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									Executive assistant job description

I/ Key job tasks of executive assistant job description 1. To conduct constructive background searches and find synergies on potential government and private sector bodies 2. To compile correspondence and reports on behalf of the CEO. 3. To prepare, proof read and edit all outgoing correspondence e.g. letters, funding proposals, press releases, marketing materials and newsletters; 4. To prepare the Chief Executive for all internal/external meetings i.e. researching organization/individuals, briefing on “synergy” and possible new joint working opportunities which might result from this meeting so as to maximize new business opportunities for company. 5. To manage the Chief Executive’s workload, act as gatekeeper and follow up meetings, external contacts, ideas for new business etc; 6. To ensure the general maintenance of reference material for bids/proposals 7. To provide/research ground material/literature on various international development, housing, health, education and employment issues. 8. To provide regular updates on government policies and legislations. 9. To develop and maintain structures for inter team communications within company. 10. To monitor tasks delegated by the Chief Executive to customers on new business opportunities to ensure that completed work is achieved to agreed deadlines; 11. To work closely with the CEO to ensure that all projects and contracts are up to date and ensure relevant managers produce monthly management reports for the Chief Executive outlining progress on all projects; 12. To create and manage the Chief Executive’s filing system in relation to new business opportunities and external contacts. II / Job specification of executive assistant job description

1. Qualified to Degree Level or equivalent. 2. Five years experience in a secretarial job, in support of a senior manager. 3. Proven track record of successfully managing upwards. 4. Substantial experience and a proven track record of delivering continuous improvement. 5. High level experience of staff management. 6. Excellent IT skills. 7. Excellent organization, writing and interpersonal skills. 8. Excellent innovation and creativity skills. 9. Excellent presentation skills together with the ability to think on your feet. 10. Knowledge and sound understanding of the third sector and the business support needs that flow from this. Source: http://executivejobdescription.blogspot.com/ III / Compensation and benefits

Net salary: 2.100 USD/month. Email: soul.latan@gmail.com

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