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Commonwealth of                 By His Excellency the
Australia                       Governor-General of
ZELMAN COWEN                    the Commonwealth of
Governor-General                Australia

IN pursuance of sub-section 40 (2) of the Family Law
Act 1975, I, Sir Zelman Cowen, the Governor-General
of the Commonwealth of Australia, acting with the
advice of the Federal Executive Council, hereby fix
1 March 1979 as the date on and after which the
jurisdiction of the Family Court of Australia under
that Act may be exercised in the Northern Territory
in respect of:
    (a) appeals from judgments of the Family Court,
        constituted otherwise than as a Full Court, in
        the exercise of jurisdiction otherwise than under
        that Act;
    (b) matrimonial causes instituted or continued
        under that Act;
    (c) proceedings instituted or continued under the
        Marriage Act 1961, other than proceedings
        under Part VII of that last-mentioned Act;
    (d) matters in which jurisdiction is conferred on
        the Family Court by a law made by the
    (e) special cases stated under sub-section 94A(1)
        of the Family Law Act 1975; and
    (f) appeals under sub-section 96 (1) of that last-
        mentioned Act.

              GIVEN under my Hand and the Great
       (L.S.) Seal of Australia on 28 February 1979.

       By His Excellency’s Command,

               P. DURACK

                       GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!

                        Federal Register of Legislative Instruments F2005B01730