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									Transforming Lifelong Learning
Education Partnerships * Workplace Learning Solutions * Linking Learning with Economic Success
 1   Letter from the President and the Board of Trustees Chair
 2   What is CAEL?
 2   How We Serve Our Customers and Stakeholders
 3   Profile: CAEL’s 2005 Learner of the Year
 4   For Colleges and Universities: Education Partnerships
 6   For Industry: Workplace Learning Solutions
 8   For the Public Sector: Linking Learning with Economic Success
10   Financial Information
11   Board of Trustees
12   Donors and Management Team
Dear Friends,

In recent years we have heard CAEL described               The demand for high-skill, technically specialized,
as a transformer, a synthesizer, an innovator,             productive adult workers is going to grow dramatically
a strategist, an integrator and a catalyst. Upon reflec-   over the next twenty years, as the United States
tion, we believe that the Council for Adult and            continues to adapt to an increasingly global economy.
Experiential Learning ( CAEL) has functioned in all of
                                                           Since 1974, CAEL has been developing relationships
these roles as we have sought to help industry,
                                                           and strategies to ensure that adult workers can
higher education and the public sector achieve their
                                                           meet new challenges. We invite you, over the next
missions through the learning of adults.
                                                           few pages, to see for yourself how CAEL works
A recent study by the National Center for Education        with postsecondary institutions, industry and the
Statistics showed that each year almost half of            public sector to leverage resources and generate
all working adults participate in some kind of formal      genuine benefit for everyone—most importantly, for
or instructor-led education, and the adult student         the learners themselves.
population is steadily increasing on college and
university campuses.

As the need for education for adults expands, CAEL
is uniquely positioned to provide higher education
institutions, industry and the public sector with the
tools they need to implement practical, cost-saving
and effective lifelong learning solutions.

Our integrated approach:

  * Assists higher education institutions to
    develop relevant and high-quality learning
    experiences and services for adults.

  * Works with industry to maximize learning
    opportunities for both active and
    downsized workers.

  * Creates alliances between the public
    and private sectors that can contribute to
    a competitive advantage for industries
    and career pathways for adult workers,
    especially those who are low-skilled                   Sincerely,
    or low-wage.
                                                           Pamela Tate
                                                           President and CEO
                                                           Council for Adult and Experiential Learning

                                                           Dr. William Plater
                                                           Chair, Board of Trustees
                                                           Executive Vice Chancellor & Dean of Faculties
                                                           Indiana University—Purdue University Indianapolis
    What is CAEL?
    A national, nonprofit organization, the
    Council for Adult and Experiential Learning
    (CAEL) is a dynamic connector that helps
    higher education, business and the public sector
    achieve their missions using creative
    approaches to adult learning.                       How We Serve
    We believe learning is central to the vitality of
    individuals, organizations, communities
                                                        Our Customers and
    and regions.                                        Stakeholders
    Our mission is to advance lifelong learning in      CAEL’s enduring and productive
    partnership with educational institutions,          relationships with colleges and universities,
    employers, labor organizations, government and      companies and the learners who work in
    communities.                                        them, and the public sector allow CAEL to
                                                        act not only as an intermediary, but as a
    CAEL works to remove policy and organizational
                                                        powerful agent for change.
    barriers to learning opportunities, identify
    and disseminate effective practices and deliver      * We are integrally linked to colleges and
    value-added services.                                  universities, with hundreds of higher
                                                           education institutions and individuals as
                                                           CAEL members and clients.

                                                         * We have a strong and direct relationship
                                                           with private industry. Private sector
                                                           companies and joint labor-management
                                                           entities are our clients, and we have a
                                                           proven track record in providing effective
                                                           learning and development solutions.
                                                         * We are influencing public policy to
                                                           remove barriers to lifelong learning for
                                                           adult workers and build adult-friendly
                                                           policies into higher education and
                                                           agencies of government.
                                                         * We are international in reach, while
                                                           implementing a variety of service projects
                                                           in local communities.

Profile of Ana Cavazos:
CAEL’s 2005 Learner of the Year
CAEL’s Nursing Career Lattice Initiative helped Learner of the Year, Ana Cavazos, obtain a better job
and provide a better life for her family.

A single mother of five children, Ana Cavazos           This unique program, developed with the support
worked as a clerk in a hospital radiology department    of the United States Department of Labor
and was struggling to make ends meet.                   (USDOL), uses an apprenticeship model to help both
                                                        incumbent and new workers enter and advance
As she began watching nurses serve patients, she        in health care careers.
knew she would also like to help take care of others.
But with limited income and time, she felt she          CAEL’s site coordinator helped Ana identify and
faced too many obstacles.                               apply for a grant to pay her tuition through her
                                                        local community college. Ana took classes Friday
CAEL created the Nursing Career Lattice program —       evenings and all day Saturdays at the start of her
the first of its kind in the nation —to help working    on-the-job apprentice training. Soon thereafter, Ana
adults like Ana find fulfilling and good-paying jobs,   began working as a Certified Nursing Assistant.
while addressing the critical shortage of certified
health care workers in the United States.               Piloted in Chicago, Illinois; Houston, Texas; Sioux Falls,
                                                        South Dakota; and the states of Maryland and
                                                        Washington, the Nursing Career Lattice Program is
                                                        being expanded— with another USDOL grant to
                                                        CAEL —to Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan and Virginia
                                                        in 2006-2007.

                                                        I am curious and I like to learn. Many
                                                        people ask me about becoming a
                                                        Certified Nursing Assistant and the
                                                        Nursing Career Lattice Program,
                                                        and I tell them they should go for it too.
                                                        Ana Cavazos
                                                        Certified Nursing Assistant at Harris County
                                                        Hospital and CAEL’s 2005 Learner of the Year.

    Education Partnerships
    How CAEL Helped the College of New Rochelle Attract and Retain Adult Learners

    CAEL helps institutions of higher education:              Summary data focused around needs like relevant,
                                                              innovative methods of instruction to connect with
      * Attract and retain more adult learners.               adult students’ real life experiences; student life and
      * Acquire skills to assess their prior learning.        career planning; financial assistance and new,
                                                              additional support systems.
      * Expand their market to the corporate and
        government communities.
                                                              As a result, New Rochelle has not only attracted and
                                                              retained more adult students, but has made it
                                                              possible for more than 15,000 working adults to earn
    Working adults who want to succeed in today’s             degrees and advance their careers.
    economy are increasingly pursuing college educations.
    They are a rapidly growing student population at          New Rochelle is also a part of CAEL’s Featured
    colleges and universities nationwide.                     Provider Network, which links businesses that use
                                                              CAEL to manage their tuition programs to regionally
    The College of New Rochelle is just one of many           accredited, quality higher education institutions
    higher education institutions determined to attract       that have agreed to offer significant tuition discounts
    and serve adult students, and was identified by           to CAEL’s tuition clients.
    CAEL as an exemplary, high-performing institution.
    Regardless, they recognized the need for continuous       Benefits: CAEL offers colleges and universities
    improvement and participated in CAEL’s pilot              more than 30 years experience in:
    of the Adult Learning Focused Institution (ALFI)
    Assessment Tools.                                           * Enhancing adult student recruitment, retention,
                                                                  advising and career development.
    New Rochelle was committed to the changing student
                                                                * Assessing prior learning for college credit.
    marketplace and willing to adapt its culture and
    practices for adult learners. The CAEL Assessment           * Creating adult learning programs and career
                                                                  pathway programs that address critical
    Tools helped the college recognize areas for change.
                                                                  skills gaps identified by business and/or the
                                                                  public sector.

    CAEL’s                  California State University                  Montgomery County Community College
    other higher            DePaul University, School for New Learning   Pennsylvania State University, Abington
    education               Indiana University—Purdue                    Regis University, School for
    partners include:       University Indianapolis (IUPUI)              Professional Studies
                            Kentucky Community and Technical             Sinclair Community College
                            College System                               University of Oklahoma
                            Louisiana Community and                      University of Wisconsin
4                           Technical Colleges
“Working with CAEL and
 implementing the
 ALFI initiative not only
 allowed The College
 of New Rochelle, School
 of New Resources to
 graduate more students,
 but also enabled us to
 give adult students the
 education, training
 and support they need to
 advance their careers.”

 Elza Dinwiddie-Boyd
 Dean, College of New Rochelle,
 School of New Resources

Trends: Demand for                * Nearly half of adults participated in some type      * More than 3,900 higher education institutions
adult learning programs             of instructor-led education in 2000-2001.              offer adult programs.
is continuing to grow.
                                  * By 2012, over half of the student population         * Adult students who have prior learning assess-
                                    (6.7 million) enrolled in degree-granting institu-     ment (PLA) credits have a persistence rate of
                                    tions is expected to be over the age of 25.            78.3% and complete their bachelor’s degree at
                                                                                           a rate higher than those who do not.
                                  * Nearly two-thirds of employed adult students
                                    receive some type of employer support.
    Workplace Learning Solutions
    How CAEL Helped Business and Labor Leaders in Telecommunications Curb a Looming Skills Shortage

    CAEL helps industry:                                      As the first academic partner institution, Pace
                                                              University worked with CAEL and the NACTEL partners
      * Attract and retain highly functioning                 to develop a unique online program offering both
        employees through the management of learning
        and development programs.                             degrees and certificates, to meet this employment and
                                                              education need in a way that gives working adults
      * Assist employees to get the skills and knowledge      maximum flexibility to access a customized curriculum,
        they need to succeed.                                 directly related to their industry.
      * Link more effectively with higher education and       Today, NACTEL is in its eighth year of providing
        with training providers.
                                                              online education for the telecommunications industry.
                                                              CAEL provides comprehensive management for
                                                              the NACTEL coalition, representing nearly 2 million
    It’s a challenging time for the telecommunications
                                                              telecommunications workers.
    industry. Changes in technology and government
    regulation, coupled with recent growth, have made this    NACTEL demonstrates CAEL’s ability to convene key
    one of the fastest changing industries in the country.    leadership from across an industry sector; identify
    At the same time, it has put pressure on businesses —     the skill, education and training needs common to the
    both large and small—to maintain a fully prepared and     industry; select and work successfully with a leading
    increasingly competitive workforce.                       university; and manage a broad-based coalition in an
                                                              innovative initiative that meets the needs of a complex
    As a result, highly skilled workers are needed in
                                                              group of stakeholders.
    this industry sector to keep up with the innovations in
    technology and the global marketplace.                    Benefits: CAEL helps businesses and joint labor-
                                                              management entities improve their bottom line by:
    To respond to this challenge, CAEL was instrumental
    in convening NACTEL: The National Coalition for             * Developing and managing tuition assistance
    Telecommunications Education and Learning. As a               services, saving companies millions of dollars
    result of CAEL’s leadership, telecommunications               each year.
    employers including giants like Verizon, SBC (now
    AT&T), Qwest , Frontier Communications and
                                                                * Building and enhancing corporate learning
                                                                  policies, online learning programs, linkages with
    two major labor unions — Communications Workers of            colleges and universities and partnerships
    America and the International Brotherhood of                  with the public sector.
    Electrical Workers —first identified the job titles and
    skills critical to the industry and later created           * Expanding and managing career development
                                                                  programs for employees so that it will be easier to
    online education programs to prepare workers in
                                                                  recruit and retain them.
    those job titles.

    CAEL’s                         ABN/AMRO                            Florida Power and Light
    customers                      JPMorgan Chase & Co.                Northwestern Memorial Hospital
    include:                       Abbott Laboratories                 Reuters
                                   BJC Healthcare                      United Stationers
                                   Colgate/Palmolive                   Verizon
                                   CVS Pharmacy                        Verizon Wireless
                                   DHL                                 Other clients in financial services,
                                   Exelon                              pharmaceutical, technology, manufacturing,
6                                                                      and telecommunications industries
                                                                                      “Verizon Communications relies
                                                                                       on CAEL to effectively
                                                                                       manage our tuition assistance
                                                                                       program, negotiate favorable
                                                                                       terms and conditions when
                                                                                       creating partnerships with key
                                                                                       educational providers, and
                                                                                       provide educational counseling
                                                                                       and delivery of basic training
                                                                                       and education courses.”

                                                                                       James Keane
                                                                                       Director of Workforce Development,
                                                                                       Verizon Communications

Trends: Worker          * With the baby boomer generation retiring, the   * Industries most affected by skills gaps
shortages and skills      labor force is predicted to fall more than        are manufacturing, health care and the
gaps are predicted        4.8 million workers short of meeting demand.      service industry.
to grow over the next   * Jobs requiring degrees or other postsecondary
20 years.                 certification will account for 42% of
                          new job growth between 2000 and 2010.

    Linking Learning with Economic Success
    How CAEL Worked with the City of Chicago to Develop Residents’ Skills in High-Demand Industries

    CAEL helps the Public Sector:                              the United States Department of Labor. The system
                                                               is designed to help individuals retrain so they can
      * Make important connections between workforce           find employment in high-demand industries.
        development and economic development.
                                                               CAEL provides consistent administration of the process
      * Remove barriers to learning opportunities,
        leading to career advancement and                      from the issuance of vouchers to training provider
        helping employers meet current and future              payments. It surveys recipients regarding the effec-
        employment demands.                                    tiveness of training programs and subsequent
                                                               impacts on employability. CAEL also provides ongoing
      * Create systemic changes that improve                   technical assistance to service and training
        access, affordability and accountability in
        lifelong learning.                                     providers to help them understand the processes
                                                               and guidelines of the ITA system.

                                                               CAEL has enhanced the value of Chicago’s workforce
    At the beginning of 2000, the city of Chicago              development efforts for both business and the
    identified worker shortages in critical, high-demand       city by helping learners locate good training programs
    industries such as transportation/warehousing,             and facilities, while ensuring that the program is
    health care, manufacturing, the service industry and       well run financially.
    information technology. But identifying needs is
    only part of the solution. Training and matching           Benefits: CAEL helps to improve the economic
    workers through well-managed programs must also            position and innovativeness of states and cities by
    occur, and this is an area where CAEL’s expertise          working with the public sector to:
    has helped make a difference.
                                                                  * Develop a dynamic system for workforce devel-
                                                                    opment that enhances the career opportunities
    Since April 2000, CAEL has been under contract to
                                                                    for individuals, while meeting employers’ growing
    the City of Chicago to serve as the Training
                                                                    demand for skilled labor.
    Assessment Review Agency (TARA) for the Individual
    Training Account (ITA) grant process. Millions of             * Promote policies that help state and local
    dollars for individual training accounts are funded by          governments improve access to learning, while
                                                                    creating jobs and attracting new business.

                                                                  * Promote training and education in areas of high
                                                                    growth and critical skills gaps.

    CAEL’s                    Capital Workforce Partners                  New York City Workforce Investment Board
    public sector             City of Chicago Mayor’s Office of           State of Kentucky Governor’s Office
    clients include:          Workforce Development                       State of Louisiana Governor’s Commission on
                              City of Philadelphia Workforce              Workforce Development
                              Investment Board                            U.S. Department of Labor
                              State of Indiana Department of
                              Workforce Development
                                                                                          “CAEL is the eyes and
                                                                                           ears in workforce training
                                                                                           development. They
                                                                                           continually test and
                                                                                           assess the city’s training
                                                                                           assistance programs,
                                                                                           developing new ways to
                                                                                           make them cost-efficient,
                                                                                           effective and available
                                                                                           to all Chicagoans.”

                                                                                           Gustavo Giraldo
                                                                                           Managing Deputy Commissioner,
                                                                                           Mayor’s Office of
                                                                                           Workforce Development

Trends: Workforce       * States and cities are increasingly more          * Some American businesses are looking to
development is a fast     responsible for funding workforce training and    offshore solutions for high-skilled workers and
growing priority for      education as federal priorities have shifted      lower labor costs.
                          to war and anti-terrorism.
regional governments.
                        * Sixty percent of newly created jobs require
                          skills that only twenty percent of U.S.
                          workers possess, according to a 2002 Hudson
                          Institute study.
Our Vision
Learning is central to the vitality of individuals,
organizations, communities and nations.

Our Mission
CAEL pioneers learning strategies for individuals
and organizations.
We advance lifelong learning in partnership with
educational institutions, employers, labor
organizations, government and communities.
CAEL works to remove policy and organizational
barriers to learning opportunities, identifies
and disseminates effective practices and delivers
value-added services.

55 East Monroe Street, Suite 1930
Chicago, Illinois 60603
Phone: 312-499-2600 * Fax: 312-499-2601

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