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What is accounts receivable

A accounts receivable is a position in accounting department.

Accounts Receivables (A/R) is one duty of accounting dept that dealing with the billing
of a customer for goods and services they have ordered.

Key job tasks of accounts receivable job description

       1. Ensure and maintain returns being processed in warehouse and make sure the
           chargeback amount does not exceed the total authorized amount.
       2. Investigate and resolve customer queries
       3. Process adjustments
       4. After warehouse generates the receiving reports, run the credit memos in the
           sales order module and make sure the credit amount is reflected on customer’s
       5. Perform other accounting duties as requested.
       6. Organizing a recovery system and initiate collection efforts
       7. Communicating with customers via phone, email, mail or personally
       8. Maintaining thorough, well organized accounts receivable customer files.
       9. Research and negotiate chargeback claims.
       10. Reconciliation of accounts
       11. Posting all cash receipts, discounts, allowances, price difference, returns and
           other charge backs to customer accounts timely and accurately.
       12. Maintain up-to-date billing system
       13. Follow up, collection and allocation of payments
       14. Carry out billing, collection and reporting activities according to specific
       15. Monitoring customer account details for non payments, delayed payments and
           other irregularities
       16. Track and investigate deductions (charge backs) from customer payments.
       17. Process, transmit and run credit card transactions for customer sales and
       18. Process Debit Memos to invoice or re-invoice for any adjustment on
           restocking fees, currency issues, transferring commissions/fees and co-op
           salary to our agent, correction to original invoice, and transferring goods
           between customers.
       19. Maintain accounts receivable customer files
       20. Follow established procedures for processing receipts, cash etc
       21. Prepare bank deposits
Job specification of accounts receivable

     1. Bachelor’s Degree required; accounting, business or economics focus
     2. 3 years of accounts receivable and general accounting experience required.
     3. Knowledge of accounts receivable
     4. Knowledge of office administration and procedures
     5. Decision-making skills
     6. Conflict management skills
     7. Information management
     8. Knowledge of general bookkeeping procedures
     9. Proficient in relevant computer applications
     10. Attention to detail and accuracy
     11. Problem-solving skills
     12. Interpersonal skills
     13. Good communication skills
     14. Organizational skills
     15. Stress tolerance
     16. Negotiation skills

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