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									                                  Your Voice
    MUN Pensioners Association (MUNPA) Newsletter       Vol 5 No 11, November, 2007 - Daniel Stewart, Editor

                    Editorial                         Lifelong Learning Seeks Instructors
                                                      The Division of Lifelong Learning is looking for
        For a democratic association to function
                                                      instructors among MUNPA members:
effectively there must be efficient modes of
communication among its members and between
the members and the elected executive of the
                                                      Memorial University's Division of Lifelong
association. Efficient communication allows the
                                                      Learning, is looking for qualified people to teach
executive to be responsive to members’
                                                      in      their     General       Interest        and
concerns, to provide members with useful
                                                      Personal/Professional Development program.
information, and to gauge membership opinion.
                                                      Classes offered under this program are non-credit
        The MUNPA Executive is charged with the
                                                      in nature and range in duration from one
responsibility of promoting the aims and well-
                                                      day/evening to 10 weeks (one class per week).
being of over 1200 Memorial pension recipients.
                                                      Remuneration is commensurate with
To try to do so we need to know what those aims
                                                      qualifications and experience.
are and, literally, how members feel. As well, in a
                                                      The classes typically take place on campus,
democratic association we must inform members
                                                      evenings, and are intended for non-traditional,
of our activities for their scrutiny and comment.
                                                      mature students with an interest in personal and
        At the moment this newsletter is the only
                                                      professional skills development. (A limited
reliable means of communication to all MUNPA
                                                      amount of children's programming also takes
members. The Executive continues to try to
                                                      p l a c e . ) Fo r m o re in f o r m a t io n , se e
obtain the release from the University of
members’ names and addresses in a way       
consistent with privacy legislation and I will keep   We would like to hear from you if you have an
you informed about this. As well, over the year I     expertise or teaching experience in:
will endeavour to expand the range and depth of
information available on the MUNPA web page.          - languages: Spanish, in particular
        I would also like again to ask the question   - cooking; e.g., preparation fundamentals,
of the name of this newsletter. It’s obviously not    international cuisines, BBQ tips
of great importance but I can’t figure out who is     - music; e.g., instrument instruction, singing,
the “you” implied by Your Voice. If it’s all of we    music appreciation (Understanding Opera)
pensioners, then Our Voice would seem better, if      - visual arts; e.g., painting and drawing (in all
equally bland. Any suggestions or comments?           media); photography
        I encourage members to use this               - project management
newsletter as a forum for discussion and would        - change management
welcome articles, letters to the editor, or guest     - human resources management
editorials.                                           - conflict resolution
                                                      Please submit your resume, including references,
Daniel Stewart                                        to:
                                                      Program Co-ordinator
                                                      Division of Lifelong Learning
                                                      Memorial University of Newfoundland
                                                      Rm. FM1000, Phelan Road
                                                      St. John's, NL A1C 5S7
Mark the envelope/subject line "Facilitators".
Selection will be based on academic background
and/or experience within the field. We also welcome
proposals for new courses.

Reduced        Rates      at    Aquarena         for
Retirees already receive an automatic 50% discount
for Field House memberships. However, retirees are
also eligible for a 50% discount at the Aquarena
through The Works Preferred Rate Program (PRP).
Applications for the PRP are available at the Field
House or the Aquarena. For information contact:
Craig Neil, 737-3809,                      Executive Member Honoured

                                                         Dr. Sharon Buehler, honourary research
Letter from Elliott Leyton                               professor in the University’s Division of
                                                         Community Health and Humanities and member
Elliott Leyton, himself a most distinguished retired     of the MUNPA executive, is the winner of the
academic, wrote us an e-mail entitled “Reassurance       inaugural Primary Care Researcher of the Year
about retirement”.                                       Award. The award was presented in Gander,
                                                         September 20 at the annual scientific assembley
      Perhaps the membership might be interested         of the Newfoundland and Labrador Chapter of
  in this quote? This was in a letter to me from one     the College of Family Physicians of Canada
  of the world’s most distinguished sociologists,
  Zygmunt Bauman, long retired from the Chair of
  Sociology at Leeds and the author of fifty plus
  influential books.                                                       Contact MUNPA
     “...the bliss of ultimate freedom,(is) given only    mail:            MUNPA, Box 206, St. John’s
  to the ‘retired’ (retirement is the mass production                      A1C 5S7
  version of aristocratic haute couture, or, to put it    e-mail:
  differently, the privilege the noblemen are born
  with and we the commoners have to work for all          Executive:
  our lives). Looking back (or, rather, down from
  my perch), I feel often that all my working life was    Bill Marshall         wm arshal@ m
  but a prelude to the real thing - and I am sure that    Christopher English   cenglish@ peterson.ucs.m
  you will make the same discovery.                       Dan Stewart            stewartd@ swgc.m
                                                          Derek Burton           burton@m
MUNPA Voice Mail Not Working                              Don Steele             dsteele@ m
                                                          Doreen W halen         dwhalen@m
Since the installation of the new Voice over              Ed W illiam s          ewilliam @ m
Internet Protocol phone system at the University          Evan Sim pson          esim pson@m
MUNPA’s voice mail account has lapsed and a               Glenys W oodland
new one yet to be set up. We are hopeful that the         Harold Squires         hsquires@ m
new system will be ready soon and apologize to            Sharon Buehler         skb@ m
anyone who might have been trying to reach us.

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