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Learning at KCC!
                                                             Personal & Self
This past semester has been amazing!                         Development                            3
Thanks to all of our new students, it was
a pleasure to see so many of you in our                      Fitness                                9
                                                             Healthy & Holistic Living             12
We have exciting news! You are now able to
register and pay for your choice of Lifelong                 Arts & Crafts                         17
Learning classes online. Simply visit us at
www.kellogg.edu/lifelong and follow the                      Cooking & Wine                        18
directions at the top of the registration
pages for Continuing Education/Lifelong                      Home & Garden                         21
Learning. If you’ve been our student in the
past two years you have received, or will                    Money & Financial Health 23
receive very soon, a letter with your KCC
User ID and instructions on how to use the                   Languages                             25
KRIS for Continuing Education system.
                                                             Test Prep                             26
We hope you find a class or two that you’re
looking forward to taking, because we’re                     Computers &
looking forward to seeing you soon. You are                  Technology                            27
always welcome to visit us at KCC’s Regional
Manufacturing Technology Center, where                       Online Learning                       30
the parking is easy, there are no tests to take
or grades to worry about, and there’s always                 Map                                   38
a smiling face to say “Welcome!” We hope to
see you soon,                                                Registration Information              39

Your Friends in Lifelong Learning

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    Bring a friend to
    class and make it a
    girls’ night out!
    Send her this link
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www.kellogg.edu/lifelong                                                                            1
Saturday Classes
are Fun!                                             February 20th
                                                            Just ONCE Guitar
                                                             Debt Free Living
                                                        Finding $ for College
                                                           Just ONCE Drums
                                                 So You Want to be a Model?

                                                           March 13th
                                   Travel Light: Packing Guidelines that Work!
                                     Instant Piano for Hopelessly Busy People
                                                          Instant Piano by Ear

                                                            April 24th
                                                      Hiking for Fun & Fitness
                                        Learn to Play the Mountain Dulcimer
                                                      Blackjack for Beginners
                                                     Learn to Play Harmonica

It’s time to do something
just for you, so call your
friends and sign up for one
of our classes designed to
make your Saturday routine,
not so routine…

    Lifelong Learning classes are the perfect gift for special occasions!
       Call Abbie at 269-965-4134 to order your gift certificates.

2                                               LIFELONG LEARNING — SPRING 2010

Personal & Self                                        Communication Classics:
Development                                            The Basics –
                                                       Sure, we’re communicating all the time, but do
How to Write Your Way Out of a                         you really understand what’s going on during a
                                                       communication situation? In this new workshop
Paper Bag –                                            you’ll learn the importance of both verbal and
Have you ever wanted to write a short story,           non-verbal language and how you can effec-
poem or just an engaging letter for your               tively and appropriately combine the two into
Christmas card, but were too intimidated to            a positive communication experience. Discover
try? Well, this class is made just for you. A local    how to “read” others and how to adjust your
published writer will take the mystery out of          communication style to be most effective. You
creative writing and get you in contact with your      will be amazed at the power you will have when
own unique voice. Materials will be provided.          you understand what’s really going on when you
Just bring a sense of humor, a good attitude, and      interact with others—we promise!
your favorite pen. Whether its fiction or non-         Tuesdays • 2/9/10-2/16/10 • 6-9 pm • $49
fiction, everyone has a story to tell so get started   PDEV C13A-03 • White, M
on yours now!
Mondays • 2/1/10-2/8/10 • 6-8 pm • $25
WRTG C12A-35 • Mullis, N                               Modeling: So You Want to Be a
                                                       Model? –
Love Your Outfits &                                    Have you ever considered becoming a female or
                                                       male model? The modeling industry is looking
Downsize Your Closet                                   for men and women of all shapes, sizes, and ages.
Really, how many pairs of black slacks do you          This one night workshop will give you the A-Z’s
need? If you feel overwhelmed by all the stuff in      of what you need to know if you are interested in
your closet; if you take up more than one closet       modeling part-time or full-time, locally, nation-
in your house; or if you pack up clothes at the end    ally or worldwide. Taught by a successful inter-
of each season to accommodate the clothes you          national model, you will learn everything about
have for the upcoming one, then you need this          the business of modeling, from getting agents
class! Learn from our favorite fashion consultant      and contracts to building your portfolio and
what looks best on you—the fit, the colors, the        marketing yourself. You can benefit by learning
style—and then you’ll be able to downsize your         from someone who has been there and done it
closet and every day you’ll know you’re wearing        all. If you are a man or a woman, ages 12-50, and
something that looks fabulous on you.                  you would like to learn the truth and the myths
Monday • 2/8/10 • 6-8:30 pm • $29                      of this highly publicized industry, then you don’t
HOME C10C-38 • Erickson, B
                                                       want to miss this new workshop.
                                                       Saturday • 2/20/10 • 9:30 am-12 pm • $99
No More Cookie-Cutter Weddings!                        PDEV C12A-35 • Harney, A

Discover the little-known planning secrets
of pro wedding planners. The kinds of things
no bride-to-be can afford not to know! We’ll
discuss creative and unique ways for planning
a more memorable, meaningful, and personal-
ized wedding. Join a local wedding planner as
she reveals ways to make this day unique and
special for you and your groom. You may have                 The Perfect Gift!
some ideas already but come and learn more.                   Lifelong Learning classes are the
She will also cover ways to trim the budget while
making it a special event. We’ll explore some of             perfect gift for the person who has
the hottest trends sweeping the wedding indus-                            everything!
try: green and destination weddings! Don’t miss
this chance to give yourself and your spouse a
wedding that you will remember for a lifetime.              Call Abbie at 269-965-4134 to order
Tuesday • 2/9/10 • 6-8 pm • $19
PDEV C15A-35 • Kloack, T                                            your gift certificates.

www.kellogg.edu/lifelong                                                                              3
                                                      PERSONAL & SELF DEVELOPMENT

Just ONCE Guitar for Busy People                      both verbally and non-verbally. So, if you’re ready
                                                      to get “insider’s tips” into what your date is really
–                                                     “saying” then don’t miss this fun new workshop.
Have you wanted to learn the guitar but simply        Oh, and bring your single friends along so they
can’t find the time? In just a few hours you can      can have better dating experiences too!
learn enough about playing the guitar to give         Tuesday • 2/23/10 • 6-8 pm • $25
you years of musical enjoyment, and you won’t         PDEV C13A-01 • White, M
have to take private lessons to do it. This crash
course will teach you some basic chords and get
you playing along with your favorite songs right
                                                      Family Roots: Beginning
away. Topics include: how chords work in a song;      Genealogy
how to form the three main types of chords; how       If you are a newcomer to this hobby or just
to tune your guitar; basic strumming patterns;        want to document your family tree, this course
how to buy a good guitar (plus the things to          will get you off to a good start. More and more
avoid); and how to play along with simple tunes.      people are beginning to research their family
NOTE: Bring your own acoustic guitar. Class           history, and in this class you will learn the
limited to 15 students, for ages 13+. Fee includes    fundamentals of genealogy research. Each week
workbook and practice DVD.                            will bring new ways to search, organize and
Saturday • 2/20/10 • 9:30 am-12 pm • $89 (includes    preserve information about your ancestors and
materials)                                            their stories. You’ll spend the last night of class
PERF C11A-35 • Avey, S                                in the computer lab to discover excellent online
                                                      sources of information that will help you create
Just ONCE Drums –                                     your family tree!
                                                      Wednesdays • 2/24/10-3/17/10 • 6-8 pm • $39
Have you wanted to learn to play the drums but
                                                      HSTY C14A-35 • Jackson, J
simply can’t find the time, or don't want to pay
for private lessons? Then join us and in just a
few hours, even if you’re an absolute beginner,       Make-Up for Any Occasion
you can learn to play basic drum set patterns and     Have you ever wanted to learn simple tricks to
have years of musical enjoyment. This workshop        do your make-up perfectly? In this new class
will teach basic technique, hand exercises, basic     you’ll get make up samples and learn how to use
rock patterns, drum fills and get you playing         them to create a subtle daytime look to enhance
along with your favorite songs right away! Plus,      your features that can be easily transformed
you’ll learn how to hold the sticks, how to pick      into a glamorous look for an evening out. Learn
a good drum set, basic stick exercise, three-limb     how to create “smoky” eyes, perfect lips, and
independence, and grooves in 4/4, 3/4 and 6/8         the secret make-up tricks and tips that only the
time. You’ll be playing in the “groove” in no time    professionals know; plus, you’ll learn how make
at all. Bring your drumsticks and practice pad (or    up can help you look your best in photographs.
purchase a set from the instructor for $24). Your     The class fee includes the make-up samples
fee includes a workbook and practice DVD.             you’ll need to create your fresh, new look. Note:
Saturday • 2/20/10 • 1-3:30 pm • $89 (includes        Class size is limited so each participant can
materials)                                            experience the makeover, please register early.
PERF C11D-35 • Avey, S                                Monday • 3/1/10 • 6-8:30 pm • $29 (includes samples)
                                                      PDEV C12A-37 • Erickson, B
Communication Classics: It’s a
Date! –                                               Communication Classics: Are We
Can there be anything more confusing than             Really Related? –
figuring out if he or she is into you, or not? The    Do you often look around your home and
“date” is a prime location for miscommunica-          wonder where all the strangers came from?
tion; so, if you’ve walked away after what you        Often we get so busy in our lives that we forget
thought was a wonderful date, never to hear           the importance of connecting with those closest
from the other party again, we invite you to join     to us. In this new workshop we’ll hit the high-
us for this fun look at dating communication.         lights of the communication process and then
You’ll get communications advice to determine         focus our attention on how we can communicate
the other party’s level of interest in you; tips to   more effectively with our spouse, our children
communicate that you are definitely into the          (with a special discussion on communicating
other party; and perhaps the best part: how to        with teens), and even our in-laws and parents.
decode what men and women are really saying

 4                                                              LIFELONG LEARNING — SPRING 2010

When we’re done you’ll have the tools you need         years and has opened for national acts including
to develop a closer and more fulfilling relation-      Peter Frampton, Edgar Winter, the Beach Boys,
ship with your family members—and you won’t            Taylor Swift and more. NOTE: To prepare for
be strangers anymore!                                  the class, total beginners should request a free
Tuesday • 3/2/10 • 6-8 pm • $25                        pamphlet by sending a self-addressed, stamped
PDEV C13A-02 • White, M                                envelope to: Learn Pop Piano, 45242 Chestnut
                                                       Court, Shelby Township MI 48317.
Memoir Writing: Making Literature                      Saturday • 3/13/10 • 9 am-12:30 pm • $79 (includes
from Life –                                            PERF C11B-35 • Doiron, M
Rediscover and record the stories of your life.
Whether you've already started to, or have always      How to Play Piano by Ear
wanted to write your memoirs, this course will         Contrary to popular belief, anyone can learn to
get your pen moving. The focus will be on taking       play piano by ear. This workshop will show you
anecdotes from life and weaving them together          the inside secrets professional piano players
to form a piece or collection that goes beyond         use, but seldom reveal. You’ll even learn how to
the personal experience to the universal. In-class     pick tunes right out of your head. In addition,
writing activities and discussion will help you        you will learn how to get songs off the radio and
draw together the bits and memories of your life       from recordings. You’ll even learn how to trans-
into a cohesive tale.                                  pose and improve your overall musicianship.
Wednesdays • 3/3/10-3/17/10 • 6-8 pm • $29
                                                       This workshop goes beyond mere “ear training.”
WRTG C10A-35 • Scott, L
                                                       After this unique class you’ll be picking out
                                                       tunes by ear—with both hands—from the very
Communication Classics: Lie to Me                      first day! This is open to musicians (not just
Has anyone ever lied to you, and you knew it,          piano players) who have a basic understanding
but you didn’t know how you “knew” it? We’ll           of chord theory. Your instructor, Marc Doiron,
bet you were picking up communication clues—           has worked as a professional piano player for
both verbal and non-verbal. In this new class          the past 15 years, and is well versed in the
you’ll learn about the communication process,          fields of pop, rock, country, blues and jazz. He
and how you can use this new information to            teaches Instant Piano and How to Play Piano
determine the sincerity and honesty of others.         by Ear, and these workshops have been taken
You’ll also learn the process and procedures used      successfully by over 150,000 students across the
by law enforcement when questioning suspects,          nation since 1982. NOTE: Beginners should take
witnesses and victims that help them decide if         Instant Piano (For Hopelessly Busy People) as a
the person being questioned is being honest.           prerequisite.
Gestures, facial expression, posture, eye move-        Saturday • 3/13/10 • 1:30-5 pm • $79
ment, and even unconscious body movement               (includes materials)
tell the truth—even if they aren’t! Join us for this   PERF C11B-36 • Doiron, M
in-depth look at language and body language; we

                                                          Qs ???
bet you’ll never be lied to again.
Tuesdays • 3/9/10-3/16/10 • 6-9 pm • $49
PDEV C13A-04 • White, M

Instant Piano (For Hopelessly Busy
You don’t need years of weekly lessons to learn
piano. You can learn enough in this one work-
                                                          Got Questions?
shop to play almost any song on the piano with
                                                          Look for answers on pages 39-40. If you
two hands. Then you can go on to perfect your             don’t find the answer there, go to our
technique at home using a resource book and
CD that are included in the cost of this workshop.
                                                          website www.kellogg.edu/lifelong
This is the system the pros use—chords, not               and choose FAQ on the navigation bar.
tedious note reading. It’s easy, it’s fun and most        Of course, you can always email your
importantly, it’s musically correct. Join Marc
Doiron who holds a BA in Music from St. Francis           question to us at ll-info@kellogg.edu,
Xavier University in Nova Scotia. He has worked           or call Abbie at 269-965-4134.
as a professional piano player for the past 15

www.kellogg.edu/lifelong                                                                                    5
                                                       PERSONAL & SELF DEVELOPMENT

Best Deal!                                             ter makeup—and it reveals everyone else’s too.
                                                       In this hands-on class you will be learning the
Spend the day with Marc and take both Instant          “Instant Analysis” method where anyone can be
Piano and How to Play Piano by Ear for only $135       analyzed in a few minutes. Bring samples of your
(includes materials), you’ll save over $20 and that    own, your friends and co-workers, or your mate’s
includes all the materials you’ll need.                handwriting to quickly discover everything they
Saturday • 3/13/10 • 9 am-5 pm • $135 (includes
                                                       never wanted you to know!
                                                       Tuesday • 3/23/10 • 6-9 pm • $39 (includes materials
PERF C11B-37 • Doiron, M
                                                       & handy gauge)
                                                       WRTG C10A-37 • Brietbach, R
Travel Light: Packing Guidelines
That Work                                              Fashion Update for Spring for
There are two kinds of travelers in the world:
those who packed light and those who wished
                                                       Less Than $50 –
                                                       Isn’t it frustrating when you spend your hard-
they had. If you have a trip coming up for spring      earned money on a trendy new outfit only to find
break week or business travel and you want to          that it is completely out of date and you’ve only
include everything needed in as little space as        been able to wear it once or twice? Hemlines
possible, then join us as we share what you should     will come and go, but you can dress up or dress
take out of your dresser and closet and how to         down a classic outfit with new accessories! Join a
pack it so it arrives ready to wear. Remember,         local fashion consultant to check out the hottest
you can be in control of your luggage and not at       spring and summer accessories and discover the
its mercy. With a little travel sense, a few packing   easiest and quickest way to give a classic outfit a
guidelines and some helpful tips, traveling light      trendy twist. There’s something for everyone this
will be an easy plan to follow and you’ll return       season. Join us to find out what works best for
from your trip rested and relaxed—not sore from        you and how to get the look for less!
lugging three suitcases through the airport, or        Monday • 3/29/10 • 6-8:30 pm • $25
lighter in the pocket after paying those extra         PDEV C12A-39 • Erickson, B
suitcase fees!
Saturday • 3/13/10 • 9-11:30 am • $29
PDEV C12A-36 • Erickson, B                             Weird & Wonderful: Historic
                                                       Figures of Battle Creek
Get Rid of Your Grammar Gremlins                       Perhaps you’ve lived here your entire life, or
–                                                      perhaps you’ve recently joined us in the “Cereal
                                                       City” either way we’d like to invite you to explore
What’s the number one way to put your career           Battle Creek's interesting—and somewhat
on hold? Think of how many email messages you          unconventional—past with us to discover the
send a day; then think about how many of those         many faces of its rich heritage. These faces
get forwarded to others both in your company           include our well-known community members
and outside of it. Are your writing skills helping     such as former slave and abolitionist Sojourner
you or hurting you? Better writing can help you        Truth, Seventh-day Adventist visionary Ellen
get wherever you want to go! Join us to take the       White, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg who transformed
pain out of using commas, semicolons, apostro-         health care in the nineteenth century and cereal
phes and other common grammar trouble spots            industry magnates C. W. Post and W. K. Kellogg.
with this friendly, practical, hands-on guide to the   However, Mary Butler and Liz Neumeyer, local
areas of grammar and usage we struggle with the        historians, have stories from our past that involve
most. Bring a sample of your recent writing so you     a list of weird and wonderful historic figures that
can focus on your special trouble spots.               we seldom hear about and they’re ready to share
Monday • 3/15/10 • 6:30-9 pm • $19
WRTG C10A-36 • Anderson, A
                                                       them with you. If you love history, and you’re
                                                       interested in Battle Creek, then you won’t want
                                                       to miss this fun, sassy, new class! You’re sure to
Handwriting Analysis 411                               learn something new about the history of Battle
Did you know that your brain and not your              Creek, and just think of the fun stories you’ll be
hand actually controls how your write? It’s true!      able to share with family and friends.
Science has shown that the brain controls every        Wednesday • 3/31/10 • 6-8 pm • $19
function in our body, and how we write is no           HSTY C10A-35 • Neumeyer & Butler
exception. So what does this mean to you? Your
handwriting reveals your personality and charac-

 6                                                               LIFELONG LEARNING — SPRING 2010

411 on Fashion & Fit –                                Learn to Play the Mountain
Throw out those "Mom" jeans! Would you like to
learn to choose clothes that fit and flatter your     Dulcimer –
unique body type? After this class you will have      People who live in the Appalachian Region of the
the skills necessary to find clothes that fit well,   United States have played the mountain dulci-
are comfortable, fashionable, age-appropriate,        mer for generations. Come learn to play this
affordable, and body-type enhancing. Shake up         wonderful 3-stringed American instrument. You
your style. Discover how to shop for clothes that     will receive your own mountain dulcimer to take
enhance your beauty—and flatter your body             home with you, and you’ll learn at least 10 songs
type. You can save money by learning to select        during the class session. No prior musical train-
and purchase clothing that you love and you'll        ing or experience is necessary. If you have never
love wearing.                                         played an instrument before then this workshop
Monday • 4/12/10 • 6-8:30 pm • $29                    is designed just for you!
PDEV C12A-38 • Erickson, B                            Saturday • 4/24/10 • 9 am-12 pm • $89 (includes
                                                      PERF C11D-36 • Zsigray, J
Communicating @ Work –
Did you know that effective communication is
the best tool for promotion and advancement
                                                      Learn to Play the Harmonica
that you can have? In this new class we’ll discuss    –
everything including how to present yourself in       In this workshop you will learn how to play
the interview to get the job, how to communi-         the harmonica. You will explore how to read
cate with your boss in a way that gets you both       harmonica music; how to play the instrument;
what you want, and how to run or be a part of an      and how to translate any song into harmonica
effective meeting. We’ll explore both verbal and      tablature so that you can play it on your
non-verbal communication and how those play           harmonica. You will receive your own harmon-
out at work. Be a better communicator and use         ica to take home and we will play at least 10
your new skills to move up or move on!                songs in class. No prior musical training is
Thursdays • 4/15/10-4/29/10 • 6-9 pm • $69            necessary; so join us and learn how to entertain
PDEV C13A-05 • White, M                               family, friends, or just yourself !
                                                      Saturday • 4/24/10 • 12:30-2:30 pm • $59 (includes
An Introduction to Voiceovers:                        materials)
                                                      PERF C11D-37 • Zsigray, J
Getting Started in Voice Acting
Have you ever wondered whose voice you are
listening to on TV and radio commercials? How
                                                      Blackjack for Beginners –
                                                      Have you wandered through the new
about documentaries or audio books? You too           FireKeeper’s Casino and watched people playing
can become a Professional Voiceover Artist! This      the blackjack tables, but were hesitant to pull
fun, informative, and empowering workshop will        up a chair and play? In this workshop, for adults
teach you the basics of entering a successful         age 19 and older, you will learn how to play the
career as a voiceover artist. We will discuss many    game of blackjack in a casino. Basic strategy,
details of the business, and you’ll learn all the     betting strategies and a system approach to the
ins and outs of this huge and lucrative indus-        game will be covered. You’ll also learn how you
try. Discover how to market yourself as a new         can earn casino comps and the best ways to use
“voice”, the importance of your voiceover demo,       them. Have fun, come join us and learn to play
plus much more. Your instructor, from Voices for      blackjack!
All a voiceover training company, will coach you      Saturday • 4/24/10 • 3-5 pm • $49
and you’ll even get to record yourself and get an     MONY C10A-36 • Zsigray, J
instant evaluation. Be warned, many who have
taken this workshop have gone on to become
real, bona-fide, professional voice actors; come
ready to laugh, learn, and be inspired in this fun
Wednesday • 4/21/10 • 6-8 pm • $39
PERF C12A-35 • Voices for All

www.kellogg.edu/lifelong                                                                                   7
                                                      PERSONAL & SELF DEVELOPMENT

                                                      EKG Technician Certification
                                                      Program –
                                                      This comprehensive 50 hour EKG Technician
                                                      Certification Program prepares students to
                                                      function as EKG Technicians and to take the
                                                      ASPT – Electrocardiograph (EKG) Technician
                                                      exam and other National Certification Exams.
                                                      This course will include important practice and
                                                      background information on anatomy of the
                                                      heart and physiology, medical disease processes,
                                                      medical terminology, medical ethics, legal
                                                      aspects of patient contact, laboratory assist-
                                                      ing, electrocardiography and echocardiography.
                                                      Additionally, students will practice with equip-
                                                      ment and perform hands on labs including
                                                      introduction to the function and proper use of
                                                      the EKG machine, the normal anatomy of the
                                                      chest wall for proper lead placement, 12-lead
                                                      placement and other clinical practices. A great
Death & Dying: Dealing with Loss                      way to begin a new career!
                                                      Tuesdays & Thursdays • 3/16/10-5/11/10 • $999
–                                                     (textbooks included) • 6-9:30 pm • Call 269.965.4134
                                                      to register
It’s one of the most difficult experiences we may
ever have to face—the impending death from
a terminal illness or the sudden loss of a loved

                                                            Register Online!
one. Grief is a natural reaction to this situation,
and in this new class you’ll learn the various
ways to cope with the extreme stress associated
with death, or to help someone you care about
cope with their loss and grief. Join us to break
the taboo around this topic and explore how we
can prepare for death—practically, spiritually,
emotionally, and psychologically.
Thursday • 4/29/10 • 6-8:30 pm • $25
                                                                   January 4, 2010
PDEV C10A-35 • Kelly, S

                                          Clutter Clearing 101

     DON'T MISS                           Herbal Landscaping

       these new                          Home Safety & Security

          classes                         Stage It Yourself & Get It Sold
      focused on                          Stay Organized in a Busy World
     your hearth                          End the Morning Crazies: Organize
       & home...                            Your Closet

 8                                                              LIFELONG LEARNING — SPRING 2010

Fitness                                                 that will encourage complete and total relax-
                                                        ation, as well as energize your immune system
Boogie Your Butt Off!
                                                        for increased health and well being. Please wear
                                                        loose-fitting clothing. Your instructors are Larry
If you love 80’s music then you’re going to love this   and Becky Porter, certified massage therapists.
new exercise class designed to get you moving.          Class size limited to 6 partners (12 individuals) so
Burn fat, gain muscle, and get flexible—all with        register early. NOTE: Class is held at the Holistic
simple moves that anyone can do. Come find the          Health Center, 181 North Avenue, Battle Creek.
“Boogie Wonderland” here at the RMTC and get            Thursday • 2/11/10 • 6:30-8:30 pm • $49 (per couple)
healthy! NOTE: No previous dance experience is          MASG C10A-35 • Porter, B
necessary. Please wear comfortable clothing.
Tuesdays & Thursdays • 1/19/10-1/28/10 •
5:30-6:15 pm • $25                                      Awareness Through Movement:
DANC 82D-35 • Luts, C
                                                        An Introduction to the Feldenkrais
Beginning Ashtanga Yoga                                 Method –
                                                        Stiff neck? Aching joints? Losing inches? The
This method of Yoga involves synchronizing the
                                                        cornerstone of any exercise program should provide
breath with a progressive series of postures—a
                                                        you with greater range of motion and noticeable
process producing intense internal heat and
                                                        physical relaxation. In this new class you will be
a purifying sweat that detoxifies muscles and
                                                        guided verbally by your instructor through a series
organs. The result is improved circulation, a light
                                                        of movements designed to help with chronic pain
and strong body, and a calm mind. Your instruc-
                                                        and stress-related conditions. The Feldenkrais
tor holds an Ashtanga Yoga Teaching Certificate
                                                        Method can help you reach a deeper level of relax-
from Chicago Yoga Center through the Ashtanga
                                                        ation while creating extra energy in your body. Plus,
Yoga Research Institute in Mysore, India. Please
                                                        easier movement means greater comfort perform-
wear comfortable exercise clothing and bring a
                                                        ing everyday activities. This class is for adults who
yoga mat, a yoga block or pillow, a blanket and a
                                                        are able to get up and down from the floor with little
hand towel to class.
Mondays • 2/1/10-2/22/10 • 6-7 pm • $29                 or no assistance. Please wear loose, comfortable
YOGA C89B-36 • Morley, M                                clothing. NOTE: Class is held at the Holistic Health
                                                        Center, 181 North Avenue, Battle Creek.
                                                        Session 1: Wednesdays • 2/24/10-3/10/10 •
Partner Massage: A Valentine’s                          6:30-7:30 pm • $25

Day Experience
                                                        LFIT C89A-39 • Deal, J
                                                        Session 2: Wednesdays • 4/28/10-5/12/10 •
Are you ready to feel better, together? In this popu-   6:30-7:30 pm • $25
lar class you and your partner will learn massage       LFIT C89A-40 • Deal, J
techniques for the head, neck, shoulders, and feet

                                          Let Your Inner Beauty
                                          Match Your Outer Beauty
                                               Make-Up for Any Occasion
                                               411 on Fashion & Fit
                                               Juicing & Smoothies for Health & Energy
                                               Fashion Update for Spring for less than $50
                                               Fight Fat After 40: Exercise Moves that Work!
                                               You Are What You Eat
                                               Boogie Your Butt Off!

www.kellogg.edu/lifelong                                                                                       9

Yoga for a Healthy Back and                               Fight Fat After 40: Exercise Moves
Improved Flexibility –                                    that Work! –
A gentle yoga program can be a wonderful                  If you're a woman over 40, you are undergo-
way to relieve a chronically aching back and              ing physical and emotional changes, declin-
improve your flexibility. In this workshop, you’ll        ing metabolism, fat deposits at your waistline,
learn stretches to relax muscle spasms, tech-             decreased energy, mood swings, and food crav-
niques for improving your posture and align-              ings--do we need to continue this list? Now pile
ment, and moves to strengthen the muscles that            on chronic, long-term stress which hits women
keep your back strong and healthy. Yoga places a          between 40 and 60 and leads to self-destructive
strong emphasis on “beginning where you are”—             eating behaviors. The weight gained from this
accepting your body with all its unique abilities         chronic, toxic stress settles inside the abdomen
and limitations. Nobody begins with perfect               and is associated with heart disease, diabetes,
flexibility! In this class you will learn gentle yoga     and cancer. In this new class you’ll experience
stretches to help you find your personal edge             the physical moves that work on those 40+ chal-
and begin building longer muscles and more                lenge areas! Come prepared with a set of 3-5 lb.
fluid joints. It’s never too late to begin! Please        hand weights because you’ll get moving in this
bring a mat, blanket, and several firm pillows. If        new class and we guarantee you won’t regret it!
you have a recent injury or degenerative condi-           Tuesdays & Thursdays • 3/16/10-4/1/10 •
tion, please consult a physician before attempt-          5:30-6:15 pm • $25
ing any exercise program. NOTE: This class will           LFIT C89A-41 • Luts, C
be held at KCC’s Eastern Academic Center, 26
Mile Road, Albion.
Thursdays • 3/4/10-3/25/10 • 5:30-6:30 pm • $29           Cycling Safety & Maintenance
YOGA C89B-35 • Capua, J • Eastern Academic Center
                                                          It’s time to think about getting your bicycle out
Self Defense: Be Ready for                                to enjoy the longer days and warmer weather
Anything! –                                               of springtime, and in this new class you’ll learn
                                                          what you need to do to be safe and keep your
Did you know that confidence, common sense
                                                          bike road-ready! Bicycles work better and last
and a little education are the best tools to have
                                                          longer when properly maintained, and carrying
in your "self defense tool kit?" Anyone can be
                                                          out simple maintenance tasks yourself can help
the target of an attack, but not everyone has to
                                                          avoid expensive repairs later. We’ll cover the
become a victim. This class approaches every-
                                                          rules of the road, give you tips on proper cycling
day life with the common sense tools that not
                                                          form and how you can keep cycling even when
only help you out daily but can also be utilized
                                                          the weather isn’t cooperating (which is impor-
in a self defense situation. It will help build
                                                          tant in Michigan). Bring your bike to class and
confidence, one of the first steps to successful
                                                          we’ll provide all the tools; you’ll walk out with
avoidance of being targeted as a victim, and
                                                          your bike tuned up and ready for the road, plus
it will give you some new knowledge that can
                                                          you’ll know how to do it yourself next time!
add that little extra surprise should a situation         Monday • 3/22/10 • 6-8:30 pm • $19
escalate beyond the avoidance stage. Both men             LFIT C89A-42 • Curtis, C
and women want to be safe! Likewise, both men
and women want to help their boyfriends, girl-
friends, husbands, wives, sisters, brothers and           Qigong for the Spring Season
friends be safe. Grab a friend (after all.... it’s only
practice!) and come have fun while you learn to
                                                          Qigong (pronounced chee-kung) is a collec-
protect yourself and keep yourself from becom-            tion of effective preventative, healing and
ing a victim!                                             strengthening exercises that have been used
Monday • 3/8/10 • 6-8 pm • $25
                                                          for thousands of years and are an integral part
LFIT C89A-36 • Crapo, J
                                                          of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In this one-
                                                          night workshop you will learn the movements
                                                          designed to support the body’s systems influ-
  Instructor biographies are                              enced by the spring season in the Chinese Solar
                                                          calendar—the liver and the heart. By practicing
  available on our website                                the appropriate Qigong for the current season,
  www.kellogg.edu/lifelong                                you can help establish and maintain a strong

10                                                                  LIFELONG LEARNING — SPRING 2010

foundation for overall health. Join a highly            to the public, but many of them are unknown.
skilled martial artist as you learn this gentle, yet    Each week you will hike approximately 1.5 to 2
powerful, exercise technique for improved health        miles on one of these local trails, and we’ll even
and wellness.                                           stop occasionally to identify regional plants or
Monday • 3/29/10 • 6-7 pm • $19                         animals and share our experience in nature.
LFIT C89A-43 • Crapo, J                                 The goal is to make hiking, which is a great way
                                                        to stay active and get exercise, both fun and
Get Arms Like Michelle Obama’s!                         entertaining. Your instructor has over 30 years
                                                        of hiking experience, a degree in wildlife biol-
–                                                       ogy and is a former National Park Ranger. Note:
Do you want to have your arms look like the             The first class will be held at KCC’s Regional
awesome arms that everyone in the nation is             Manufacturing Technology Center, 405 Hill
obsessing over? In this two week class you will         Brady Road, Battle Creek, and each following
learn the right exercises to snag the same results.     week you’ll meet at the designated trailhead.
We’ll combine light cardio and strength train-          Saturdays • 4/24/10-5/29/10 (no class on 5/15/10) •
ing, and you will learn the moves that make             10 am-12 pm • $39
those sculpted arms fit and famous. With a set          LFIT C89A-35 • Kroes, R
of hand weights and an exercise mat, you can
easily repeat this exercise routine in the privacy      Disc Golf –
of your own home. If you want lean and balanced         Did you know that the Professional Disc Golf
triceps, biceps and shoulders before sleeveless         Association’s 2008 World Championships were
top season this summer then join this class!            held right here in Battle Creek at the Fort Custer
Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a set        State Park? Disc golf is a fun, active sport that
of 5-8 lb. dumbbells (whatever is most comfort-         anyone can do. The object of the game is to
able for you) along with any type of exercise band      complete each hole in the fewest number of
or tubing.                                              strokes, or throws. Join the designer, builder
Monday & Wednesday • 4/12/10-4/14/10 •
                                                        and tournament director of the world cham-
5:30-6:15 pm • $19
LFIT 89A-38 • Luts, C
                                                        pionship course in this great new class where
                                                        you’ll be introduced to the rules, equipment and
                                                        techniques used in the game of disc golf. The
Yoga for Women: A Midlife Support                       second session will meet at the Begg Park Disc
System –                                                Golf Course where you’ll put your new skills into
                                                        practice. Your instructor will bring practice discs
Are you feeling stressed? Having trouble sleep-
                                                        for your use in class, please dress for the weather
ing? Midlife is a time of transition for women
                                                        since the class sessions will be held outdoors and
and sometimes it feels like our body has become
                                                        disc golf can be played rain or shine. NOTE: First
the enemy. In this new class you will explore the
                                                        class session (April 24th) will be held at KCC’s
changing nutritional, rest and exercise needs of
                                                        RMTC, 405 Hill Brady Road, Battle Creek.
women at this time of life. You will practice restor-   Saturdays • 4/24/10-5/1/10 • 12-2 pm • $29 (includes
ative yoga postures to reduce stress and enhance        all materials)
your sleep cycles. Plus, we’ll have a frank discus-     LFIT C89A-44 • Curtis, C
sion about the physical changes you may be expe-
riencing along with the most recent information
regarding foods that support your vital energy,
exercises to help keep your energy up, and other
topics related to this important time of change in
your life. NOTE: this class is held at the Holistic
Health Center, 181 North Ave., Battle Creek.
                                                         We’re always looking for great
Thursdays • 4/15/10-4/29/10 • 6:30-8 pm • $29            course ideas and instructors.
YOGA C89B-37 • Porter, B • Holistic Health Center
                                                         If you have an idea for a course, visit
Hiking for Fun & Fitness –                               www.kellogg.edu/lifelong and download
Do you enjoy walking or hiking outdoors, but are         the Course Proposal Form.
unsure of where to go locally? Do you love being
out in nature? This class will introduce you to          Of particular interest are instructors for:
local trails that are available at no charge to the
                                                         • computer applications • arts & crafts
public. We are lucky to live in an area rich with
public lands and private reserves that are open          • web design • fitness
www.kellogg.edu/lifelong                                                                                  11
                                                             HE ALTHY & HO LI STIC LIVING

Healthy & Holistic Living                              Explore Eclectic Magick –
                                                       Do you believe in magick? Join us to take a jour-
Energy Balancing for Women                             ney through eclectic magick, a balanced combi-
–                                                      nation of many belief systems—Spiritualism,
                                                       Wicca, and Paganism. Each week you’ll explore
Would you like to feel energized and be ready for      aspects of magik such as altars and their uses, the
the challenges you face every day? In this new         energy of the god and goddess, the history of the
workshop you’ll learn about energy balancing           pendulum and how to make one, candle magick,
and experience gentle physical stretches and           talismans, using the moon cycles and crystals.
movements that help your body deal with stress         Discover rituals related to Theban script, using
and emotional challenges. Daily practice of            earth’s energy and the four elements, and create
energy balancing can keep you cheerful, recep-         an angel board. If you’re ready to expand your
tive, alert and self-loving by keeping your body’s     awareness and explore new perspectives then we
energy moving in the right direction. If you’d like    invite you to join us for this new class.
to feel better and be better, then you won’t want      Tuesdays • 2/9/10-3/3/10 • 6-8 pm • $49 (includes
to miss this workshop with one of our favorite         materials)
instructors. Please wear comfortable clothing.         HOLV C10A-44 • Ray, C
Thursday • 2/4/10 • 6-9 pm • $19
HOLV C10A-43 • Stansbury, J

  Invest in Yourself!                                 Check out our Money & Financial
                                                      Health section — pages 23-24.

      Communication is Key to a Great Life

                   Join us to learn all about verbal and non-verbal communication in
                  dating, your home life, with your kids, with your parents and in-laws
                                    Discover if someone is lying to you!
                             Learn to be a better communicator at work too!

12                                                               LIFELONG LEARNING — SPRING 2010

The Art & Power of Revealing                         you, this is a fun and engaging introduction the
                                                     world of Chinese Astrology. Come see if you
Your Heart: Manifest Your Heart’s                    can identify the "animal" in you!
Desires –                                            Monday • 2/15/10 • 6-8 pm • $19
                                                     HOLV C10A-35 • Crapo, J
Can it really be that easy to manifest our heart’s
desires? Our whole lives we have built up walls of
emotion, protection and fear, seen and unseen,       Reflexology 101: Massage for the
known and unknown around our hearts, and
yet we rarely give these a thought when making
                                                     Hands and Feet
                                                     Imagine stepping on a tack. Your whole body
important life decisions or even simple daily
                                                     reacts because of something perceived by the
choices. In this interactive workshop you will
                                                     foot. Reflexology is a natural healing art that is
learn, and even experience, how to identify what
                                                     based on the principle that there are reflexes in
walls exist around your heart. You will also learn
                                                     our feet and hands which correspond to every
how to break through the ones that no longer
                                                     part of the body. Join Becky Porter, certified
serve you and be able to make clearer decisions.
                                                     massage therapist, to learn the basic massage
Once you take this class, you will be amazed at
                                                     and reflexology techniques that will help heal
how easy it is to manifest your heart's desires!
                                                     and relax you. During this hands-on class you
Wednesday • 2/10/10 • 6-8:30 pm • $19
HOLV C10A-42 • Nahikian, P                           will learn the basics of reflexology and the reflex
                                                     points on the hands and feet. Reflexology is
                                                     an ancient holistic healing technique that can
Partner Massage: A Valentine’s                       help reduce stress, improve circulation and help
Day Experience                                       relieve discomfort. You can benefit from this fun
                                                     and informative class—and so will your hands
Are you ready to feel better, together? In this
                                                     and feet! Your fee includes a handy reference
popular class you and your partner will learn
                                                     chart to make this an easy-to-do process at
massage techniques for the head, neck, shoul-
                                                     home. NOTE: Class will be held at the Holistic
ders, and feet that will encourage complete and
                                                     Health Center, 181 North Avenue, Battle Creek.
total relaxation, as well as energize your immune
                                                     Thursday • 2/18/10 • 6:30-8:30 pm • $25 (includes
system for increased health and well being.          materials)
Please wear loose-fitting clothing. Your instruc-    LFIT C89A-37 • Porter, B • Holistic Health Center
tors are Larry & Becky Porter, certified massage
therapists. Class size limited to 6 partners (12
individuals) so register early.                      The Light Touch: History &
Thursday • 2/11/10 • 6:30-8:30 pm • $49
MASG C10A- 35 • Porter, B
                                                     Practice of Healing Hands –
                                                     We all know how soothing a cool hand feels on
                                                     a feverish forehead and in this new class you’ll
12 Signs of the Chinese Zodiac                       explore a variety of healing touch therapies
–                                                    such as therapeutic touch, polarity, craniosacral
                                                     therapy, and Reiki. Discover how engaging a
Yes, those little animals on the Chinese restau-
                                                     calm and gently centered mental focus to your
rant place mats really do mean something!
                                                     sense of touch can create a full palette of distinc-
While the Chinese don't actually use the animals
                                                     tive experience. You’ll learn why the quality and
we refer to, they do acknowledge a set of attri-
                                                     quantity of touch is important to our develop-
butes a person expresses that are assigned based
                                                     ment as human beings throughout our lives, plus
on time. In this class, you will learn why the
                                                     you’ll practice a variety of self-care and partner
month of the year actually defines more about
                                                     techniques that will demonstrate the power of
you than the year you were born and how even
                                                     touch in healing. NOTE: Class will be held at the
the year you refer to on those place mats might
                                                     Holistic Health Center, 181 North Avenue, Battle
be erroneous based on the month of your birth.
Whether you use the information to gain insight      Thursday • 2/25/10 • 6:30-8:30 pm • $19
into your own personal characteristics or as a       MASG C10A-36 • Porter, B • Holistic Health Center
quick party game to quickly assess those around

 For more information or to register call:
www.kellogg.edu/lifelong                                                                                 13
                                                            HE ALTHY & HO LI STIC LIVING

You Are What You Eat                                 mystical power you must explore their natural
Would you like to know more about using food         origins. In this new class you will come to better
instead of medicine to restore and protect your      understand the true purpose of the rune stones
health? Join us to discover the components of a      and how to cast and read them. Plus, you’ll make
healthy and healing diet; plus, we’ll explore the    your own set of rune stones complete with a
health risks of three food factors—MSG, trans        bag and a guide to interpret them. Some say the
fats and aspartame—and help you find ways to         Runes are a source of power and protection from
reduce or eliminate them from your diet. After       the ancient gods, join us to learn the stories and
this eye-opening class you’ll be able to take        practice this ancient art of divination.
control of your health with your very next meal!     Thursday • 3/11/10 • 6-8 pm • $25 (includes materials)
Tuesday • 3/2/10 • 6-8 pm • $19                      HOLV C10A-38 • Ray, C
PDEV C11A-35 • Byers, S
                                                     Gentle Yoga for Increased
Develop Your Psychic Awareness                       Flexibility
Everyone has psychic ability, but often we only      Treat yourself to the relaxation experience of
access it in bits and flashes. In this new class     a lifetime! Hatha Yoga is a gentle approach
you’ll discover specific techniques that will        to health, integrating body/mind/spirit while
expand your awareness of your own psychic            releasing accumulated stress and tension.
language along with exercises you can do at          You will experience pre-yoga warm-ups, yoga
home to heighten and strengthen your sensitiv-       postures, meditation, and breathing exercises.
ity to these gifts. You’ll discover the importance   Learn to elicit the relaxation response and incor-
of grounding and how to do it, as well as several    porate yoga into your daily life. Benefits include
ways you can protect your personal space to          better energy, flexibility, strength, balance, stress
keep you in control of your psychic experiences.     release and immune system response. Wear
Wednesday • 3/10/10 • 6-8:30 pm • $19
                                                     loose fitting clothing to class and bring a blanket
HOLV C10A-40 • Nahikian, P
                                                     and pillow. Instructor Becky Porter has prac-
                                                     ticed yoga for many years and she’s ready to help
Rune Stones: The Alphabet of                         you relax, increase your flexibility and ease all
Mystery –                                            your stress away. NOTE: Class will be held at
                                                     the Holistic Health Center, 181 North Avenue,
Are you ready to explore a divination tool with
                                                     Battle Creek.
a rich and interesting history? There are three      Thursdays • 3/11/10-3/25/10 • 6:30-8 pm • $39
kinds of rune stones and to draw upon their          YOGA C89B-38 • Porter, B

Want to take a class
 from your home or office?
 Learn online —
     your pace, your time
      Have a full-time job, kids, or a crazy schedule?
      Online learning could be the answer to gaining new
      skills or developing an interest.
      Take courses with experienced instructors
      anytime, anywhere.

      Visit our website at
      and click on “online learning” to see
      what we have available.

 14                                                            LIFELONG LEARNING — SPRING 2010

Meditation: Why the Heck Should I                       help? In this unique workshop you will discover
                                                        how you can connect to your individual spirit
Do That? –                                              guides. You’ll discuss the idea of spirit guides and
If you’ve always laughed under your breath when         learn what you might expect in your first meet-
people say they meditate, then this is a class you      ing. Then, after entering a relaxed state you’ll
won’t want to miss. There are definite benefits         experience a guided meditation that will intro-
to having a meditative practice—both physical           duce you to your spirit guide. Your guides will
and mental. However, if the whole idea makes            never lead you astray or cause you to do anything
you a little uncomfortable, we are here to dispel       negative or destructive, there is no danger in this
some of the myths (you don’t need to sit cross-         introduction. Please bring a pillow and blanket
legged and say ooommm) and explore a variety            for your comfort during the guided meditation.
of approaches you can take to make yourself feel        Wednesday • 4/14/10 • 6-8 pm • $19
                                                        HOLV C10A-41 • Nahikian, P
better, more relaxed and ready to take on the
challenges of your busy life. We won’t show you
“how” in the class, but we will answer the “why”        Yoga for Women: A Midlife Support
and give you some tips to discover what works
best for you so you can gain the benefits of medi-      System –
tation without feeling silly.                           Are you feeling stressed? Having trouble sleep-
Tuesday • 3/16/10 • 6-8 pm • $19                        ing? Midlife is a time of transition for women
HOLV C10A-37 • Neumeyer, E                              and sometimes it feels like our body has become
                                                        the enemy. In this new class you will explore the
In Your Dreams: Dream                                   changing nutritional, rest and exercise needs
                                                        of women at this time of life. You will practice
Interpretation Basics                                   restorative yoga postures to reduce stress and
According to the National Sleep Foundation, the         enhance your sleep cycles. Plus, we’ll have a
average American gets six hours and 40 minutes          frank discussion about the physical changes you
of sleep a night; isn’t it ironic that at night, when   may be experiencing along with the most recent
you let go of reality, your dreams try to awaken        information regarding foods that support your
you to what you are overlooking in your life? Join      vital energy, exercises to help keep your energy
us to learn how to remember and document your           up, and other topics related to this important
dreams. Then we’ll look at the meaning of your          time of change in your life. NOTE: Class is held
dreams and how you can use the information              at the Holistic Health Center, 181 North Ave.,
your subconscious presents to you during your           Battle Creek.
sleeping hours to improve your health, relation-        Thursdays • 4/15/10-4/29/10 • 6:30-8 pm • $29
                                                        YOGA C89B-37 • Porter, B • Holistic Health Center
ships and career, and deepen your spirituality.
Dreams are the language of the soul; what are
yours telling you?                                      Feng Shui: What Can it Do for
Tuesday • 4/13/10 • 6-8 pm • $25
HOLV C10A-39 • Ray, C                                   Me? –
                                                        There are many books and magazine articles
                                                        dedicated to the topic of Feng Shui but very few
Meet Your Spirit Guide –                                that touch on what the traditional practice of
Have you ever watched Syliva Browne, the                Feng Shui was/is really about. This class will
psychic, on TV or read one of her books? She says       be an overview to dispel much of the misinfor-
that we all have spirit guides; highly evolved spir-    mation and misunderstanding out there today.
its who will serve us, but will never assist without    While each case is an individual case, there are
being asked. Are you ready to ask your guides for       some things that can be done by anyone to help
                                                        create harmony in your home or work place.
                                                        This class will be very interactive and is meant
           visit us on the web @                        to answer your questions about what Feng Shui
                                                        is and what it can do.
    www.kellogg.edu/lifelong                            Monday • 4/19/10 • 6-8 pm • $19
                                                        HOLV C10A-36 • Crapo, J

   Lifelong Learning classes are the perfect gift for any occasion!
       Call Abbie at 269-965-4134 to order your gift certificates.

www.kellogg.edu/lifelong                                                                                15
                                                             HE ALTHY & HO LI STIC LIVING

Death & Dying: Dealing with Loss                      ways to cope with the extreme stress associated
                                                      with death, or to help someone you care about
–                                                     cope with their loss and grief. Join us to break
It’s one of the most difficult experiences we may     the taboo around this topic and explore how we
ever have to face—the impending death from            can prepare for death—practically, spiritually,
a terminal illness or the sudden loss of a loved      emotionally, and psychologically.
one. Grief is a natural reaction to this situation,   Thursday • 4/29/10 • 6-8:30 pm • $25
and in this new class you’ll learn the various        PDEV C10A-35 • Kelly, S

         Lifelong Learning is back on the road to Chicago
     On the way to Chicago—Learn about the Art Institute of Chicago Collection
                  When you get there—See the exhibits up close
                 And you’ll still have time to Shop on the Magnificent Mile

                                Saturday, May 8, 2009
                             Leave RMTC at 8:00 am
                       Leave Chicago at 5:30 pm (Michigan time)
                            Return 8:30 pm (approximately)
        Drop off and pick-up in Chicago will be at the Art Institute of Chicago.
     Fee includes round-trip transportation by luxury motor-coach, Sister Wendy
            Beckett’s review of the Art Institute of Chicago Collection and
         admission to the Art Institute of Chicago. Fee does not include any
             special exhibits that may require additional admission fees.

  Just in time for Mother’s Day, sign up two people at the same time for only
 $79 each. Just contact the Lifelong Learning office at 269.965.4134 and provide
  the name/address/birth date and phone number for each individual to get this
 special price. Please note that this special price is for any two individuals, bring
         your mother, a friend or your mother’s friend at this special price!

16                                                              LIFELONG LEARNING — SPRING 2010

Arts & Crafts                                            Jewelry Design: Summer Beaded
                                                         Earrings –
Knitting Workshop: Feather & Fan                         Are you bored with the earring selection in
Stole –                                                  stores? Sure, there are a lot of choices, but do
                                                         they really fit who you are or your personal style?
Do you love sleeveless summer weather, but
hate air conditioning chills? Stoles are great for       Join us for a fun, new workshop where you’ll have
spring and summer; you can wear them over                a wide variety of beads to select for your very
your shoulders when the room temperature is              own designer earrings! Then you’ll be coached
too cool plus they’re quite fashionable right            through the creation process and you will walk
now. In this new knitting workshop you’ll learn          out of class with two pairs of signature earrings—
the feather and fan knitting pattern (sometimes          designed by you, for you! This is a great class for
called Old Shale). It’s a classic knitting pattern       moms and daughters or a girls’ night out!
                                                         Tuesday • 4/20/10 • 6-8 pm • $19
that is an easy beginning lace pattern. Please           CRFT C10J-35 • Gagnon, R
bring size 9 needles and approximately 600 yards
of worsted weight yarn ( for a 22” X 55” stole).
This pattern looks wonderful when done with              Herbal Gifts from Nature –
multi-colored or hand-painted yarns.                     Mother’s Day is fast approaching and you know
Monday • 2/15/10 • 6-8:30 pm • $19                       your mom would love a gift you create with your
CRFT C10Y-37 • Dunham, K                                 own two hands; or perhaps you’d like to treat
                                                         yourself with a special gift? In this workshop
An Introduction to Sewing Basics                         you will learn a variety of ways to use herbs
                                                         and essential oils to make gifts for those special
–                                                        people in your life. When you’re done with this
Do you have a hand-me-down sewing machine                workshop you’ll leave with a variety of ideas and
that you simply don’t know how to use, but               recipes for bath salts, an herbal cleanser for a
wish you did? Or, do you have clothes in your            lovely complexion, and a special herb packet for
closet that you love to wear but that are missing        a facial sauna that you can enjoy at home or give
buttons, have a torn hem or a broken zipper? If          to that special person in your life. This is a fun
so, then this is the class you need. We’ll provide       mother-daughter, sister, or girlfriend experience
the sewing machines and all the materials; you           that you’ll both enjoy! Oh, and did we mention
just need to bring in that item that needs to            that gifts from the heart are easy on the pocket-
be repaired. Learn from a professional seam-             book, too?
stress how to use a sewing machine and keep              Thursday • 4/22/10 • 6-8 pm • $35 (includes materials)
it running, plus you’ll get hands-on experience          CRFT C10G-35 • Inman, D
with the machine, needles and thread! We’ll
discuss how you can take a bargain basement
item and with slight alterations make it look
                                                         Drawing Basics for the Beginner –
much more expensive, and if you discover you
love to sew we’ll explore how you might make             Anyone can learn to draw! All that is required is
extra income or even a living as a seamstress!           enough courage to pick up the pencil! Drawing
Class size is limited, so register early.                is the basis for all fine art forms. This beginner
Thursdays • 3/4/10-3/18/10 • 6-8 pm • $39                class focuses on line, shape, value, texture,
CRFT C10S-35 • Segar, K                                  proportion and negative space. Join us to try a
                                                         fun, right-brained approach to developing your
Off the Hook: Beginning Crochet                          drawing skills! Note: Please bring a 9”x12" spiral
                                                         or hard-bound sketchbook, an Ebony pencil and
Don’t know how to hold a crochet hook? Don’t
worry; this class is the perfect place to get started.   sharpener, and a kneaded eraser. Additional
You will learn the basics of chain stitch, single,       supplies will be provided by your instructor.
                                                         Wednesdays • 3/3/10-3/31/10 • 5:30-8 pm • $59
half-double, double and even triple crochet tech-        DRAW C10A-35 • Suess-Brandow, G
niques. You will complete two small projects as
you learn how to start the chain, fasten off, turn
chains, join colors, and work in both rows and
rounds. Please bring a size H crochet hook and a
skein of good quality worsted weight cotton yarn
                                                               Register Online!
in a light color.                                          Registration opens January 4, 2010
Wednesdays • 3/10/10-3/24/10 • 6-8 pm • $35
CRFT C10Y-36 • Dunham, K

www.kellogg.edu/lifelong                                                                                   17
                                                                             COOKING & WINE

Cooking & Wine                                        Spring & Summer Wines: Anything
                                                      But Chardonnay –
Vegetarian One Pot Meals –                            Discover a new world of white wines beyond
Are you ready to reduce your time in the kitchen      Chardonnay that offers spectacular warm
while making sure your family has a healthy           weather sipping as well as great value. “Anything
meal at dinnertime? In this new demonstration         but Chardonnay” means exactly that! If there
cooking class you will get wonderful ideas on         isn’t Chardonnay, then what is there? Pinot
how to make several dishes using whole grains         Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Riesling,
and vegetables that are simple and a hit for the      Torrontes and even rosé. The list could be
whole family. Packed with nutrients and high          endless. It all depends on your personal style
in fiber, whole grains are a must for a healthy,      and taste. So if you’re not feeling like a big
balanced diet. And these "good carbs" can be          oaky, fleshy, buttery Chardonnay, then you’ll
really tasty, too! Join the author of a vegetar-      want to join our favorite sommelier, as you
ian cookbook, and get expert tips on preparing        explore a wonderful variety of white wines
delicious side dishes and one-pot whole meals         that are “Anything But Chardonnay.” The class
featuring a variety of whole grains like short-       will be held at the Waterfront Restaurant, 315
grain brown rice, millet, quinoa and barley.          West Columbia Avenue in Battle Creek. The
Workshop fee includes all food items, recipes         fee includes all food and beverage items. You
and tasting samples.                                  must be over 21 to register for this class; limit
Thursday • 2/18/10 • 6-8 pm • $29
COOK C10K-36 • Inman, D

Fusion Sushi: Let’s Roll Kim-Bob!
Are you ready to make something new for
dinner? Learn all the basics of making a sushi
roll, but not in the traditional style. Join Mia
Morley, certified Japanese cook, as she shares
the Korean style sushi called “Kim Bob” and
its preparation including: where to find the
ingredients, how to prepare the rice, eggs and
vegetables and most importantly, how to put
them all together in the perfect roll. Workshop
fee includes all food items, recipes and tasting
samples. This class is fun, it's educational and
it's delicious!
Monday • 3/1/10 • 6-8 pm • $39
COOK C10G-37 • Morley, M

Spring/Summer Salads &
Delicious Dressings –
The days are getting a little longer and we’re
getting tired of deep winter comfort foods—it’s
                                                       A Mother’s Job is 24/7
time to lighten up your meals with amazing
ideas for fresh salads and delicious dressings!
                                                                    Take a Break with
Salads are terrific for any meal, on the side or as
the meal. They come together in minutes and by
                                                                    Lifelong Learning
simply varying the produce, the protein and the
dressing you can make it as simple or complex          Love Your Outfits & Downsize Your Closet
as you want. Join us in this demonstration class                        Conversational Spanish
for some great ideas on using fresh and flavor-
ful produce to create wonderful and delicious                     Create a Digital Photo Story
salads. Workshop fee includes all food items,         How to Write Your Way Out of a Paper Bag
recipes and tasting samples.
Tuesday • 3/9/10 • 6-8 pm • $39                                       Handwriting Analysis 411
COOK C10K-35 • Phelps, J                                                Blackjack for Beginners

18                                                             LIFELONG LEARNING — SPRING 2010

20 students. NOTE: Contact Lifelong Learning       smoothies that can help us meet the nutrition-
directly at 269-965-4134 for “couple” pricing.     ist-recommended daily requirement for 9 fruits
One person from couple will register at the        and vegetables a day! Perhaps there’s no “cure”
$59 price and the second person’s information      here, however, we can learn how to detoxify our
(name/address/birth date/phone) must be            systems and supplement our diets by enjoying
provided at that time                              fresh and delicious juices and smoothies. So, if
Tuesday • 3/16/10 • 6-9 pm • $39 (single) or $59   you’re bored with your morning smoothie reci-
(couple)                                           pes or the only juice you drink comes out of a
Call 269-965-4134 to register.
                                                   can or bottle, you won’t want to miss this fun,
                                                   new and very tasty class.
Juicing & Smoothies for Health &                   Thursday • 3/18/10 • 6-8 pm • $29
                                                   COOK C10C-35 • Inman, D
Energy –
There may be no quick fix for various ailments;
perhaps simple-to-prepare natural "potions"
may help us along the way to improving our
health. Join Diana Inman, author of a vegetarian
cookbook, as we explore a variety of juices and

                                                   Delights from the Sea: Seafood &
                                                   Shellfish –
                                                   If you love fish and seafood, but are mystified
                                                   by purchasing, storing, seasoning and prepar-
                                                   ing the many varieties, this demonstration class
                                                   will help you overcome your “fear of fish”! You’ll
                                                   learn how to determine when fish is fresh;
                                                   proper storage and handling; filleting flat and

           Find the                                round fish; sautéing, baking or pan-frying fish;
                                                   and more. Plus we’ll explore how to bring out

           Music in
                                                   the unique flavors of a variety of shellfish using
                                                   herbs, wine and fresh spring produce. As well,
                                                   Sean will explain how to purchase, store and
           Your Life!                              clean fresh shellfish. Workshop fee includes all
                                                   food items, recipes and tasting samples.
                                                   Monday • 3/22/10 • 5:30-8:30 pm • $39

            •Just ONCE Guitar!                     COOK C10G-35 • Kelly, S

                   • Learn to Play the             Sean’s Surprise: We Don’t Even
                        Harmonica                  Know What He's Cooking! –
                       • Instant Piano             OK, this class shows a lot of trust in the creativ-
                                                   ity and skill of one of our favorite chefs, Sean
                         for Hopelessly            Kelly, of BiCi Bistro. If you’ve enjoyed Sean’s
                        Busy People                classes before then we invite you to join us
                                                   again; if you’ve never been to one of Sean’s cook-
                        • Learn to Play            ing classes then you won’t want to miss this one!
                           the Mountain            Here’s the plan: Sean’s going to the market the
                                                   day of class and selecting whatever looks fresh
                           Dulcimer                and tasty; then he’s coming to class to prepare
                             • Piano by            dishes for you—mystery dishes that’s true, but
                                                   we guarantee they will be delicious! So, if you’re
                                Ear                an adventurous diner and you enjoy great food
                               • Just ONCE         you really must join us for this brand new
                                                   approach to a cooking class!
                                Drums!             Monday • 4/19/10 • 5:30-8:30 pm • $39
                                                   COOK C10G-36 • Kelly, S

www.kellogg.edu/lifelong                                                                          19
                                                                                  WINE & COOKING

Wine 101: An Introduction to Wine                       Salsa Smackdown! –
Basics –                                                Salsa is great on chips, but did you know that it
                                                        can be a key ingredient in many main dishes? In
Most wine enthusiasts remain tourists of the
                                                        this class we’ll go beyond chips and salsa as you
grape: they drink and enjoy without ever know-
                                                        learn how to use common fruits and vegetables
ing the greater joys hidden just below the surface.
                                                        to create a tempting array of salsas, and we’ll
In this new class you will learn to unravel the
                                                        even throw in a delicious guacamole, too. Come
hidden flavors of wine and speak the language
                                                        hungry because you’ll be sampling these amaz-
of the senses. You will be introduced to the most
                                                        ing creations! Workshop fee includes all food
important building blocks of wine knowledge,
                                                        items, recipes and tasting samples. Olé!
plus you’ll experience some amazing wines!
                                                        Wednesday • 4/21/10 • 6-8 pm • $29
Learn about the wine styles, varietals, label           COOK C10B-35 • Quiñones, E
reading and all the important wine producing
countries. You’ll experience an essence tasting
to hone your skills and the second session will
focus on a wine and food pairing that you won’t
                                                        Amazing Summer Soups –
                                                        Soup might seem like a silly choice for summer,
forget. The class will be held at the Waterfront
                                                        but we’re here to show you some amazing soup
Restaurant, 315 West Columbia Avenue in Battle
                                                        ideas that will make your summer meal plan-
Creek. The fee includes all food and beverage
                                                        ning a lot easier and more delicious than ever.
items. You must be over 21 to register for this
                                                        Soon we’ll have those bulging bags of zucchini,
class; limit 20 students.
                                                        peppers, and tomatoes that we’ve either grown,
NOTE: Contact Lifelong Learning directly at
                                                        bought cheap or been given from someone else’s
269-965-4134 for “couple” pricing. One person
                                                        garden. Regardless of which vegetables you want
from couple will register at the $119 price and
                                                        to use up, you can make a soup that’s substantial
the second person’s information (name/address/
                                                        enough for a meal, yet light enough for warm
birth date/phone) must be provided at that time.
                                                        summer weather. Plus, you’ll get to experience
Tuesdays • 4/20/10-4/27/10 • 6-9 pm • $69 (single) or
$119 (couple)                                           some “cool” soup ideas that come together in
                                                        no time at all and will make even the hottest
                                                        summer day fresh and flavorful. Workshop
                                                        fee includes all food items, recipes and tasting
          visit us on the web @                         Thursday • 4/22/10 • 6-8 pm • $39
                                                        COOK C10B-36 • Phelps, J

                                          Experience life
                                          in a new way…
                                          Develop Your Psychic Awareness
                                          12 Signs of the Chinese Zodiac
                                          In Your Dreams:
                                               Dream Interpretation Basics
                                          Feng Shui: What Can It Do for Me?
                                          Explore Eclectic Magic
                                          Rune Stones: The Alphabet of Mystery
                                          Meditation: Why the Heck Should I Do That?
                                          Meet Your Spirit Guide
                                          The Art & Power of Revealing Your Heart
                                          Energy Balancing for Women

20                                                                LIFELONG LEARNING — SPRING 2010

Home & Garden                                         Clutter Clearing 101 –
                                                      Do you have too much clutter around you?
Love Your Outfits & Downsize                          Does your home environment bring you peace
                                                      and calm, or are there areas that feel chaotic?
Your Closet                                           Struggling to let go of our “stuff ” is common, and
Really, how many pairs of black slacks do you         in this class you’ll get great ideas on how you
need? If you feel overwhelmed by all the stuff in     can let go of the special attachments you have
your closet; if you take up more than one closet      to your stuff. Join a professional organizer who
in your house; or if you pack up clothes at the end   will help you explore the phenomenon of clutter
of each season to accommodate the clothes you         clearing by sharing the tools and techniques to
have for the upcoming one, then you need this         get you started, along with a demonstration of
class! Learn from our favorite fashion consultant     how to sort through everything. Don’t procras-
what looks best on you—the fit, the colors, the       tinate any longer after all it’s almost spring and
style—and then you’ll be able to downsize your        the perfect time to get started making your home
closet and every day you’ll know you’re wearing       clutter-free!
something that looks fabulous on you.                 Monday • 3/15/10 • 6-8 pm • $29
Monday • 2/8/10 • 6-8:30 pm • $29                     HOME C10C-35 • Smith, D
HOME C10C-38 • Erickson, B

                                                      Stay Organized In A Busy World
Stage It Yourself & Get It Sold!
Statistics show that 93% of houses that are           –
staged and priced appropriately sell, on an aver-     If you attended the “Clearing Clutter 101” or if
age, in one month or less. So, how long has your      you are just struggling to maintain an organized
house been on the market? Are you tired of drop-      home, you are ready to attend this class. Come
ping the asking price every month? Have you had       learn what you can do on a daily basis that will
many potential buyers, but no offers? Whether         help you lead a less stressful life. Great ideas
your property is currently on the market or           on how to control your clutter mixed in with a
you are thinking about putting it on the market       little time management advice can help give you
perhaps you need to think about staging your          more time to do the fun things you want to do.
home to sell it! You’ve seen it on HGTV, and we’re    As a special bonus, you will get tips on how to
ready to share what works and what doesn’t in         include other family members in your organiz-
this brand new class! Real estate professionals       ing routine so all of your hard work doesn’t get
know the importance of staging a home to make         overtaken by clutter-bug kids or spouses.
                                                      Monday • 3/22/10 • 6-8 pm • $29
a quick sale. If you are truly ready to sell your
                                                      HOME C10C-36 • Smith, D
home, then you won’t want to miss this informa-
tive class with a staging professional. Learn the
tools and techniques professionals use to garner      Best Deal! Clutter Clearing 101
competitive offers and sell that house!
Wednesday • 2/17/10 • 6-8:30 pm • $25                 and Stay Organized
HOME C11A-35 • Morgan, C                              Sign up for both and get a discount. You’ll be
                                                      ready for spring cleaning with a new routine to
                                                      keep you clutter free and organized.
Home Safety & Security –                              Mondays • 3/15/10-3/22/10 • 6-8 pm • $49
Have you seen all of the home invasion and            HOME C10C-39 • Smith, D
break-in stories on the local news lately? It’s
happening right here in Battle Creek and the
surrounding areas, and we want you to know
how to be safe. In this common-sense workshop
you’ll join a former police officer as he shares
tips and tools to protect your home and your
family. As well, we’ll discuss what to do in the
event that someone does break into your home
while you are there. Be proactive, be safe; don’t
miss this valuable new class and you can sleep
well at night.
Wednesday • 2/17/10 • 6-8 pm • $15
HOME C12S-35 • Rose, T

www.kellogg.edu/lifelong                                                                             21
                                                                                HOME & GARDEN

Staging to Live: Making a House                      taking up space with smaller size clothes that
                                                     you are saving for when you lose that weight?
Your Home –                                          Did you start clearing out your closet one day,
Do you watch makeover shows and wish your            and didn’t complete the process so now you have
home could be transformed in such a small            clothes strewn across your bedroom floor, bed
amount of time? Discover the latest home deco-       or chair. Well it’s time to come to this class! You
rating phenomenon—staging to live. Learn how         will learn simple ways to clear out your closet,
to redecorate your home using your existing          season-to-season maintenance, and ideas for
furnishings. Find out how to make your rooms         re-designing your closet for maximum space and
look larger while emphasizing their architectural    efficiency.
strengths. Do some “shopping” in other rooms         Monday • 4/19/10 • 6-8 pm • $29
to make the most of every space. Whatever the        HOME C10C-37 • Smith, D
problem or challenge, staging to live respects
your taste and possessions while creating a          Herbal Landscaping
beautiful home that fits your unique lifestyle.      Learn to use healing herb plants in your land-
Join a home staging professional to learn a          scape to add interest and to harvest from as you
variety of tips and tricks that you can apply to     need through the year. In this workshop we will
any room in your house to make it home sweet         go through a step by step process from design-
home.                                                ing your personal space to planting herb seeds,
Wednesday • 4/14/10 • 6-8:30 pm • $25
                                                     cuttings and divisions for you to install at home.
HOME C11A-36 • Morgan, C
                                                     We will get you well on your way to a healthier
                                                     and more interesting landscape.
End the Morning Crazies:                             Thursday • 4/29/10 • 6-8 pm • $39
                                                     HOME C13G-35 • Inman, D
Organize Your Closet –
Do you have a closet that is bulging with clothes
and you can’t find a thing to wear? Is your closet

   It’s time
   for girls’
   night out!
   Enjoy the evening
   with your friends,
   sisters, mom, or
   daughters by
   learning something
   new together—

           here’s our suggestions:
           •    411 on Fashion & Fit
           •    Modeling: So You Want to be a Model?
           •    No More Cookie-Cutter Weddings!
           •    Family Roots: Beginning Genealogy
           •    Get Arts Like Michelle Obama's
           •    Meet Your Spirit Guide
           •    Memoir Writing: Making Literature from Life
           •    Chicago Trip: Art Institute and Shopping

 22                                                            LIFELONG LEARNING — SPRING 2010

Money & Financial                                      known scholarship funds! If you’re a parent
                                                       feeling pressured about funds for your college-
Health                                                 bound student, then you won’t want to miss
All seminars and workshops are educational             this class—and you can bring your high-school
in nature; no financial products, services or          student along at no charge.
insurances of any kind will be promoted in             Saturday • 2/20/10 • 9-11:30 am • $29
these classes.                                         MONY C11A-35 • Erickson, B

Debt Free Living!                                      It’s Over (I Think): A Divorce
Yes, you can get completely out of debt including      Primer Workshop –
your credit cards, loans and mortgage and we’re        With the divorce rate reported at more than
here to show you how! Whether you make $12,000         50 percent in America, it’s inevitable that you
or $120,000, have good credit or no credit, invest-    or someone you know will end a marriage.
ing in your debt is the way to survive in today’s      Information is power, and you need informa-
economy. This workshop is not just for people          tion if you’ve been considering a divorce or legal
who are having problems with their debt; often         separation. When you have the information you
those who benefit most are the people who can          need you are in control. In this workshop you’ll
make their minimum payments but realize they           learn from a legal professional what you need
don’t want to do that forever. If you apply the        to think about, along with the options available
debt free living plan to your finances the aver-       to you. Most people spend more time planning
age family can pay off all their consumer debt         their next vacation than they spend planning a
in 1-3 years and their mortgage in an additional       divorce. Don’t make that costly mistake! Join us
3-4 years. Imagine owning your home and not            to learn what you need to know and do before
owing anyone else within just 7 years! In this         you spend a dime on attorney fees.
workshop you’ll learn a powerful, proven linear        Saturday • 2/20/10 • 9 am-12 pm • $25
math/variable path method that can help you            MONY C12P-35 • McCabe, S
be debt free much faster than you ever thought
you could. We’ll even make sure you can handle
emergencies or other unexpected situations that        Estate Planning & Trusts: What
may arise. Please bring a list of your current debts   You Need to Know
and monthly payments along with a pencil and           Most people don't like to think about dying, but
calculator. Your financial information is for your     it is something that everyone has to face. What
use only and will not be shared in class. There will   will happen to the money you worked hard to
be an optional textbook available for purchase         save? Who will get your house? Although not a
from the instructor for $41 (cash and checks           pleasant subject, these are things that should be
only). NOTE: Contact Lifelong Learning directly        decided now. Most people put off planning their
at 269-965-4134 for “couple” pricing. One person       estate, but putting off these decisions can cost
from couple will register at the $49 price and         your heirs considerable money and anguish.
the second person’s information (name/address/         In order to ensure that your wishes about who
birth date/phone) must be provided at that time.       should get what are heeded and that costs and
Session 1: Saturday • 2/20/10 • 9 am-12 pm• $29 (per   inconveniences of probate and estate taxes are
person) • $49 (per couple)
                                                       avoided after your death, it is critical to do
MONY C10B-35 (single) or MONY C10B-36 (couple) •
F. Wilson
                                                       estate planning now. This workshop will help
Session 2: Thursday • 3/25/10 • 6-9 pm • $29 (per      you understand the types of estate planning
person) • $49 (per couple)                             moves that are most likely to be helpful for
MONY C10B-37 (single) or MONY C10B-38 (couple) •       many people. Proper estate planning takes a
F. Wilson                                              relatively short time, but will give you and your
                                                       heirs tremendous peace of mind. With estate
Finding $ for College                                  planning, you can make sure your medical and
                                                       business decisions can be made by someone
Finding money for college can be an overwhelm-
                                                       you trust if incapacity strikes—without court
ing task—grants, scholarships, loans—the
                                                       interference and with as little disruption as
choices can make your head spin! Join Barb
                                                       possible to your loved ones. Join us to learn the
Erickson, a parent and a high school coun-
                                                       most important aspects of this often daunting
selor, to learn how you can access thousands
                                                       topic. NOTE: Contact Lifelong Learning directly
of scholarships, how to write a winning essay,
                                                       at 269-965-4134 for “couple” pricing. One person
and some insider tips to take advantage of little
                                                       from couple will register at the $49 price and

www.kellogg.edu/lifelong                                                                             23
                                                            MO NEY & F INANC IAL HE ALTH

the second person’s information (name/address/
birth date/phone) must be provided at that time
Saturday • 3/13/10 • 9 am-12 pm • $29 (single) or $49
MONY C12E-35 (single) or MONY C12E-36 (couple)
• McCabe, S

Powers of Attorney & Other
Decision-Making Tools –
Do you ever wonder who will handle your money
and affairs if you get sick or if you become
disabled and cannot do these things for your-
self ? You might expect that a spouse or other
family member automatically has the power to
do what is necessary. But this is not true. The
most common document is called a power of
attorney. Join us as we explore what you need to
know about powers of attorney and other legal
decision-making tools. NOTE: Contact Lifelong
Learning directly at 269-965-4134 for “couple”
pricing. One person from couple will register at

                                                         New Wine
the $49 price and the second person’s informa-
tion (name/address/birth date/phone) must be

                                                               & Food
provided at that time.
Saturday • 4/24/10 • 9 am-12 pm • $29 (single) or $49
MONY C12P-36 (single) or MONY C12P-37(couple)

Cash In with a Successful Home
                                                           Classes this Spring!
Based Business –                                              Spring & Summer Wines:
Are you tired of working for someone else? Are you
out of work and looking for ways to make more                 Anything but Chardonnay!
money? You can turn your talents and hobbies
into profits by learning how to start a home-based               Salsa Smackdown!
business. Join a Chamber of Commerce past presi-
dent and successful southern California entrepre-          Fusion Sushi: Let's Roll Kim-Bob
neur to discover: more than 100 home business
ideas; mandatory legal document; the many ways               Wine 101: An Introduction to
to market your product or service; and how to                       Wine Basics
take tax deductions (including this workshop!).                          DDD

If you really want to succeed in a home-based                 Spring/Summer Salads &
business, this step-by-step workshop is a must.                 Delicious Dressings
Your fee includes materials that will help you long                      DDD

after the workshop is over. Special Note: Due to               Amazing Summer Soups
high demand for this guest instructor nationwide,                        DDD

this workshop can only be offered once a year; so               Delights from the Sea:
register early to secure your seat.                              Seafood & Shellfish
Thursday • 4/29/10 • 6-8 pm • $69 (includes materials)                   DDD
MONY C10A-35 • Krusemark, L                              Sean's Surprise: We Don't Even Know
                                                                 What He's Cooking

      The Perfect Gift!                                                  DDD
                                                              Vegetarian One-Pot Meals
  Lifelong Learning classes are the perfect                              DDD
                                                               Juicing & Smoothies for
  gift for the person who has everything!                          Health & Energy
   Call 269-965-4134 for a gift certificate.
24                                                            LIFELONG LEARNING — SPRING 2010

Languages                                               Conversational Japanese –
Conversational Spanish – Level 1                        Whether you want to learn conversational
Are you planning a trip or cruise to destina-           Japanese for travel or just for fun, you'll find this
tions in Mexico, Latin America or Spain? In this        course makes it easy and enjoyable for beginners
class you will expand your language skills and          to master the essentials of the Japanese language.
grasp the basics of Spanish through conversation        Guided by your native Japanese instructor, you'll
and listening. We’ll show you ways to integrate         learn useful conversational phrases and vocabu-
Spanish into your daily routine so that what you        lary words, while getting a tour of some fascinat-
learn stays with you until your trip. We’ll cover       ing spots in Japan. You'll come away with cultural
the basics of the Spanish language, common              knowledge only an insider has. By the end of this
phrases and aspects of the Spanish and Hispanic         course, you'll not only have basic conversational
cultures will also be discussed. You will have          skills that will enable you to travel around the
plenty of time to practice your new language            country easily, but you'll have discovered the
skills with your classmates. Your instructor is         heart of Japan! Visit www.ed2go.com/kellogg
Yanira Flores, a native speaker of Spanish. Your        to register.
class fee includes your textbook.
Wednesdays • 1/27/10-3/3/10 • 6-8 pm • $99 (includes
materials)                                              Instant Italian –
FOLA C84L-35 • Flores, Y                                This dynamic course makes learning Italian fun
                                                        and surprisingly easy. You'll learn how to ask
Conversational Spanish – Level 2                        directions, book a room, order a meal, and much
                                                        more—in Italian! Phonetic spellings of each word
–                                                       and phrase make mastering pronunciation a
This class is designed for those with some fluency      breeze. The course audio even lets you hear
in Spanish; to get the full benefits of this new        and practice Italian with a simple click of your
class it is recommended that you have completed         mouse. Cultural notes are included throughout
the Beginning level class or have the equiva-           the course to help you better understand the
lent knowledge of the language. In this class           Italian people and their way of life. This course
you will continue to develop your Spanish skills        will prepare you to speak basic Italian in a wide
to enhance your upcoming travel. Join Yanira            variety of settings and situations, and it promises
Flores, to expand your skills in conversational         to enrich your experiences while traveling in
Spanish. Your class fee includes your textbook          Italy. Benissimo! Visit www.ed2go.com/kellogg
and a handy phrase guide. NOTE: no class 4/7.           to register.
Wednesdays • 3/17/10-4/28/10 • 6-8 pm • $99 (includes
FOLA C84M-35 • Flores, Y
                                                          Find Your
Beginning Conversational French
Discover how easy it can be to learn common
words and phrases for both leisure and business.
This course makes pronunciation simple, with
                                                          Qigong for the Spring
phonetic spellings for every word and phrase you              Season
need to learn. The course even includes audio, so         Yoga for a Healthy
you’ll be able to hear and practice the language
with little more than a click of your mouse! You’ll           Back & Improved
also learn cultural tips in each lesson that will             Flexibility
make you more comfortable in a foreign setting.           Partner Massage
After finishing this course, you’ll be prepared
to speak French in a wide variety of settings             Reflexology
and situations. Visit www.ed2go.com/kellogg               Gentle Yoga for
to register.
                                                          Increased Flexibility

www.kellogg.edu/lifelong                                                                                25
                                                                                        TEST PREP

Test Prep                                               LSAT Preparation - Part 1
ACT Test Preparation Workshop                           Law school entrance procedures, law school
Locally, all area high school juniors will be           survival techniques, test-taking techniques,
taking the Michigan Merit Exam March 9, 2010            analytical reasoning, and drafting diagrams are
and the national testing date for the ACT exam          discussed in Course 1 of this two-course series.
is April 10th. Is your student ready for these very     Visit www.ed2go.com/kellogg to register.
important assessments? If your teenager needs
an added boost before taking these exams,
then this is the place for them. If they have test
                                                        PMP Certification Prep 1
anxiety or need extra help in specific areas such       –
as math, science or reading, then join us. This         Learn how to prepare for the Project Management
accelerated workshop will provide an orienta-           Institute's prestigious PMP certification exam.
tion to the ACT exam and its format, test-taking        Master the first six chapters of A Guide to the
strategies, sample test items, improved meth-           Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK
ods for answering questions, timed sample               Guide), 4th edition--the essential resource for
tests and take-home guides. Your teenager can           the PMP certification exam. Find out about the
increase their chance of success by enrolling in        nine Project Management Knowledge Areas, five
our test preparation workshop. The workshop             Process Groups, and 42 project management
is open to high school students in grades 10-12,        processes. Raise your project management IQ
as well as adults planning to take an upcoming          by discovering tips and techniques related to
exam for college admission. You should bring            the questions you'll encounter on the PMP exam.
your calculator and pencil to class; we will            Use proven learning strategies to help absorb
provide the rest. Your instructor will be Eugenie       key terminology, concepts, and formulas. Visit
Cook, an educator and consultant with over              www.ed2go.com/kellogg to register.
20 years of experience with the ACT and other
standardized test preparation programs.
Saturday • 2/13/10 • 12-4:30 pm • $119                  PMP Certification Prep 2
TEST C10A-35 • Cook, C
                                                        Prepare to take--and pass--the Project
GMAT Preparation –                                      Management Institute's PMP certification exam.
Applying to graduate business and manage-               You’ll master chapters 7 through 12 of A Guide
ment schools usually means taking the GMAT.             to the Project Management Body of Knowledge
Taking this course will provide you with test-          (4th edition), the most essential resource for
taking techniques and methods for improving             the PMP certification exam. Learn all about the
your score and saving time on all GMAT ques-            nine Project Management Knowledge Areas, five
tion types. Visit www.ed2go.com/kellogg to              Process Groups, and 42 project management
register.                                               processes. Raise your project management IQ
                                                        by discovering tips and techniques related to
                                                        the questions you'll encounter on the PMP exam.
         visit us on the web @                          Use proven learning strategies to help absorb
     www.kellogg.edu/lifelong                           key terminology, concepts, and formulas. Visit
                                                        www.ed2go.com/kellogg to register.

                                                      Get Healthy – Be Happy
                                                      Join us for classes and
                                                      workshops designed for
                                                      healthy eating and living.
                                                      Fitness – p. 9
                                                      Healthy & Holistic Living – p. 12
                                                      Cooking & Wine – p. 18

26                                                               LIFELONG LEARNING — SPRING 2010

Computers & Technology                               Advanced PC Troubleshooting
                                                     In this next level of PC troubleshooting you’ll
Be Safe Online: Introduction to PC                   learn how to edit your registry, partition your
                                                     hard drive for backups, and do a real backup of
& Email Security –                                   your machine. We’ll also cover what to do when
What you don’t know about PC security really can     your computer will not boot, and recovering
hurt you! According to security software maker       data off of a machine that will not boot. We’ll
F-Secure Corp., at any moment about 20 million       discuss editing your PC's services and how to
of the estimated 1 billion Internet-connected        copy your current hard drive to a different drive,
PCs worldwide are infected with viruses that         and how to install new memory. You’ll learn how
could give hackers full control of those systems.    to do this whether your system runs on XP, Vista,
Learn why you’re at risk and what you can do         or the new Windows 7. You’ll walk away with a
to protect your precious personal and business       CD full of free tools and Internet resources to
data from the outside world. You’ll learn how to     troubleshoot your machine and keep it in perfect
secure your PC from viruses, worms, spy ware,        health.
and ad ware. As well, you’ll learn about firewalls   Wednesdays • 2/24/10-3/3/10 • 6-8 pm • $49
and their main function; what to do if you do        COMP C12B-35 • Dirks, R
get infected; and different options for updat-
ing your PC, besides the Microsoft update site.      Both Basic & Advanced PC
Discover how you can secure your email and
how to get rid of all those junk emails by using     Troubleshooting – Best Deal!
throw away email addresses, and still get email      Sign up for both and get a discount.
at your real email address. Learn about email        Wednesdays • 2/10/10-3/3/10 • 6-8 pm• $69
clients, encrypting your email, and how to repair    COMP C10A-35 • Dirks, R
Outlook. If you use a computer at home or at
work, you won’t want to miss this valuable new       Complete PC Beginner’s Series –
class. Be safe online!
Monday • 2/1/10 • 6-8 pm • $15
COMP C11B-36 • Dirks, R                              Did you recently buy a computer, but don’t
                                                     know how to actually use it? In this new class
Basic PC Troubleshooting                             we’ll spend time getting you oriented to your
                                                     computer and how it works. We’ll hit the high-
Don’t spend your hard-earned cash on expen-
                                                     lights of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
sive PC repairs! Take a look under the hood
                                                     plus you’ll get 3 handy reference guides that you
of a personal computer and learn to identify,
                                                     can use when you get back home. If you want to
by appearance and function, each of your
                                                     know more about your computer than just how
computer’s components. You’ll discover dozens
                                                     to email the kids and grandkids, then this is the
of proven preventative measures to keep your
                                                     class for you!
computer in good working order and protect           Thursdays • 2/11/10-3/18/10 • 6-8 pm • $79
your valuable electronics and irreplaceable data     COMP C10A-36 • Madsen, K
from disaster. Learn what to do when disaster
strikes, how to install and uninstall software
applications, run basic Windows utilities (using
XP, Vista and the new Windows 7 operating
systems), maintain files and disk drives, under-
stand the control panel and its functions, install
and set-up new hardware (sound cards, modems,
etc.), understand spy ware and ad ware, and
use the Device Manager function to understand
system resources.
Wednesdays • 2/10/10-2/17/10 • 6-8 pm • $39
COMP C12A-35 • Dirks, R
                                                            Become an EKG
  Instructor biographies are                               Technician in just
  available on our website                                     8 Weeks!
                                                          See page 8 for more information.
www.kellogg.edu/lifelong                                                                           27
                                                             COMPUTERS & TECHNOLOGY

                                                     at a garage sale? What about that brand new
Photoshop Elements from A to Z                       designer shirt you can't wear? In this class you
Are you ready to really jazz up those digital        will find out how strong the demand is and how
images you’ve had sitting around in your camera?     much similar items are selling for on eBay, plus
In this new class you’ll learn how to use Adobe      we’ll discuss what the best strategy is for you to
Photoshop Elements, Adobe's mid-range photo          use. Please bring an item to class that you’d like
editing software. Photoshop Elements is built        to research and we’ll talk about selling strategies
around the Photoshop feature-set and interface,      and what’s hot in the world of online auctions!
without the high end features, steep learning        Wednesday • 3/24/10 • 6-9 pm • $29
curve, or expensive price tag. Designed for those    COMP C15A-37 • Lambert, M
with no image-editing experience, this class will
take you through all the steps to make you a
confident user of Photoshop Elements. You’ll         Free Software: Save Money with
be able to: understand the organizer, how to         Open Source Software
create catalogs and tags, know about the basic       We’re all feeling the pinch of the economy; how
tools and how to do basic touch-ups. Then you’ll     cool would it be to get two CDs loaded with over
focus on color correction, colorizing black and      100 free software programs? And, if Vista drives
white photos, and adding special color effects.      you crazy with all of its security features, you’ll
Finally, you’ll learn how to combine images and      really appreciate the free Linux operating system
work with layers and text. Your class fee includes   that will be on the second CD. You’ll get desktop
a textbook. NOTE: Please bring a flash drive to      applications, games, educational tools, graph-
save your work.                                      ics, and much more, and we’ll show you how to
Mondays • 2/15/10-3/22/10 • 6-8 pm • $99 (includes   access it, load it, and enjoy it!
textbook)                                            Monday • 3/29/10 • 6-8 pm • $15
COMP C14B-35 • Sajtar, J                             COMP C11B-35 • Dirks, R

eBay Boot Camp –                                     Create a Digital Photo Story
Have you seen those shops where they’ll take         How would you like to create a slide presenta-
your stuff and sell it for you on eBay…for a price   tion for a graduation, wedding or some other
that is. After this workshop you’ll know what you    special occasion? Learn how to use Microsoft
need to do it yourself, and keep all the money       Photo Story for Windows and you will be able
you make in your own pocket! In this new work-       to create such a presentation. Find out how to
shop you’ll join a skilled eBay hobbyist and eBay    import your favorite photos, add a title to your
University trained education specialist, as you      pictures or add your favorite music. Once they
learn how to successfully price and present your     are created, you will be able to share your stories
items online. You’ll also find out how to collect    by sending them in an email to your family and
payment, both electronically and in paper form.      friends or display them at your next special
We’ll discuss picture taking and uploading, as       event! Please bring a few photos on a CD, your
well as shipping methods. You’ll leave with a        favorite song on a CD and a flash drive to save
handy reference guide that explains everything       your work.
you learn in class, plus much more. Get rid of the   Wednesday • 4/14/10 • 6-9 pm • $25
stuff you no longer need or want; heck, maybe        COMP C14A-35 • Rose, T
you’ll even start a side business and make some
extra cash for you and your family!
Session 1: Monday • 3/8/10 • 6-9 pm • $39            Basic PC Troubleshooting
COMP C15A-35 • Lambert, M                            Don’t spend your hard-earned cash on expen-
Session 2: Thursday • 4/22/10 • 6-9 pm • $39         sive PC repairs! Take a look under the hood
COMP C15A-36 • Lambert, M                            of a personal computer and learn to identify,
                                                     by appearance and function, each of your
Using eBay to Research & Sell                        computer’s components. You’ll discover dozens
                                                     of proven preventative measures to keep your
Your Collectibles & Treasures –                      computer in good working order and protect
                                                     your valuable electronics and irreplaceable data
                                                     from disaster. Learn what to do when disas-
Have you been curious about whether or not           ter strikes, how to install and uninstall soft-
your precious heirlooms or collectibles are          ware applications, run basic Windows utilities
worth anything? Would you like to learn how          (using XP, Vista and the new Windows 7 oper-
to research Grandma's doll or Great Grandpa's        ating systems), maintain files and disk drives,
fishing reel? Did you find a unique treasure

 28                                                            LIFELONG LEARNING — SPRING 2010

understand the control panel and its functions,       how important events have shaped the entire
install and set-up new hardware (sound cards,         Search Engine Optimization (SEO) industry.
modems, etc.), understand spy ware and ad             Learn which search engines are used the most
ware, and use the Device Manager function to          frequently, and which ones you must absolutely
understand system resources.                          get your site listed in. Master important HTML
Thursdays • 4/15/10-4/22/10 • 6-8 pm • $39            tags and understand how to use them effectively
COMP C12A-36 • Dirks, R                               and ethically. Explore exciting and free online
                                                      tools that can help you choose the most popular
Creating Web Pages –                                  keywords related to the topic of your Web site.
                                                      Domain, folder, and file naming conventions
Create and post your very own Web site on the
Internet in this extensive, hands-on, six week        are discussed along with content layout and its
workshop. First, you'll learn about the capabili-     effect on search engine positions. The entire SEO
ties of the World Wide Web and the fundamen-          cycle is covered in detail, from primary keyword
tals of web design. Then, with your instructor's      selection through the post-submission analysis.
patient guidance, you'll plan the content, struc-     By the end of this course, you will have the knowl-
ture and layout of your Web site, create pages full   edge and the know-how to achieve top search
of neatly formatted text, build links between the     engine positions! Visit www.ed2go.com/kellogg
pages and to the outside world, and add color,         to register.
backgrounds, graphics, tables, hot buttons, and
animation. You'll also learn critical and timely      Become proficient with Excel, QuickBooks,
information on securing the best possible loca-       Word,    Access,   PowerPoint,    Crystal
tion in search engine listings, and powerful          Reports, Publisher, and more. Take an
no-cost or low-cost web marketing strategies.         online class with Lifelong Learning! Visit
Visit www.ed2go.com/kellogg to register.              www.ed2go.com/kellogg to learn more.

Creating Web Pages II –
Are you using HTML to its fullest potential?
In this practical, project-oriented course, you'll
                                                                               Get Crafty…
discover how you can use tables to create fresh,
innovative, and unconventional arrangements of                                 Make It
text, colors and graphics. You'll become skilled
at incorporating audio into your site, and you'll
find out how frames can improve site navigation
and turn otherwise drab pages into stunning
works of art. Find out how to make your site
                                                                               • Off the Hook:
more interactive through the use of forms, and
learn how formatting your pages with Cascading                                   Beginning Crochet
Style Sheets can literally save you hours of time
                                                                GET CRAFTY

and effort. Visit www.ed2go.com/kellogg to
                                                                               • Herbal Gifts
                                                                                 from Nature
Achieving Top Search Engine
                                                                               • An Introduction
Positions –                                                                      to Sewing Basics
Learn how to achieve top search engine posi-
tioning in this highly-interactive, six-week
course. Discover how search engines work and                                   • Knitting Workshop:
                                                                                 Feather &
                                                                                 Fan Stole
  Instructor biographies are                                                   • Jewelry Design:
  available on our website                                                       Summer Beaded
  www.kellogg.edu/lifelong                                                       Earrings

www.kellogg.edu/lifelong                                                                             29
                                                                           ONLINE LEARNING

     ONLINE          COURSES

 Our instructor-facilitated online courses are informative, fun, convenient, and highly interactive.
 Our instructors are famous for their ability to create warm and supportive communities of learn-
 ers. It’s no wonder that many long-lasting friendships have formed in our lively and intelligent
 discussion areas.
 All courses run for six weeks (with a two-week grace period at the end). Courses are project-
 oriented and include lessons, quizzes, hands-on assignments, discussion areas, supplementary
 links, and more. You can complete any of these courses entirely from your home or office and at
 any time of the day or night.
 How to Get Started:
 1. Visit our Online Instruction Center: www.ed2go.com/kellogg
 2. Click the Courses link, once you choose the department and course title you are interested in,
    select the Enroll Now button. Follow the instructions to enroll and pay for your course. Here
    you will choose a username and password that will grant you access to the Classroom.
 3. When your course starts, return to our Online Instruction Center and click the Classroom
    link. To begin your studies, simply log in with the username and password you selected
    during enrollment.

 Start Dates:
 A new section of every course in this catalog will begin on Jan. 20, Feb. 17, March 17, April 21
 and May 19.

 All courses require Internet access, e-mail, Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Some
 courses may have additional requirements. Please visit our Online Instruction Center for more

 Business Courses
 Accounting Fundamentals                             Distribution and Logistics
 Gain a marketable new skill by learning the
 basics of double-entry bookkeeping, financial       Management
 reporting, and more. $99                            Improve your company’s ability to deliver
                                                     on time and on budget, while increasing
 Managing Customer Service                           customer satisfaction. $99
 Become indispensable to any organization
 by understanding how to identify and meet           Understanding the Human
 customer needs. $99                                 Resources Function
                                                     learn to handle basic human functions to
 Personal Finance                                    ensure the best possible results. $99

 Debt Elimination Techniques                        Stocks, Bonds, and Investing:
 That Work                                          Oh My!
 Learn specific, powerful, and proven strate-       Learn how to make wise investment deci-
 gies to get completely out of debt and live a      sions so that you have enough money to live
 stress-free lifestyle. $99                         comfortably through your retirement. $99

 Health Care Continuing Education
 Certificate in End of Life Care Certificate in Gerontology
 Understand the needs of individuals living          Earn a certificate proving you have the skills
 with debilitating or terminal illnesses.            required to meet the health care needs of a
 (26 contact hours) $199                             rapidly aging population. (30 contact hours)

30                                                            LIFELONG LEARNING — SPRING 2010

                        New Classes added every month...Visit often!
   ONLINE                        www.ed2go.com/kellogg                                           Æ

  Grant Writing/Nonprofits
  Introduction to Nonprofit                          Writing Effective Grant Proposals
                                                     Learn to prepare grant proposals that get solid
  Management                                         results for your favorite organization or char-
  Develop the skills and strategies you need to      ity. $99
  become an integral part of one of the fastest
  growing service sectors. $99                       Advanced Grant Proposal Writing
                                                     Gain a full understanding of the criteria
  Marketing Your Nonprofit                           funders use to determine whether your grant
  Further the ideals and goals of your nonprofit     proposal gets funded or rejected. $99
  by learning to compete more effectively for
  members, media attention, donors, clients,
  and volunteers. $99
                                                     Becoming a Grant Writing
  A to Z Grant writing                               Increase your income while working from
  Learn how to research and develop relation-        home by starting a grant writing consulting
  ships with potential funding sources, organize     business. $99
  grant writing campaigns, and prepare propos-
  als. $99                                           Get Grants!
                                                     Learn how to develop successful, fundable
                                                     grants from experts in the field. $99
  Personal Development
  Achieving Success with Difficult                   Twelve Steps to a Successful
  People                                             Job Search
  Learn how to have more successful rela-            World-renowned author and career advi-
  tionships with difficult bosses, co-workers,       sor shows you how to get the job you want
  students, neighbors, or relatives. $99             quickly and easily and in any economy. $99

 Writeriffic: Creativity Training for                Write Fiction Like a Pro
                                                     Author teaches you how professional writ-
                                                     ers use story outlines to structure any type of
 Banish writer’s block forever with these tricks     story. $89
 from the published writer’s toolbox. $99

                                                     Travel Writing
 The Keys to Effective Editing                       Profit from your experiences in exotic lands (or
 If you aspire to be an editor, this course will     your own backyard) by learning how to write
 teach you the fundamentals of top-notch edit-       and sell travel articles and books. $99
 ing for both fiction and nonfiction. $99
                                                     Beginning Writer’s Workshop
 Beginner’s Guide to Getting                         Get a taste of the writer’s life and improve your
 Published                                           writing skills in this introduction to writing
 Published writer shows you how to give your-        creatively. $99
 self the credibility you need to get your works
 published. $99

 Mystery Writing
 Using vivid examples from bestselling mystery
 novels, this course will teach you the techniques
 you need to become a successful author. $99.

www.kellogg.edu/lifelong                                                                             31
                                                                              ONLINE LEARNING

                        New Classes added every month...Visit often!
     ONLINE                      www.ed2go.com/kellogg                                          Æ

Computer Applications
NOTE: All computer classes require that you have the software loaded on your system.

Here is a partial listing of computer applications. Please visit www.ed2go.com/kellogg for a
complete selection of courses and pricing.

Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2003               Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2007
Intermediate Microsoft Excel 2003                  Intermediate Microsoft Excel 2007 nterm
Advanced Microsoft Excel 2003                      Advanced Microsoft Excel 2007Microsoft Ex
Introduction to Microsoft Word 2003                Introduction to Microsoft Word 2007
Intermediate Microsoft Word 2003                   Intermediate Microsoft Word 2007Advanced
Advanced Microsoft Word 2003                       Microsoft Word 2003
Introduction to Microsoft Access 2003              Introduction to Microsoft Access 2007
Intermediate Microsoft Access 2003                 Intermediate Microsoft Access 2007
Introduction to Microsoft Outlook 2003             Introduction to Microsoft Outlook 2007
Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint 2003          Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint 2007
Introduction to Microsoft Project 2003             Introduction to Microsoft Project 2007
Introduction to Microsoft Publisher 2003           Introduction to Microsoft Publisher 2007
Introduction to Microsoft Visio 2003               Introduction to Microsoft Visio 2003
Introduction to Crystal Reports 10                 I
QuickBooks 2007 for Contractors (US)               Quickbooks 2009 for Contractors (US)
                                                   Introduction to QuickBooks 2009 (US)
                                                   Performing Payroll in QuickBooks 2009 (US)

Web Programming
Introduction to Java Programming                       Introduction to PHP and MySQL
An experienced Java programmer introduces              Learn how to create dynamic, interactive
important Java topics with clear, step-by-step         websites using PHP and a MySQL database
instructions. $99                                      server. $99

Web Design
Creating Web Pages                                     Designing Effective Websites
Learn the basics of HTML so you can design,            Learn powerful graphic design techniques and
create, and post your very own site on the Web.        build Web sites that are both attractive and
$99                                                    wickedly effective. $99

Creating Web Pages II                                  Introduction to Dreamweaver 8
Learn to develop polished and interactive              Silicon Alley veteran shows you how to harness
pages complete with tables, forms, frames,             the power of the industry standard tool for
audio, and CSS. $99                                    Web designers. $99

32                                                              LIFELONG LEARNING — SPRING 2010

   Online Non-Credit                                                                         PROFESSIONAL

   Career Training Programs                                                                  INSTITUTE

   Kellogg Community College’s Lifelong Learning Career Training Programs in
   partnership with Gatlin Education Services. General program descriptions are
   below. Detailed program outlines, descriptions, and demos are available at
   Our online career-training certificate programs’ content and materials are provided by Gatlin
   Education Services—the leader in online certification programs. These programs assist
   students in developing expertise in their desired career fields and/or preparing for industry
   certification exams. Although each course is self-study, each online course has an instructor
   assigned to answer student questions and solve student problems. Each program has specific
   learning outcomes related to industry standards. Students can enroll at by calling 269.965.4134
   or for answers to technical questions prior to enrolling, contact Kellogg Community College by
   emailing ll-info@kellogg.edu.

   Healthcare and Fitness Programs
   Administrative Dental Assistant                      Hours—150 hours Price—$1,595
   This online program teaches the essential administrative tasks for managing the business
   aspects of a dental practice. Textbooks included.

   Administrative Medical Specialist with Medical Billing and Coding
                                                                         Hours—300 Price—$1,995
   This online program teaches students medical office operations, with an emphasis on billing and
   coding, processing insurance forms, and using medical software. This program provides training
   on medical billing software as well as preparation for the Certified Coding Associate (CCA) national
   certification exam. All materials including student version of medical billing software included.

   Advanced Coding for the Physician’s Office                      Hours—80 Price—$1,395
   CPT, ICD-9-CM (Volumes I and II), and HCPCS Level II Coding, and much more is covered
   in this online, instructor-led program. This program prepares students to sit for the Certified
   Professional Coder (CPC) certification exam.

   Advanced Hospital Coding and CCS Prep                      Hours—80 Price—$1,695
   This Advanced Hospital Coding course prepares students to take the American Health
   Information Management Association’s (AHIMA) official certification exam to become a
   Certified Coding Specialist (CCS).

   Certified National Pharmaceutical Representative
                                                            Hours—120 Price—$1,595
   Students will automatically become a member of NAPSR and receive eligibility to sit for the
   CNPR national certification exam at no additional cost.

   HIPAA Compliance (4 user licenses)                             Hours—12 Price—$599
   The HIPAA Compliance online program provides doctors and their staff with a simple route to

   ICD-10 Medical Coding: Preparation and Instruction for
   Implementation                               Hours—200                       Price—$1,595
   This online program teaches students how to prepare for and implement the massive changes to
   the existing coding system. Textbook included.

www.kellogg.edu/lifelong                                                                                    33
                                                                             ONLINE LEARNING

     Medical Transcription                                         Hours—240 Price—$1,595
     This online, instructor-led program prepares students to start a new career as a Medical
     Transcriptionist. A medical terminology course is included at no extra cost! Transcriber and
     all materials included.

     Pharmacy Technician                                            Hours—300 Price—$1,995
     This online program teaches the skills needed to gain employment as Pharmacy Technician in
     either the hospital or retail setting. All materials included.

     Veterinary Assistant                                       Hours—240 Price—$1,795
     This online program prepares students for an exciting new career as a veterinary assistant.
     Textbooks included.
     (240 hours, $1,795)

     Business and Professional Programs
     Bookkeeping the Easy Way with Quickbooks
                                                                     Hours—140 Price—$1,695
     This course is designed for students who are interested in gaining knowledge of basic book-
     keeping practices in planning a more profitable future or seeking a new career. Textbook and
     thorough tutorial for QuickBooks are included.

     Certified Bookkeeper                                            Hours—80 Price—$1,795
     This online course for experienced bookkeepers leads to national certification with the
     American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB). All textbooks included.

     Certified Global Business Professional                         Hours—400 Price—$2,495
     This online preparatory program for the Certified Global Business Professional Credential exam
     is a prestigious acknowledgement of international business expertise. The North American
     Small Business International Trade Educators Association (NASBITE) Certified Global Business
     Professional Credential (CGBP) provides a benchmark for competency in global commerce.

     Event Management and Design                                      Hours—300 Price—$1,895
     This exciting Event Management and Design online program is structured to provide both
     practical knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of the modern special event indus-
     try. Be prepared to build a foundation to enter a career in special events planning.

     Help Desk Analyst: Tier 1 Support Specialist Hours—80 Price—$1,495
     The Help Desk Analyst online program prepares students for a challenging technical support
     role. Textbooks included!

     Payroll Practice and Management                                  Hours—80 Price—$1,595
     The Payroll Practice and Management online program provides detailed instruction in all
     facets of payroll from the basics to the intricate complexity of fringe benefits, taxation, and

     Project Management                                         Hours—40 Price—$1,495
     This program teaches the basics of project management and includes preparation for the
     Project Management Professional national certification exam. Textbook and exam prep

                               To enroll, call 269-965-4134
34                                                              LIFELONG LEARNING — SPRING 2010

    Six Sigma Black Belt                                           Hours—200       Price—$2,695
    The Black Belt training program integrates online learning with hands-on data analysis. The
    course material provides an in-depth look at the DMAIC problem-solving methodology, as well
    as deployment and project development approaches. Workshops are incorporated extensively
    throughout the training to challenge the student’s analytical and problem-solving skills.

    Six Sigma Green Belt                                           Hours—100 Price—$1,895
    Six Sigma is one of the highest standards for companies and individuals to achieve. This
    interactive online experience provides the skills needed to affect this highly valuable skill. All
    materials included.

    Travel Agent Training                                       Hours—200         Price—$1,595
    This industry-leading program prepares students for the Institute of Certified Travel Agents
    TAP Certification and teaches the basic skills needed to operate a computer reservation
    system. All materials included.

    IT and Software Development Programs
    3ds max                                                      Hours—360 Price—$1,695
    This exciting new online program teaches students how to use both 3ds max and Character
    Studio to design, develop, and animate 3D video game characters.

    Help Desk Analyst: Tier 1 Support Specialist Hours—80 Price—$1,495
    The Help Desk Analyst online program prepares students for a challenging technical support
    role. Textbooks included!

    Media and Design Programs
    3ds max                                                      Hours—360 Price—$1,695
    This exciting new online program teaches students how to use both 3ds max and Character
    Studio to design, develop, and animate 3D video game characters.

    Video Game Design and Development                               Hours—500 Price—$1,195
    This program is an appropriate starting point for students who seek a professional career as a
    game developer. It is also well-suited for enthusiastic amateurs and gamers looking to explore
    this exciting field as a recreational endeavor.

    Skilled Trades and Industrial Programs
    Home Inspection                                             Hours—200 Price—$2,095
    This program covers the principal components of home inspection procedures and processes.

    Modern Automotive Service Technician                             Hours—380 Price—$2,695
    The Modern Automotive Service Technician online program teaches the construction, opera-
    tion, diagnosis, service, and repair of late-model automobiles and light trucks. This program
    begins with the fundamental principles of system operation and progresses to complex diag-
    nostic and service procedures.

         Detailed program outlines, descriptions, and demos are
             available at www.gatlineducation.com/lifelong

www.kellogg.edu/lifelong                                                                             35
                                                                             ONLINE LEARNING

     Sustainable Energy and Going Green
     Certified Indoor Air Quality Manager (CIAQM) Hours—16 Price—$795
     In this Certified Indoor Air Quality Manager online training and certification program, you’ll
     learn how to respectfully, thoroughly and expeditiously handle indoor air quality complaints.

     Principles of Green Buildings                                     Hours—30 Price—$595
     Everything an individual in the building, remodeling or trade industry needs to know to make
     buildings perform more efficiently is introduced in this course. This course has also been
     designed to help prepare individuals for various NATE, NARI, BPI, RESNET and other industry
     credentials for green building.

     Certified Green Supply Chain Professional                       Hours—60 Price—$1,595
     This course gives you the specialized knowledge to enable a company to achieve its environ-
     mental sustainability goals through global sourcing, material management, procurement/
     buying, transportation and logistics, and new product development.

          Detailed program outlines, descriptions, and demos are
              available at www.gatlineducation.com/lifelong

The Institute for Learning in
Retirement is a community-based
organization for men and women age
50 and older. These individuals develop
their own college-level courses, with
no concern for tests, homework or
grades. Through classes, luncheons and
field trips members meet new friends,
gain knowledge and have fun while

The ILR is sponsored by Kellogg Community College and is
affiliated with the National Elderhostel program.                        an affiliate of the

Annual dues: $15 per person
For more information or to receive a schedule, call
(269) 965-4134, then press 1.
                                                                         ELDERHOSTEL INSTITUTE NETWORK®

36                                                            LIFELONG LEARNING — SPRING 2010
                                                     Serving Business & Industry, Governmental &
                                                     Community Agencies, Nonprofit Organizations

                                                                            Delivered at
                                                                            your Site!
    Kellogg Community College’s Workforce Solutions Department
    is dedicated to helping employers build a well-trained, productive
    workforce. Let us provide cost-effective, flexible training programs
    as part of your workforce development solutions. Our experienced
    trainers will deliver courses at your site or a KCC facility based on
    your specifications and schedule.

    Workforce Solutions offers programming needed by today’s
    productive workforce. Subject areas include:

       Management and Leadership Skills                    For more information or a
       Team Effectiveness Training
       Basic and Technical Skills                          free consultation, contact
       Quality Systems Training                            Workforce Solutions
       Computer Application Training
       Measurement Skills
                                                           269.965.4137, ext. 2847 or
       Productivity and Process Improvement                e-mail: custrain@kellogg.edu
    And more ...

                                          KELLOGG COMMUNITY COLLEGE
                                          Corporate & Community Services
                                          Lifelong Learning
                                             Classes for personal enrichment and learning
                                          Workforce Solutions
                                             Workforce development and customized training
                                          Institute for Learning in Retirement
                                             Educational and social opportunities for those
                                             aged 50 and older
                                          Professional Development Institute
                                             Workshops, seminars, certificate programs, and
                                             online training for working adults
               Call us for all your training needs (269) 965-4134
www.kellogg.edu/lifelong                                                                           37
                                                                          MAP / COMMUNIT Y EDUCATION

               Dickman Rd.

                          Wayne Rd.

                                                                                                   Helmer Rd.
                                                              Pump Co.
          F. Keiper Rd.

                                                    y   Rd
                                            ll B
                                  Denso   Hi
                                                                                           W.K. Kellogg

                                                                                ial Hw
                           Denso Rd.

                                          COMMUNITY COLLEGE


                                                                            oop I
                                                                     ess L
                                                                    . Jr. M

                                                                                                         Helmer Rd.
       Regional Manufacturing
       Technology Center
                                                                                  Columbia Ave.
       405 Hill Brady Road

                   to Kalamazoo                    Exit 92                                                            Exit 95

         visit us on the web @
                                                                                       For more
                                                                                 education classes,
                                                                                 please contact one
                                                                                   of the schools
SIGN UP                                                                             listed below:
                                                                                Lakeview School District
                                                                                         15 Arbor Street
     Would you like to                                                            Battle Creek, Michigan 49015
 “be in the know” about                                                            Community Services Office
     our upcoming classes?                                                            Call Suzanne Nielsen
                                                                                       or Debbie Newman
     Visit                                                                                 269.565.2415
     and sign up for our free                                            Branch Area Careers Center
     monthly newsletter                                                                 366 Morse Street
                                                                                    Coldwater, Michigan 49036
     Trends, tips and hot topics along                                                  Call Kathy Dunn
     with the latest info on Lifelong                                                    517.279.5753 or
     Learning classes.                                                                    517.279.5751

38                                                                                    LIFELONG LEARNING — SPRING 2010

  Visit www.kellogg.edu/lifelong and click on “Registration” link. Have the course
  numbers of the classes you want (they appear in bold print for each class) and your
  credit card handy.

  To register by phone (using a major credit card), call (269) 965-4134.

  To register by FAX (using a major credit card), fax (269) 962-7370 with your completed
  registration form.

  Complete and mail the registration form in the back of the schedule with your check,
  money order or credit card information. All fees are due when you register. Make checks
  payable to Kellogg Community College, and send to ATTN: Lifelong Learning, Kellogg
  Community College, 405 Hill Brady Road, Battle Creek, MI 49037. If you have more than
  one person to enroll, copy our form, fill it out and send it in with payment for each regis-

  The Customer Service Center is located in the KCC Ohm Information Technology
  Center. Hours of operation are 8:00 am to 7:00 pm, Monday through Thursday, and 8:00
  am to 4:30 pm on Friday. You can also visit the Regional Manufacturing Technology
  Center, Monday-Thursday, 8:00 am to 6:30 pm.

  If you live in the Coldwater, Hastings, or Albion areas, you may register for any of these
  classes at our centers there, or at the Regional Manufacturing Technology Center.
                                                    KCC Eastern Academic Center
      KCC Grahl Center in Coldwater                 in Albion
      125 Seeley St.                                14055 26 Mile Road
      (517) 278-3300 or Fax (517) 278-3311          (517) 630-8169 or Fax (517) 630-8168

     KCC Fehsenfeld Center in Hastings
     2950 West M-179 Highway
     (269) 948-9500 or Fax (269) 948-9522

  If you want KCC to bill a third party for your course, submit a letter of authoriza-
  tion, along with your registration form, to Lifelong Learning. Please submit at least
  five working days before the event. The letter must be signed by the third party and
  include your name and social security number. The College will then bill the third
  party directly. Authorization to bill must be unconditional, not contingent on a
  student’s successful completion of the course. The student will be responsible for
  amounts unpaid by the sponsor. Call (269) 965-4134 if you’d like us to send you a
  sample letter of authorization.

www.kellogg.edu/lifelong                                                                     39
                                                        REGISTRATION INFORMATION

Register early for a full selection of courses. Each term we cancel courses because of low
enrollment, only to find out the day of the course that several of you intended to come.
Please help us by registering at least one week before the class start-date so we won’t disap-
point you. Registrations will not be processed for students with fines on their accounts.
Fines must be paid prior to registering. Late registration will be accepted through the first
class meeting, if space is available. Enrollments are accepted on a first-come, first-served
basis; however, we will add you to our waiting list if the class is full.

If your course must be canceled, we will attempt to notify you before the first class. In this
event, you will be entitled to a full refund or, if you wish, you may apply the registration fee
to another course. Please ensure that KCC has your current phone number by including
it on your registration form.

If requested at least two days prior to the start date, a full refund is given for any dropped
course, seminar, or workshop. A partial refund is given for any course dropped through
1/10 of the total number of instructional hours. At this time a $5 fee is nonrefundable. All
requests for refunds should be directed to Lifelong Learning at (269) 965-4134.

Kellogg Community College is an equal opportunity institution and does not discriminate
on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, sex, marital status, age or handicap in
its admission policy, educational programs, activities or employment policies.

If any student believes the College or any part of the College organization has inad-
equately applied these principles, he/she may contact the Equal Opportunity Office,
(269) 965-3931, ext. 2357.

Contact Lifelong Learning at (269) 965-4134 or e-mail <ll-info@kellogg.edu>.

 Ways To REGisTER
     Online                                       Accreditation and Approvals
                                                  Since 1965, Kellogg Community College has
      www.kellogg.edu/lifelong and click on       been granted full accreditation by the Higher
     “Registration” link.                         Learning Commission of the North Central
                                                  Association of Colleges and Schools
     Telephone                                    (www.ncahigherlearningcommission.org
     (269) 965-4134, press 1                      1-800-621-7440). Additionally, the College is a
                                                  member of the Michigan Community College
     Fax                                          Association, the Council of North Central
     (269) 962-7370                               Community-Junior Colleges, and the American
                                                  Association of Community Colleges.
     ATTN: Lifelong Learning                      Membership in the various associations and
     Kellogg Community College                    regional accreditation agency approval gives
     405 Hill Brady Road                          students the assurance that their work at
     Battle Creek, MI 49037                       Kellogg Community College will be accepted
                                                  by other reputable colleges and universities.
     In Person
     at the RMTC or Customer Service Centers

40                                                         LIFELONG LEARNING — SPRING 2010