulfillment
                      Before recommending a portfolio solution to
                      you, Northern Trust completes a disciplined,     Strategic combinations of managers are used
                      four-step process.                               to fulfill your asset allocation objectives. Each
                      ■   Asset Allocation Analysis                    investment manager has a style or philosophy
                                                                       that works better in certain financial conditions
                      ■   Investment Manager Selection                 than others. Using a single manager in any
                      ■   Asset Class Fulfillment                      asset class can leave you vulnerable to style
                                                                       risk – fluctuations in performance as financial
                      ■   NTGA System of Interactive Testing and       conditions vary.
                          Evaluation (NSITE)                               Combining complementary managers can
                                                                       help reduce portfolio volatility and provide
                      Asset Allocation Analysis
                                                                       enhanced returns. Style- and capitalization-
                      Our Investment Policy Committee, made            neutral portfolios help manage risk by
                      up of senior asset management professionals,     combining managers whose approaches have
                      reviews and approves investment policy for       low levels of correlation with one another.
                      all clients. The committee forecasts market

You will receive a    To position your portfolio for success in changing market environments and to gain further
                      insight into the true structure of the portfolio, each potential solution goes through a rigorous
portfolio recommen-
                      series of tests. These tests help us fine-tune various allocation scenarios so as to understand
dation only after a   and manage sources of risk. If a particular allocation scenario triggers a flag in one stage of the
                      analysis, we adjust the allocations before moving on to the next stage.
series of rigorous
                      Returns-Based Analysis. Northern Trust goes beyond common industry practices to analyze
tests have been
                      return statistics.
                                                             R E T U R N S - B A S E D A N A LYS I S
                            C O M M O N I N D U S T RY P R AC T I C E                  NORTHERN TRUST PROCESS

                          Review absolute and relative performance on a            Analyze a broad set of absolute and relative
                          cumulative and calendar year basis.                      statistics.

                          Measure information ratio and Sharpe ratio.              Perform ratio analyses on both a cumulative and
                                                                                   rolling basis.
                          Risk is defined by tracking error and standard
                          deviation.                                               Confirm style bias through regression and
                                                                                   fundamental analysis.
                          Low-correlated products influence selection.
                                                                                   Examine up-market capture and down-market

                                                                                   Look for consistency across time periods and
                                                                                   market environments.

                                                                                   Measure batting averages (percentage of times
                                                                                   the portfolio has beaten its benchmark) for returns
                                                                                   as well as a variety of other statistics and ratios.

Holdings-based        Fundamental Holdings-Based Analysis. This                   from style or capitalization. We evaluate a
                      stage of testing measures manager skill in                  broad set of historical and forward-looking
analysis measures
                      security selection, based on three core beliefs.            fundamentals. These include the same meas-
manager skill in      ■    Fundamentals, the key drivers of a manager’s           ures the underlying managers would consider
                           investment style, are more sensitive than              when selecting securities for their portfolios,
security selection.
                           returns to changes in manager allocations.             the most common of which include:
                                                                                  ■   Price-to-earnings ratio;
                      ■    A manager following a strict style discipline
                                                                                  ■   Price-to-book ratio;
                           will display strategic fundamental traits.
                                                                                  ■   Yield;
                      ■    Skill in security selection is a significant
                                                                                  ■   Earnings growth; and
                           source of a manager’s excess returns.
                                                                                  ■   Return on equity.
                      The goal of holdings-based analysis is
                      to leverage each manager’s stock selection
                      expertise, while managing inherent risks

Holdings-based analysis provides a truer            Stress testing involves a series of analyses.      Stress testing
picture of capitalization, sector, regional and     ■   Time period                                    forecasts portfolio
country bets. A manager’s style bias can be
                                                    ■   Sensitivity
determined by the over- or underweights of                                                             sensitivity to interest
                                                    ■   Scenario testing
these factors and fundamentals. This analysis
                                                                                                       rates, inflation and
helps determine whether a manager’s perform-        ■   Risk decomposition
ance is driven by one of these factors or by        ■   Alternative manager combinations               market cycles.
skill in stock selection. If we discover risks or
unintended bias in the overall solution, we         Once again, if risks or unintended biases are
readjust the manager allocations and retest         noted, we adjust the allocations and re-evaluate
the portfolio with returns-based analysis.          the portfolio through returns-based and
Stress Testing. Once we are confident with          holdings-based analyses.
the results from the returns-based and holdings-        It is only after successfully completing
based analyses, stress testing is conducted         all phases of the NSITE process that Northern
using proprietary and third-party analytics.        Trust will recommend a portfolio to you.
Stress testing forecasts the portfolio’s sensi-     Leveraging Northern Trust’s expertise in
tivity to interest rates and inflation, as well     portfolio construction provides you with a
as its strengths and weaknesses in different        well-structured, diversified solution designed
market environments and cycles.                     to offer the highest potential return for your
                                                    risk tolerance targets.
■   Bull
■   Bear                                            FOR MORE INFORMATION
■   Speculative                                     To learn more about portfolio construction,
                                                    please contact Waz Saluchok, 1-866-791-7396,
■   Narrow
■   Growth-, value- and capitalization-driven

This material is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer or
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a recommendation to buy or sell any funds or an endorsement of any underlying managers’
investment strategies.

Information has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable, but its accuracy and
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There is no guarantee that the investment objectives of any fund or strategy will be met. Risk
controls and asset allocation models do not promise any level of performance or guarantee against
loss of principal.


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